3 Tips to Increasing Your Productivity and Getting More Done Daily

3 tips to increasing your productivity and getting more done dailyYou want to be productive – or even more productive.

You have read every article on the subject and the ideas seem far-fetched and you are not getting the results you want.

You go through your day with thoughts of things you should be doing but you cannot TAKE ACTION.

You spend all day not knowing where you time went and the very next day you are thinking of doing it all again but still you fall short.

I have been there and i know how it feels. It is never easy and the days keeps going while the important tasks that should take your life forward is left undone.

I used to live in ignorance, going through each day and going with the flow of what the world threw my way. – no plans no goals, no vision.

I felt that my life needed to change, it had to come from others and not from myself and as such I outsourced my happiness, my self-esteem and my worth to other people.

If I didn’t get a job, it was not my fault, If i felt unhappy, I found someone to blame it on, if i had a bad day, it was because of someone or something and never my fault.

Instead of focusing on what I could be doing, I spent the time doing little, daydreaming and complaining when i saw others get ahead.

You cannot begin to be productive if you do not start being accountable for the things in your life you can control.

The most important thing in your life which every one has the same amount of is TIME.

So being Productive is the best use of your time.

But it is difficult as we would rather do other unproductive things all day because it is more pleasurable.

So how can you go from feeling lethargic all day to ending the day feeling good because you achieved something great.

if you can identify to any of the statement above then I am making a bold claim that by the time you are done with this list, if you put one or more tips from this into your life, you would be more productive and feel better about yourself!

This is a slow process, I would not want to lie by telling you what is possible and what is not, I can only share with you things I have done and I guarantee that if you put this same thing to action, you would have similar if not better results than I currently enjoy.

you want to get more out of your day, be more productive and end the day knowing you have achieved something worthwhile, these are 3 tips to make you more productive.

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3 Tips To Increase Your Productivity Daily.

1. Make a Plan

Make a plan to be productiveMake A To-Do list

If you want to be productive, the first thing you can do to stay on track is by knowing in what areas you want to be productive and how many hours you want to outsource weekly to being productive in that activity.

Do you want to learn a new skill? Learn a new language? What do you want to achieve and how do you get there?

I want to learn more on affiliate marketing, learn french, and i would need to put in two hours daily at each fr lessons and activities t achieve objectives 1 and 2

This is just an example for you and also what i am trying to stay productive at this month.

A major reason for this is so that you can make a list of your to dos and have the one thing(or two) you want to improve upon.

Getting it on your to do list as one thing you do every morning would help you track your productivity daily or weekly.

You need to get a daily journal and start writing your to d lists for the next day, a night before.

You would be tracking your progress daily over the next month to see how much you have accomplished.

Bonus tip: After you make your list, try to put the most important activity ( and the scariest) in front of you – starting with little tasks is a good way to never get the big tasks out of the way.

As a rule, the first thing i do(or try to do) is write daily as i want to improve on how well my writings are.

This is usually the scariest thing i have to do but once it is done, I carry on with other activities.

2. Break visions into goals – 1 Brick at a time.Break goals into visions” Nothing is particularly hard when you divide it into small jobs.” – Henry Ford.

One reason you might not want to get things done is because you are thinking of all the details at once.

I have mentally quits at anything when envision the bulk of the work to be done(even without lifting a finger).

But, when I break the tasks into little bits and see them as “small chunks” I just go from one to the other and by the time i am done the whole thing is complete.

This is something I learnt recently and something i am doing more of.

If you start out wanting to build a wall, you are most definitely going to be overwhelmed by thinking of all the things that would go into building your wall – the cement, the bricks, how long it will take and when you think too much, you begin to procrastinate and this form of procrastination would make it hard for you to start.

The best thing to do would be “place a brick as well as you can daily” you see – Just one tiny task

but, after a coupe of days, weeks and months of placing just one brick daily you would be surprised at the wall in front of you.

when I started out to make passive income online through affiliate marketing, I though about all the things I would have to do – get a blog, build a site, learn SEO, write articles… and after thinking of what it would take I did not last a week and I quit.

I decided the safe thing to do was to get a job, a degree and get that dream job. I tried low risk situations and when i found a comfort zone i stayed too long there.

But after all that i came back to learn about affiliate marketing the right way as i could not survive solely on my salary even after taking the easy route. I realized i needed another source of passive income and Wealthy Affiliate came through.

i went om the internet and instead of filling my head with every information on making money online, i chose a platform and began to work my way steadily through lessons (this is what WA does for you)

the classes are designed to teach you how to lay your brick daily and while i tried to track my progress and felt i want doing much, i was surprised at how far i had come even if i was just doing very little each day.

If i was still focused on having it figured out i would never have started at all. So do one thing daily that pushes you closer to your visions.

If your vision is to Make $100 monthly then your goals should be little tasks that would add up to earning you that amount in a month.

3. Use a pomodoro to get things done

Pomodoro timer 25 mins work, 5 minutes break

A Pomodoro timer is the technique of doing focused work for 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes.

A Pomodoro works best when you have something to reward yourself with after completing a task.

There are tasks you just don’t feel like doing but that needs to be done to get your goals to visions.

Learning about pomodoro and how it works and how your brain does not want to do certain work can help you get more done during the day and laying your brick daily.

You can start small with the pomodoro technique and increase the time limit you spend on different tasks.

Think of a tasks you have to get done. Set a timer for 25 minutes – remove all distractions and then get to work – You would notice that your “fear” for the work immediately decreases once you start working on the task.

At the end of your 25 minutes of focused work, you can then take a break for 5 minute doing something you like before diving back in.

when I write I do a 1 hour pomodoro of focused work and reward myself with aimless social media scrolling or some TV time of 10-15mins when I am done.

These three simple tips would increase your work flow by as much as 10percent each day from where you are currently.


Think of the pain of remaining exactly where you are right now a year from now.

Would you be happy? Would you be pleased? Or do you think you have more in you to accomplish!

To get the most out of this, make sure to set small achievable goals on your to d list each day, get your most important tasks done first in the morning.

There is a great book by Brian Tracy which talks about eating the “biggest frog” first thing in the morning and my biggest frog is writing more so the first thing I do once it is 8am is to write, as this continues to build my writing muscles. ( this i learnt from a top medium writer – Ayodeji Awosika )

who’s’s new book I reviewed here : Real Help – An Honest Guide to Self Improvement

Get a journal, this would be the most important tool in your arsenal of productivity.

I would like to know some productivity hacks that helps you do and achieve more daily.

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  1. If you don’t know where you’re heading to, most likely you’ve already arrived to your final place. The only constant in life is “changing”; controlling, somehow those changes are what will make us succeed!

    Great way to summarize it. Definitely, you need to set up a project from your dream (by defining a strategy, cascading them to goals and tasks and defining time limitations to fulfill them). The Pomodoro technic helps you not to get burned in the process of getting your project ongoing.

    Thanks for putting together these great recommendations in order to become more productive every day!

  2. Heloo, it will be out of place if don’t appreciate you for such a concise and amazing article “3 tips on increasing productivity and getting more done”. Trust me it’s going to be of help to so many. Every one longs for productivity in any activity he/she engages in and these steps here are just all we need. But the part I love more is the pomodoro timer  technique of doing focused work for 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes. It will really help in a achieving productivity. 

  3. First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for publishing such an informative post. In this post you have talked about productivity and you have shared with us 3 tips about increasing our business. I am a premium member of a wealthy affiliate site. And I am following your tips and tricks which are extremely beneficial to me. Every single tip is important for increasing our productivity. 

    Ultimately, I want to give you thanks again for this kind of informative post. And thank you very much for wonderful advice.

  4. A very good motivation that I really need right no is what you have written here. You see, for quite a while now I have been here thinking of what I can do with this period of total isolation but I haven’t been able to break my visions down into goals and then take actions on them. You seem to have made it really easy for me right now. This timer you have shared should also be of good help to me. I’d try it out, Thanks.

  5. These are good tips. It sounds simple, but so many of us struggle to actually do it. Consciously setting a plan almost always results in more productivity and, as you say, breaking things into smaller goals makes it much more manageable. The Pomodoro timer is something I was less familiar with. I hadn’t heard that name before, but the concept is one that is tried and true. Nice article. It’s good to be encouraged to refocus our energy from time to time.


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