7 Things To Know Before Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

You heard about Affiliate marketing. Heard about the 1,000 plus success stories that happens to the best affiliate Marketers.

You’ve thought about it and want to give it a go but you are still doing your research.

You do not want to be in a “niche” that is saturated. What is a Niche? – No more technicalities I promise.

Starting out you know you would need training – not just some PDF that tells you ” you can make 6 figures in 20 minutes without any work on your part”. – I am sick of those myself.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer( or been at it with no tangible success in your skills or earnings), there are lots of things that you might still be confused about – you want to promote products that you can make money from but also want to promote products you believe in.

You can’t sell something you do not believe and starting out, you might not have testimonials or PayPal screenshots!!

The best way to make money faster as an Affiliate, if you are just starting, is to sell the Training platform you are a part of – You must have taken a FREE trial to determine if it is the right fit for you.

Can you Learn while you Earn?


One HUGE benefit of Affiliate Marketing is that you get a chance to make money doing something you enjoy. you build an interest around a hobby where it intersects with money. e.g if you love to football, you can build a website writing on football and be an affiliate to companies that sell football boots and other football equipment. Love to golf, you can build a website ad make money selling golf clubs as an affiliate.

But to master these skills, you need to be trained to know how it works. To know the profitable “hobbies” you can build a profitable affiliate website around.

it is necessary that you enjoy your side hustle – you can hate your 8-5 but if you hate your side hustle no matter how much money you might make you won’t be able to show up and get to the level where you are profitable.( That’s the whole point isn’t it?)

In this post I would share with you 7 things you should know before choosing an affiliate training program.

Affiliate Marketing can be very profitable if done right.

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7 Things To Know Before Choosing an Affiliate Training Program.

7 Things To Know Before Choosin An Affiliate Marketing Training Program

These are things you should know before choosing an Affiliate training program to be a part of and to promote.

As a beginner the first product you should look to promote is the training program you are a part of.

Just like Franchising where people bought rights to a company’s name to promote their product with the HUGE benefits of the brand name, your affiliate training program should do the same for you. You would be selling a system that already works while you build on your knowledge bank.

You are selling a reputable brand with a done for you system and as long as the brand is successful with the results it produces you know you are going to be successful as well.

The same way a franchise owner would get trained by the franchise, an affiliate training program ( the right one) does this same thing for you.

Most big companies have affiliate programs and you can sell almost anything that intersects with your interest with affiliate marketing.

This is a huge WIN WIN!!!

With every affiliate program, you’d get links that track your sale, leads, and all.

All you need is to get trained, and while you are getting trained you can start making money as you build your own affiliate marketing knowledge to one day, never need the training platform, and sell high ticket items. But you can only be successful with this once you have learned the basics.

Picking the right affiliate program when starting out is like picking a foundation for a 100 story building. You want something solid that would stand the test of time and keep paying you with or without them.

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These 7 steps would help you achieve that.

1. Product Value:

Does the Affiliate training program have value and do people actually want to buy it and learn from them.

You should definitely look for a company with a proven reputation that is already selling. You should be looking for something that already works and that has a high conversion rate. Remember you are just starting out and want to get the best out of this.

Don’t just look for a company with inflated “PayPal” screenshots but one with a proven track record. This is how you know the company has value and can be successful long term.

2. Sales Margin:

Is there a high enough margin for each new sale you bring with your affiliate link?

While you would be building small, it is necessary to know the profit margins you would be bringing in with each sale when a prospect joins from your unique link,

You should look for a product that would give you value for your work and make it easier for you to convert prospects.

3. Tracking :

Does the affiliate program have solid tracking links?

You do not want to miss out on any sales you make especially when you are starting out.

You do not want to be part of a system that does not track sales and leads generated from your hard work. You do not need all that hassle.

How long are the links good for? – sticky cookies

Would you earn only from the front end or for life and from everything the affiliate program buys?

Most Affiliate training programs are recurring payment so they make their profit not from the first sale but from monthly recurring commissions. As such you should join a program that would pay you continually from any of your sales and from every product(upsell) that is made by your referral.

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4. Training :

How good is the training of the platform -remember you would be getting your education here so it is best to get a good feel of all the training materials you would need to make this a success.

Are the training in depth, would you have every tool and support needed to make your business run from one place – you do not just want this for you but also for your referrals who would be signing up with your link.

Reviews and Free trials are a great way to get a feel of what you can get from an affiliate training program.

5. Integrity:

is the program reputable, trust worthy and How successful have they been with their methods over the years?

Are the training regularly updated as well? – are the training out dated?

Are you paid on time? – can you earn inside the program?

These are all valid questions you need answers to when deciding on the affiliate training platform to be a part of. Most Affiliate training program do not have all these unfortunately as they are in it to make a quick buck.

That is why it is best to partner with an affiliate training program with a proven track record of integrity.

6. Help, Support & Community:

The Affiliate training program you choose as your source of education should provide you with constant help and support whenever you need it.

Starting out, you would have a lot of obstacles as this would all be new to you. However, knowing that you can always ask someone in the community who are on the same mission as you is a GREAT thing to never ignore.

You want to be part of a growing community with people in the trenches with you and people farther ahead who can lend you a helping hand. This is how you get ahead FASTER.

7: $0 to start:

Starting without any “commitment” up front would help you make your decision in a better way. You do not want to continue because you already paid when the program is not a right fit for you so you should choose a program that allows you to “check out” what is on offer and know it is the right one for you.

This not only increases conversion ( as the best program would give you a free trial and your referrals get a chance to “see”what they would get inside the program )

My recommendation:

My personal recommendation for choosing an Affiliate Training Program if you are just starting out has to be Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only are they one of the best training platform in the world, their training program is top notched and new videos are added weekly by the communities and you have training also by successful Affiliate inside the community.

Their support is top-notch and responsive and you even get a 7-day FREE trial and TWO free websites for life on the site rubix platform.

You get all the tools you would need to run a successful affiliate marketing business from

– In depth training

– Website Hosting

– Website Design

– keyword Research tools and so much more all in one place

Still on the Fence?

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26 thoughts on “7 Things To Know Before Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Training Program.”

  1. Hello there. Just read your article “7 things to know before choosing affiliate program”. Very nicely explained. I enjoyed reading it. Choosing an affiliate marketing training program in not easy to make with all the shining objects out there. For a beginner, you really have to be careful with making decisions about your business because will go a long way to affecting you in the long term and that is really vital.

  2. I am new to affiliate marketing myself, and have been learning a lot about it during the last 4 months.  Your list of 7 things to know before choosing an affiliate training program, is spot-on.  What is your personal view, though, on how you can know if your niche is saturated?  

    • Hey There Nayla

      There are no saturated Niches in my opinion. 

      There are just profitable niches and less profitable ones.

      If people keep going to a niche, it means it is promising.

      Finding your unique marketing angle and people you can provide value to is what makes you stand out in any niche.

      Hope this helps

  3. Choosing an affiliate marketing training program is one of the most vital steps one has to take if he or she is to make it in the affiliate business. For me, i think the product value is one of the best point to consider as the more purchases or con version rate the best chances of it being a good brand. Reviews are still very good too.

  4. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. For me, what I look out for in a platform mostly is the quality of the training; If its not up to standard then its not worth trying out.

  5. Well, you are right, this are important things to note before joining any online training platform and one thing that just goes on to tick for everything here is wealthy affiliate. I can say this because I am a part of the platform and I have been for about a year now. There’s no better way to learn and still earn like Wealthy affiliate. It’s really good stuff.

  6. Awesome buddy and hello! Thank you for this  wonderful article you have put here. Choosing an affiliate marketing training program in not easy to make with all the shining objects out there.The great news is that some of us have the confident to put  the hard-work in anything. Success can’t be achieved through get rich quick hypes; we must put in the time and effort. How long have you been working full time online  and what advice can you give to a beginner? Thank you for sharing you experience with us. God bless you my friend.



    • Hey there John

      I agree with you on the multitude of shinning objects out there.

      Worse still, They promise you to do nothing and earn 6 figures(all lies by the way).

      If you have the confidence to work hard and avoid get rich quick schemes, you are way ahead of the competition.

      I have been at this for a year and 6 months now(wow… I had to calculate right now).

      I have a full-time job and still do this.

      My advice to any beginner is to put in a little more effort each day, even on your bad days. Everything pays off in due time.

      20 hours at least before you quit on anything ( 45 mins a day for 31 days ) 

      I wish you the very best John and God bless you too

  7. For a beginner, you really have to be careful with making decisions about your business because will go a long way to affecting you in the long term and that is really vital. Affiliate marketing is great, but you need a good platform to get you all the knowledge and support you need and even as I have spent some times here as an affiliate, these tips are really vital to me too. 

  8. Thanks for the informative article on affiliate marketing and the things to know. I’m a newbie affiliate marketer and still learning the curve, so I found you points very useful, such as understanding product value, margins and (still not have figured out) tracking. I certainly hope Wealth Affiliate can help me on this. Thanks again!

    • Hey David,

      You are in the right place with tracking as an affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate’s tracking is awesome.

      You are welcome

  9. Nice article! You are absolutely right that there is no easy money. You can have the best idea in the world, the best product in the world, but if you don’t know how to organize your time and work hard, success will never come. I also liked to see that you recommend an excellent platform like Wealthy Affiliate, which has a wonderful community and excellent training for affiliates.

  10. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. This review is highly informative and I am sure it will help others same way it is helping me at the moment. Thank you very much for sharing this with me, now I know what to look out for when signing up for an Affiliate training program

  11. I am totally with you on this one here ad I must say that a lot of people make the mistake of joining different platforms without properly knowing what they are getting in to. I believe that things are not done like this. There is a need to have the perfect background knowledge before getting into selecting an affiliate program. This is a good one and anyone who reads this would surely benefit. 

  12. Hello and thank you about this article how to choose an affiliate marketing training program. While I have no doubt that I can put in the hard-work in everything that I pursue, I heard that the training in WA is outdated already? I think that those that brings in negative reviews for WA are those individuals that don’t want to put it in the effort and wants to earn money outright. I think its not a get rich quick scheme. And I heard a lot of success stories from WA even those ones that don’t promote WA and chosen their unique niche (the niche they are passionate about).

    I am a firm believer of the slow and methodological path to success.

    I really like how you outlined the criteria to choose the best affiliate marketing training program for anyone who wants to try affiliate marketing for themselves. 

    • This is an awesome feedback Lemuei.

      With this mindset, your online business is going to be a guaranteed success. 

      Any worthwhile pursuit is slow but the rewards are worth it

  13. This article packed with tips has been refresher to the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been a member with Wealthy Affiliate since October 2019, always helps to refresh with what you learned before jumping onto new programs to join especially in affiliate training. Honestly, do not believe there will ever be another great training program like Wealthy Affiliate. Hope others who are researching training programs to learn affiliate marketing, read your tips provided here before making their decision to join any company promising online training.

  14. Hi Jude.

    I enjoyed reading your power-packed post – 7 Things To Know Before Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Training Program. I was so much relieved to know that I have am already with Wealthy affiliate, your recommended training program in your post. 

    I am glad I searched for all the 7 things while choosing the right affiliate marketing platform and that Wealthy Affiliate had them all.



  15. This is a very useful article. I joined wealthyaffiiliate a couple of months ago after doing some research and looking at reviews like yours. I am still with wealthyaffiliate and am completely blown away by how much information they give you and the advantages of being with them are fantastic. My site pianosupermarket has made progress quickly by following the weatlthy affiliate training. 

    Well done this is a good post.

  16. I am currently comparing various affiliate programs to choose the best one for my website. This article gave me very useful information to determine which one can help me the most. I am also avoiding affiliate programs that ask you for money to join. I prefer to test it out before investing money. I am also avoiding programs that offer low-value product and services because they can harm my website’s reputation in the long term. 


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