5 fun things to do when you are bored – “BORED” Your Way To Success

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Today I would be telling you 5 fun things that you can do when you are bored that would be productive to your personal growth and Financial Success in the long run.

Before I do that, I would love to help you understand what boredom really is or rather what it means to be bored.

I bet you can think of a time recently when you have been bored, Do you remember how your mind wandered?

Can you remember what you did?

did you allow your thoughts to wander or did you just pull out your phone and hop on one or more of your social media accounts? what exactly have you being doing when you are “bored”?


You and I have been conditioned in a world where we always have to be or seem on the move.

There is nothing worse than a feeling of unaccomplishment at the end of your day, and we waste so much valuable time on the unimportant tasks in our life. Before i go further allow me to re introduce you to the term ” Boredom ” from another perspective.

what is boredom?

According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, boredom can be defined as ” the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest “.

Boredom is not when you have nothing to do but rather when the options available to you do not appeal to you. Inevitably you procrastinate on those unappealing tasks and with procrastinators the motto with change is always “WHEN” rather than “RIGHT NOW”.

Boredom is characterized by a

– lack of concentration

– Restlessness

– Feeling Lethargic

– A state of being underwhelmed

– Even a feeling of depression has been associated with boredom when it gets extreme.

You and I would rather do some leisure activity or hop on social media when we are “bored” rather than take that time to think, because ” THINKING ” apparently is boring :(.

We have been programmed to see boredom as being unpleasant, Most of us see Boredom as a time  when nothing of value can happen or be developed. But I am here to tell you otherwise.

With Smartphones in our pockets, a lot of things exists to keep us “busy” and help escape the feeling of “boredom”

Examples include but are not limited to snap chat, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook e.t.c, we are always quick to escape our thoughts with these, it matters not whether we are sitting and waiting on someone at a cafe, waiting in line, stuck in traffic, in the toilet ( I am guilty of this ). We all reach for our phones to avoid boredom. So my question to you now is…


For me, the answer is yes!

You are losing a lot by avoiding boredom.

Allow me to share with you a video that triggered this post.

If you go through this video above, the scientific benefits of boredom are explained succinctly and you would see that being bored is an avenue to change or learn something new.

I would be telling you some fun productive things I do when I am bored.

There are a number of fun things you can do when you are bored (you can read 96 of them here) but how much fun would it be if what you did when bored is rewarding?

14 Boredom-Busting Tips for the Perfect Evening

It would be nice right?

Well, these are some fun and rewarding activity I try to indulge in when I am bored.

1) Go for a walk without your phone: When you feel bored or have a minute to 10 minutes of lazy time, do not use that 10 minutes on social media as what would you gain in 10 minutes anyway? you could just go for a walk without your phone and let your mind and eyes wander. In this age where we live online, we are beginning to forget the immediate world we live in. We live in an age where we are all glued to our phones. A 10 minute walk would do a whole lot of good not just health-wise but help quieten your mind and boosts creativity.

2) Exercise: Most times when you are bored it comes with negative thoughts of what you are not doing or what you have failed to do, even with activities lined up. Most times with exercise, your mind might be willing but your body is weak, one thing I do that helps me utilize this “bored situation” as an exercise technique, I learned as a member of Marc Lalonde’s Branding YoUniversity. In one of his weekly Sunday webinars where he teaches about creating your very own brand, he talked about an exercise technique that helps get him out of a “funk”. He calls it “BODY SHOCKOLOGY”.

The idea of this exercise is to get your heart rate up and sweat a little.

it is simple, easy and takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. This exercise is not to make you strong or bulk up, but it would help jumpstart hormones that would fill you with energy and pull you out of a mental rot.

Here is how body shockology works. You choose four different exercises that you enjoy doing that gets your heart rates up, personally, my favorites exercises are push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and sit-ups, You would need a deck of playing cards and then match each card shape to an exercise.

Spades represent push-ups for me, Diamonds represent sit-ups, Clubs represent jumping jacks and Hearts represent squats, you can choose your own and follow the same strategy.

I  shuffle the cards and lay them face down, I then pick up the first card and show its face up, whatever the card represents I do its corresponding exercise according to the number on it. Say if I pick a 6 of spade, I would then do 6 push-ups, after that I walk 25 meters away – this is your rest period – and walk back to my deck of cards and pick the next one and see what it says and do the corresponding exercise, even when I pick 2, I do just 2 of the corresponding exercise. I do this till I am tired.

You do not have to go through the whole deck of cards but if you can, you should start slowing, aiming for 10 cards, 20 cards, depending on the time available to you.

The benefit of this form of exercise over other Traditional forms of exercise is that you do not know what to expect, This method surprises your mind and you do not have to think of how difficult the next task is. Doing this for 15 minutes every morning usually centers my day and gets my creative juices flowing. You should give it a try and tell me your results

3) Meditation: Practicing meditation is another productive way to channel boredom. Meditation not only helps center you but helps you take a moment to yourself and let your mind wander.

To do this I have a meditation app called mindfulness which I use. I am fairly new to this practice but it has been richly rewarding. This is the first thing I do in the mornings before I start my day. Usually it takes 5 to 15 minutes. so when i am bored and my mind begins to wander, slowly i have learnt to bring it back to what is in front of me.

It gets “boring” and frustrating at first as you look ridiculous just sitting and breathing or trying not to think. But with time and with practice you would come to realize mediation is quite simple, it just takes commitment to do. there are lots of free meditations apps you should use. Not only does meditation help deal with boredom productively, it has several scientifically proven benefits

4) Affirmation: There is usually this debate on whether affirmations work. In my opinion it does. You should read about this scientific research on affirmations here.

You should always some positive affirmations on hand and i can share with you some that work for me and how you can create your own positive affirmations too.

When you are bored and you find your thoughts begin to wander, if you do not want what is coming in( in this case, negative thoughts) that  is the perfect time to assert your affirmations and reaffirm them thereby telling your mind what it should focus on.

I do this so much that It has now become a habit. With every new habit you try to develop, it is always difficult at first but with time it becomes effortless and the benefits remain the same or even better.

5) Allow yourself Be Bored: is this confusing to you?… how can being bored be fun and productive? well.. if you watched the video on the scientific benefits of boredom, you would know that being bored can either be good or bad thing depending on you.

You are the author of what your boredom transforms to. You most times feel bored when you have things you do not want to do, or things you do not like to do, this is your minds way of shouting for a new adventure, something to keep it busy.

Boredom has been known to spark creativity so sometimes just allow yourself to be bored, let your mind wander, let it THINK. you never know what great and crazy idea it might run into ;).

So these are some ideas that work and have been working for me and I decided to share them with you. I would love to hear some other ideas of what you do in your “bored time” that you consider productive.

THE HEALTHY AFFILIATE LIFE HACK : Here is a take home assignment for you, look around you at the successful people you know and try to think of what they would do when they are bored, people you admire and want to be like, what do you think they do with their spare Time?… now train yourself to start doing them.

Rich and successful people don’t have time to be bored and when they are, they find something productive or think of one.

I hope this goes a long way in helping you become a better more rounded individual.

Yours truly

the Healthy affiliate.

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article . This was a very helpful read . I would recommend this article for anyone looking for creativity . There are many ways to slay boredom . If you know where to look , there are so many fun things to so online when bored . I know , Watch videos , play games and Podcasts are great source of entertainment .

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  6. This has been the most interesting post I have recently commented on.Not only it was extremely well written and with an engaging video but it struck a cord for me.Boredom to me is avoidance.Avoidance of facing our lives and our past decisions that have brought us were we are.As an older person I am more likely to reflect on what I failed to do in the past,than think about the future. I really like your five recommendations on what to do when bored.The Body Shockology exercises are unique since me must act upon unpredictable inputs which keep us focused.But I mostly like your recommendation for meditation or mindfullness.I try to calm my mind and live in the moment. ” Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight” (from an old times song).But I ramble again.I should do one of your exercises.

    • Hello Carlos, I am glad i struck a cord with you and from your short  “rambling” I know you must have a lot of healthy self development tips and i would love to learn more healthy tips and advice from more ramblings anytime you feel like it. 🙂 .

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