2 Ways to make money online with Affiliate Marketing( How it works -NO BS.)

Dear reader

If you have ever googled the phrase

"How to make money online?"

You'd get a truckload of information on the subject

Some good, most of it garbage!!!

One of the most frequent answers te Get started with $0 is "Affiliate Marketing"

Everyday +17,000 individuals just like you try to make money online and like you, most started out looking for something genuine but fall for "Get-rich-Quick" or "Easy Money" Schemes - How do I know? I did the same exact thing for 4 years.

it leads down a rabbit hole of

"6 easy steps to make 6-figures in 6 weeks"

Or a new Ponzi scheme with promises like

"Invest 50.000 Naira and earn 150,000 in 45 mins"

They all end up dashing your dreams.

You'd hardly make any money or learn any new skill

You lose both TIME and MONEY

But that's not the worst part

Once you have triggered that "phrase" - " How to make money online"

The ads start coming - Every "Guru" online targets you with ads on

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The absolute worst

of products

If you'll just pay $2000 for  a new course that is guaranteed to make you  figures in 6 weeks

"How to make easy money online" is a hot topic because you and I want it easy. - Sadly, It doesn't work like that(Not in the real world anyway)

If you stay with me - I'd show you how they start targeting you with those ads and know exactly what you want(and how to do it too - but the right way)

Every freaking ad has the same promise of an "easy fix" to all your  money + Life problems

Here's how they come at you.

  • Baits you with instant gratification ( You'd get results($$$ ) Now!!! )
  • Justifies how your failures financially are not your fault and can be fixed with this one "tweak."
  • Magnifies your fears (Get this now to change your life in 6 weeks or remain poor forever)
  • Confirmation bias (that one thing you've been telling yourself you need To Get Started - ah maybe this is it finally)

“Humans will do anything you ask if you can give them hope, justify their failures, magnify their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them fight their enemies” - Andy Mukolo (6 Figure Direct Response Copywriter)

Every Advert you see seems to confirm your fears and have an "easy fix" to your problems in very little time - but now you understand it is BS. Lies

You want something genuine that would provide results

You want the Cold Hard Truth(You don't even want to give your email address out to download "the 4 secret steps".. I feel you. That is why I am revealing everything here so you have all the decision before you decide)

How You'd "Actually" Make Money Online(2 Ways).

There are many good ways to make money online...they all require you to solve a problem for anyone that moves them from Pain to Pleasure you'd get paid.

If you can sell something(Skill or Product) that does this - You'd get paid.

Both require you have

  • A Skill or Product (that solves a pressing problem)
  • Your ability to sell (Marketing + Salesmanship)

But if you are just starting out with no skills and "huge money to invest" What do you do?

Where do you start from?

I'd tell you in just a minute.. But first

Let me introduce myself, My name is Jude C. Ifeanyi and you can read about me next(Or you don't care about me because you need your solution.. if so.. skip ahead and keeping reading - There's nothing wrong with that either my friend)

About Me, Jude. C. Ifeanyi

About Me.

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Where to Start if You are Just Getting Started?

Affiliate Marketing is the best place to start if you are just getting started If you don't have an inheritance to invest and want to build your own business


Because You'd get

  • How to Identify the best selling products in your niche and sell for a commission (Up to 50%)
  • You'd also learn the skills to build your Affiliate marketing business with a website(organic traffic) or any social media Platform and How to run paid advertisement
  • Plus, Every Skill you learn in building "your business" can be sold to other businesses to make money online as a "freelancer"

This gives you the options of

  • Making Money with your business(Through affiliate sales)
  • Making money off your new skills(Freelancing)

" I'm not a Businessman, I'm A Business, Damn" - Jay Z.

Here's the simple four-step process that would get you started below and how it works

  • Choose Your Interest

    Choose an Interest(Or Niche). This can be anything at all, any interest, passion, or even something you have no personal experience with but would love to get better at e.g Weightloss, Personal Development, Make Money Online Opportunity, Writing etc

  • Build Your Website

    Build your website: Your website is your foundation - Your storefront. somewhere to showcase your Skills and Products. It can also serve as your portfolio( where you showcase what you do and what you've done). A social media platform can also help you do this, but if you want organic FREE traffic from google, A website is great!

  • Generate Traffic - Attract Visitors

    Attract Visitors: You are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website by offering something of Value: Mostly Information and helpful advice on your niche. You'd accomplish this by sharing helpful things you learn to your audience

  • Earn Revenue

    Earn Revenue: Once you have people on your website(or social media platforms), you can start making money by selling products that would help them or Create your own product that would solve a specific problem. There are over 50 ways you can monetize traffic online, and over 550 MILLION products/services that you can promote as an affiliate. PS: You can also freelance with some skills you'd learn from building your business like: Content Creation, SEO, Ads, Copywriting, Consultant etc

If you are convinced with what you've read so far

and believe you can put in the work to build your own business

Enter your best email below and I would help you Get Started Immediately.