7 steps to Make Money on pinterest

Pinterest is the one very powerful, very underutilized platform and only a very few affiliates have mastered how to make money online with it by generating free and consistent traffic to their website.

I had come across pinterest and set up my account but it took me while to master and truly understand how amazing it is.

7 steps to go from 'Newbie' to 'Influencer' on pinterest

One fear YOU have when it comes to your online storefront(Website) no matter how amazing your Content/Product or Service, is getting traffic to your site.

I lived this fear and for the first 3 failed blogs i ran, I know how crippling it to not have anyone look at your content especially after you spend hours or sometimes days picking up the perfect keyword or the best content.

Asides paid traffic, Anyone with content online craves that free organic traffic when they start building a brand unless you have so much money on ad spends, You need free ways to announce yourself and your amazing product to the world.

There are other ways that are currently being underutilized that you can use to grow your online business or brand and i recently discovered the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest can be used to make money as an affiliate or by promoting your own products as it helps you with FREE traffic.

This is the perfect tool as a Passive Income seeker.

In this post, I would show you easy to follow steps that if you put into practice and follow, can take from beginner to expert level in no time.

This is simple rinse and repeat method of how you can use the growing power of pinterest to make More Money Online and save a little on paid traffic

“Affiliate Disclosure : Within this posts would be various affiliate links that I earn from if you decide t buy a product, I would make a little commission of it but at no extra charge to you, However this gives you a direct line to me if you have any problems as I don’t recommend a program I do not use or that has not given me success.”

P for Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to enable saving and discovery of information online using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarized the company as a “catalog of ideas” that inspires users to “go out and do that thing”, rather than as an image-based social network.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for weird things from “strange boards” or DIY tutorials, outfit ideas, quotes,etc

Pinterest has everything for your viewing pleasure.7 steps to go from 'Newbie' to 'Influencer' on pinterest

Recent statistics shows that with 291 million users, pinterest is a great place to get free traffic once you master it the art.

Pinterest is primarily a search engine ( Like Google, Bing, ) used for sharing information.

So while it would help you build a follower ship you can share your information or products also, especially information that would be helpful, In need and being sort after!

However, pinterest has remained a hidden gem to many marketers as there are more users there than marketers(shh)

So how can you go from newbie to “influencer” on pinterest and how do you make money with it?

I see you are convinced and want to learn more, so i wold break this down into easier ready to put to practice methods for you.

To make money on any platform online requires you to be active and consistent. This also applies to pinterest

There are two main ways to earn on pinterest

1) Marketing your own Product

2) Marketing other peoples products(digital,physical) – Affiliate links and MLM

  • Marketing your own product

You can Use pinterest to market your very own products and services, even to promote and grow your small business to your target audience.

These products and services can range from Digital products such as (e books, v

ideo courses, and even one on one coaching if you are an expert or “guru” in that field)

7 steps to go from 'Newbie' to 'Influencer' on pinterest

PS: Make sure to always satay with Pinterest’s terms and conditions.

  • Marketing Other people’s products through Affiliate Links

This is my personal favorite business model to make money online as it is beginner friendly and every “guru” you see making money online started of with this business model.

With Affiliate marketing, you are paid a commission to market other peoples products/goods (either digital or physical) or services

Commissions can range from 10 percent to 75 percent on any products

You can market items worth less that $100 dollars(low ticket items) to products worth in the $1000 of dollars (high ticket items)

Now that you are caught up, here are 6 Easy to follow steps you can do daily to give you an advantage on pinterest

1. Choose Your Niche

Choosing a niche is one aspect of Affiliate marketing many people(myself included) take too long to decide on, when I was introduced to affiliate marketing and started taking courses to build my business, I discovered that there was so many lucrative niches and I wanted to find the perfect one for me as I had no particular interest in anything.

Niche. Pinterest

Thankfully I had this lesson by Kyle to thank for not still being stuck. if you find yourself unsure when it comes to deciding on a Niche, This Post can go a long way in helping you know what is best for you!

It is best to pick a niche you are passionate about, Cooking, Sports, Clothing, personal development, etc, you don’t even have to be an expert as you can learn and become an expert in any niche you choose, pinterest can help spread your message to a wider audience in that same niche and help you make money at the same time as you begin to gain Authority with your “pins”

I find it is best to chose a niche you would not tire of writing content on

I am in the personal development / make money online niche and I love it.

Most popular Niches are saturated, the very best niches are “health” “Wealth” and “relationship” However when you “niche down” you can reach the low hanging fruits that are still open

PS: Do not pick a general niche

To niche down you can follow this example

e.g Make money online – niche

affiliate marketing = sub niche

affiliate marketing for newbies – niched down

you can still go levels down and cash in the low hanging niches.

2. Choose Your Niche Products to promote

When you have decided on your niche the next step is to start creating helpful and valuable content around your niche, that would be of use to your target audience.

Start of with delivery free Value,

You can write reviews on different products in your niche, how to’s, tutorial lessons on anything within your niche.

After that, you need to find products with affiliates links in your niche you can promote. These products can be found on Affiliate Sites such as Clickbank, Offervault jvzoo and Wealthy Affiliate.

You should note that some affiliate links might not work on pinterest anymore as so many people have promoted the links that pinterest now considers these as spams.

I found out the hard way when I tried to promote WA on pinterest and couldn’t even promote the Free Classes.

This is good in a way as it shows that the program(WA) works as many people would not promote it if it is not in my Honest Opinion One of the Best Online Training Platform in the World.

However, I learned a way to go around this “stumbling block” by creating blog posts(reviews) and then linking to these from pinterest, that way I get to promote a great product (WA or Branding Youniversity) without it being seen as spam.

You see, Easy Peasy

3. Create your boards and create you pins.

This is a two-step process but it helps to have your boards and pins organized so it is easy for you.

What’s A pin? What’s A Board?

The content on Pinterest is known as Pins. The things that you upload on Pinterest or the things that you see on Pinterest, all are called Pins.

For instance, in the world of Facebook, a Pin would be a Facebook post. You upload a post (Pin) and others can share and comment on it. Similarly, you will see others posts (Pins) on your wall or Pinterest feed.

Unlike Instagram posts, Pins are organized. And that happens because of Boards. Boards are collections where you organize your Pins. My Boards- Thehealthyaffiliate

My boards

A Pin is an individual item/post. Pins are the main items that you interact with on Pinterest. Even if you don’t create a Board, you can just check other Pins. However, if you want organization or you want to save Pins, you have to use Boards, which is a group of Pins/Posts.

Boards are extremely important and you cannot save Pins without a Board.

You can read more differences between pins and boards here

To get the most out of pinterest you need people to engage with your pins through social likes and shares or in this case “repins” of your imaes.

Just like creating great content, you need to create awesome visual pins that people are willing to share.

Creating awesome visuals is easy with the free canvas tool.

You can do this in 3 Easy steps

  • Open a free account on canvas ( there is a premium upgrade available but you don’t need the upgrade for making your pins awesome)
  • On the dash board search for pinterest graphics, clicking on this would open a blank image that is the optimal pinterest size. 2:3 ration or 600px by 900px works best for me
  • Now it is time for you to create your pin, by adding backgrounds, text and images.

If you want a detailed work through of Canva check out this Youtube Video

PS: To avoid copyright infringements, only use free images withing canvas for all your designs. Royalty free images are available on sites such as Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay,

To better promote your brand you can add your logo to your designs and this would stop people from stealing your images and using them and even if they do? Your brand name gets exposure

Here is a Bonus tip from Martin, who has one of the best pinterest board collections :

” Place your logo at the top or bottom of the image is the middle as when it’s shown in Pinterest sometimes the corners are covered by various elements EG share buttons.”

4. Add your Title, Descriptions and Links ( SEO purposes)

As you now know, Pinterest is a very much a search engine so you have to play by some rules so you can appear in results ( i.e when someone types in a key phrase”

When adding your pin/board titles, Use descriptions and relevant hashtags as this helps. Also, use the keywords as this is very necessary if you ever want to go viral and be found.

A good Keyword Research Tool would help you know what keywords to target

PS: target Long Tail Keywords

Now you can add your links to your pins, you can use link shorteners like bitly.com which I personally use and recommend because it is free.

5. Upload your awesome pins

Creating relevant pins and awesome visuals are nice and might take a little time as you get used to doing .

As part of branding yourself and standing out you can add board covers to your pins and Martin shows us how in this video

Now your pins are live so how do you get exposure?

6. Exposure

You can get exposure in two ways, either by following boards and people in your niche(some would follow back) or you can use the “share to group board trick. I use both.

To find new boards you can use the search and click on boards

Group boards can be identified as it has a circle in the bottom left-hand corner to show more than one contributor.

click on the board in the description and there will be instructions telling you how you can join. Some boards may not be accepting new contributors however but you can still follow the board and share pins from it.

7. Rinse And Repeat

Just like Google, Pinterest wants you to upload new content on a regular basis, This brings you in front of more people and as a result your pins get more re shares.

What i Love most about Pinterest is that my pins are still getting traffic months later. This is another great reason to add your images to Pinterest.

PS:The last thing I would love you to do is to follow me on Pinterest , Also leave a comment and your Pinterest URL so I can follow you too.

PSS: One last thing, Have you heard of Tailwind?

Tailwind Pinterest Automation

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  1. Pinterest has alluded me even though I have created an account. After reading your article I have a better understanding about the basics of Pinterest. I have read somewhere that one can pin an article using a picture in it. What specs does the picture have to meet? For example, what is the width and length in number of pixels. Can I use pictures that have more than one link on it? 

    What is the benefit of copying someone else’s pins? If I do that do they have a link to my Pinterest site that makes it easier for them to find me?

    My niche also happens to be MMO. I would love to connect with people on Pinterest who need a way to boost their income. What category of Pinterest members would I need to connect with? 

    You can see by my questions I have a lot to learn about Pinterest. It is much more confusing to me compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I shall be reviewing the reference links in your post later to learn more.

    If you can answer my questions that would be fantastic. 

    All the best to you.


    • Hello Edwin,

      One major benefit of copying someones pin and pinning it to on of your boards is it helps you “curate” other important content so your board followers dont get tired of just seeing your content especially if you are building out.

      I also happen to be in the MMO niche, you can go on “pinggroupie” to find boards in your niche that have and allow outside contributors. this way you can connect.

      Pinterest seems confusing at first but with time you get used to how it works.

      I hope i answered all your questions, feel free to reach put if you need any more clarifications. 

      You’re welcome :).

  2. Niche selection is very germane to making success on pjtereat. Choosing it right and limiting it towards a certain target audience would help to get one started and overtime, become a worthy influencer on the niche by giving out authoritative claims on it to command respect. To be honest, this post is pit on and I agree with every bit of information made available on here. Pinterest is growing really fast and I must grow with it too. Thanks

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this detailed guide on how to scale through to becoming a pinteret influencer. Being an affiliate marketer, the best way to generate traffic is social media after search engines and as such, becoming an influencer would generate worthy traffic to one’s website if done the right way.
    pinterest is developing pretty well and there is need to stretch my business to it. This guide would help me get started and really push me up the ranks quickly. Getting to know how to do it and the way to maneuver around the process beforehand would help to make my journey faster. Thanks

  4. To be candid, this article is really educating and informative. Many times, I’ve been to Pinterest and downloaded a couple of stuffs but I never imagined making money out of it, thanks for enlightening me, I’ve really gained a lot from this Article and im looking forward to marketing other peoples products, coupled with my affiliate marketing skills, I know I’ll make sy way there. Thanks for the tips, they’re so helpful, I’ll sive into Pinterest and register now. Thanks

  5. Hello there, thanks for taking your time to put up thi wonderful post. Being an affiliate marketer for me haven’t been really easy as I only just got started about two months ago. Generating traffic for my site have been one major issue as i have to pay to some platform who promises and never get it done. I have the pinterest app on my phone and I even make use of it but never knew I could actually take up my business there. I’ll love to give it a try and see how helpful it can be to me. Best regards

    • Sorry to hear about your struggles Dane, it is best to check out free ways of generating traffic when starting out, make use of pinterest and there is even a free course on twitter which has helped me bring visitors to my site. you can check out the twitter course from brandingyounaija.com

  6. Wow, this is seven very detailed tips on how to use Pinterest. I have just acquired knowledge on expanding my business and I think that becoming an influencer on Pinterest will be a good move for me to become successful as an online business owner since it has so many users. You have given here easy steps to follow and it’ll be pretty easy for me  create and account and get a good following. Thank you for giving your knowledge on this discourse. Cheers.

  7. Wow, I have never thought of taking my affiliate marketing business down to Pinterest. I have a number of friends who make use of it but I don’t though. I think I should give it a trial. Sound like it’ll be a good way for me to make money online. You have simplified its use and since I don’t have personal products yet, I’ll be promoting people’s products. Thanks for this valuable information.


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