7 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories on Passive Income ( $10,000/m Case studies)

Does if Work?

Am I not too old?

I am not a tech person?

Is it for everyone?

Does the training really lead to life changing income online?

These are some many questions that is asked about Wealthy Affiliate, and in this article, I would be showing you 7 case studies of Wealthy Affiliate members who have been very successful over the years ( to show you how relevant this community is)

Someone on this list has a personal story not different from yours ( If they can do it, so can you) , I would also share my personal experience having been a part of this amazing community for over 13 months.

You would also notice some common factors about their stories.

I have been able to learn from these members, and the value they have given freely has helped me in building my own online business.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Success StoriesWealthy Affiliate is an online business training community and one of the worlds oldest and most trusted.

Since 2005 till date, Wealthy Affiliate has trained over +2,000,000 students all over the world and provided support for their businesses to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is filled with different kinds of individual success stories as you are about to see from different places around the world and different walks of life.

You have people earning passively and full time incomes from the training and support available from Wealthy Affiliate.

There are so many success stories inside WA and not everyone shares their success stories, but i have selected the following 7 as they represent different stories and ways to generate passive income that you can model.

Since 2005 till date, Wealthy Affiliate has been able to make its students successful and over the past 4-5 years ( 2015- 2020), it has become easier to make money online if you follow the right training and take massive action.

Wealthy Affiliate has evolved over the years, and so has the tools, support and methods.it provides it students to make money online.

For example, It used to take a lot of time to build a website but with advancements in technology and method you can get one for free here in 30 secs

I am committed to helping you succeed when YOU JOIN Wealthy Affiliate , I would love it when YOUR own success story is shared and you can list me as one of those who showed you it could be done!

So Let’s take a look at these 7 Success Stories from Wealthy Affiliate and see what they all have in common.

1) EDDY ( $10,640 / Month )

Eddy is a Wealthy Affiliate “OG” as he has been in Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years now and his stories is one that has been an inspiration to not just me but other members in the community.

He has shown that this business isn’t exactly all smooth sailings at the beginning but with persistence and patience, the Pay days are worth it.

Eddy turned his life around to making +$10,000 in a month in September 2018, You can read all about Eddy’s Success Story Here

With such an income he most likely is averaging or has tripled his monthly income since then.

2) John Made $6,582+ from One sale!

https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/johnmks/blog/highest-affiliate-commissions-new-record-today/a_aid/bd0275d5John started of as a complete beginner on Wealthy Affiliate just like everyone else you would read about on this list. He lives in Sweden and from his personal profile attributes the skills he learned from Wealthy Affiliate saved his life.

John has mastered not just affiliate marketing but email marketing, using it to make money online selling other peoples products and programs.

Like everyone on this list with “Overnight” success stories, you have to realize that they did not make all that money at the very beginning, but by working consistently, learning and improving themselves through the training offered on Wealthy Affiliate, they became able to start making this mind blowing incomes online!

Your success is determined by putting in the work.

To learn more on how John made this one sale you can read his Success post here and the lessons you can learn from it.

3) Ralph ( $12,803 / Month )

Before Ralph Joined Wealthy Affiliate, He was a part-time kick boxer instructor/personal trainer and had about $30k dollars in credit card debt. He had no car, lived with his parents, and tried about every type of money making opportunity out there.

But in September 2016, He came across Wealthy Affiliate.

By leveraging the training he received from Wealthy Affiliate, Ralph was able to earn $12,803 in August 2018, less than 2 years after he joined Wealthy Affiliate. Ralph should be earning +$20,000/monthly as of now as once you have the ball rolling, your income can only grow if you continue to put in the work required of you.

Check out Ralph’s Success post here and see how you too can model his success.

4) bryonbrewer ( from 0 to Over +$1,000,000)

Bryon is one of the most amazing success stories form Wealthy Affiliate.

He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2012, and in 5 years ( as at 2017) was able to make $1,000,000 online leveraging the knowledge he acquired not just from the training inside Wealthy Affiliate but also through the help of little “nuggets” by community members.

As of 2018, Bryon had a team of +200 plus freelancers and full time employees working for him.

The opportunities in this business is amazing and if he could do it, so can you.

Even if you are able to achieve just 10% of his success making money online, you would be glad too. But you have to put in the work and there is no better time to start than now.

You can read all abut Bryon’s success story here.


5) Zarina ( $500 in 2 days )

Zarina is a lady from Canada who has been a Wealthy Affiliate premium members since September 2015.

Following the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, Zarina was able to build a couple of websites and has been able to make some life changing income online as a result of her persistence and dedication to growing her online business.

While others quit, Zarina stayed ( and in her words ” is not going anywhere” ), she was able to make $500 in 2 days from one of her websites promoting people’s product on Amazon.

Read Zarina’s Success Post here to learn more about her Story

6) Anis ( $39 to $2.233 in one year!)

Anis is originally from Morocco in Africa, but currently resides in Italy.

Anis started of at Wealthy Affiliate at 23, living in Italy with an unstable economy and not enough jobs, he knew he had to find a way or himself.

With no prior knowledge on making money online, He signed up, Followed the training and put into practice all he learned.

With this, he was able to start earning money online.

When you read his story, You would see that Anis went from a meager $39 to averaging almost $2.233 in a year in 2018. By now, he would have 10x his income or surpassed that. ( remember the snowball effect once you get rolling?)

Read Anis Success story here and see how you can model you won success after his.

7) Grace ( $119 to $4,931 )

Grace is another inspirational success story from Wealthy Affiliate and is known within the community as “little mama”.

Grace is originally from Hong Kong but currently lives in the United states where she has built her online business while being a Stay-at-home mum.

Being a Stay-at-home mum helped her make life changing income while she spent time with her kids.

Grace’s Handwork and persistent enabled her increase her monthly income from $119/month to $4,931 a month in just one year!

Graces story has been shared many times withing the community as she is one member who consistently showed her success in 2018.

You can read about Graces amazing Story here

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, i had acquired my MSc, was working ( and still working) at my day job and while i love the job i do, i knew i needed other sources of income.

I did not have any technical skill or knowledge about making money passively online but over time(even with a full time job) i have learned lots of valuable skills and started earning with those skills

While i enjoy learning new things and new ways to make money online, I now have several skills and different sources of passive income.

I finally became a freelancer, got my profile approved on upwork, learned and started doing Facebook ads, i opened an online store on shopify and i get paid to build online stores (Shopify specifically) for people and these are all skills i would not have learned without Wealthy Affiliate.

I did not see myself doing this 2 years ago, as a matter of fact if you had told me any of these i would have laughed real hard at you as i did not think it was possible myself until i saw people doing it.

One thing all these stories have in common that you must have noticed when you read their success stories and view their profile to learn of their personal stories when they joined Wealthy Affiliate is:

  • They started without Prior knowledge or skills just a belief
  • They did not quit after just a few months
  • They put in massive action
  • They were teachable and followed the training to the latter
  • They all achieved success beyond their oldest imaginations

Conclusion – The 4 minute mile!

IS Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

Roger Bannister, on May 6, 1954, busted through the four-minute barrier with a time of three minutes, fifty-nine and four-tenths of a second.

Before then runners had been chasing this goal seriously since at least 1886, gifted athletes from North America, Europe, and Australia had all tried.

“For years milers had been striving against the clock, but the elusive four minutes had always beaten them,” Roger Bannister notes. “It had become as much a psychological barrier as a physical one. And like an unconquerable mountain, the closer it was approached, the more daunting it seemed.”

When Bannister broke this barrier, even his rivals breathed a sigh of relief. At last, somebody did it! And once others saw it could be done, they did it too.

46 days after Bannister’s feat, an Australian runner, John Landy, broke the barrier again, with a time of 3 minutes 58 seconds. A year later, 3 runners broke the 4-minute barrier in a single race!

Over the last half century, more than a +1000 runners have conquered a barrier that had once been considered hopelessly out of reach . was now being done by everyone.

What does this story have to do with you?

If you are asking yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is really worth it?, take a look at these 7 stories, all ordinary people like you and me, who have suffered and survived situations worse or similar to yours and have laid out blueprints of how they started earning a substantial amount of passive income online.

If someone is doing it anywhere, that means it can be done, as 1000s of students continue to achieve mind breaking milestones from the training inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member for +13 months now and i remember writing down my money goals and almost quitting after working half heatedly for less than a month. lol

i saw similar stories like this and I said to myself if these guys can do it, i too can do it.

When I started this journey, i talked to some friends about it but since they could not see returns immediately, they all stayed away and tried other things to make money,

However at the end of the day, some lost money, didn’t make any money and have not learned any money making skills in the past year( I cannot believe its been a year +)

While i have excelled beyond my wildest imaginations, have learned some valuable skills and I am beginning to earn money online with the knowledge i have gathered since i started.

One of those friends recently got re-introduced to Wealthy Affiliate by someone else and he admitted to me that he wish he had taken action earlier when i did. Because he lost a whole year.

In my +15 months I’ve personally seen 10s if not 1,00’s of people who get started. With money goals similar to mine like “I want to make +$5,000-10,000/month or higher.”

They say they would commit 2-3 hours for 3 months to achieve that dream but then they do not follow through or put in the work.

They tried it half heatedly like i did for less than a week and when they don’t see results like +$10,000/months, They Quit!

But these same people are okay spending 4-5years in schools, learning to go and find a job that would pay less than $300 in a month. Its crazy.

Yeah, really.

It sounds a bit insane but You will see it happening all the time.

Don’t be one of those who expect to become rich overnight in a few days when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Give yourself time to learn and put into practice what you learn.

You do not have to re invent the wheel. Follow what already works

While you may not make $10,000 overnight at first, you will most definitely get there if you go through the training and put to practice what you learn.

Like i said, I am committed to help you achieve your goals so when you start making money online, you can include my name as part of your success story.


Now you can go ahead and create your free account

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I have shared my views and opinions and you have read what other people have to say about.

Have you had any experiences with Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate and how to get started?

Have a problem creating your free account?

Have you already been successful with affiliate marketing?

your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Training?

I’d be reading your comments in the comment section and would respond to every single one of you.

If your goal is to make money online, I am here to help you achieve that!

Success is a Slow Process but Quitting won’t speed it up!

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  1. Hi! Let me tell you some facts – i am a wealthy affiliate signer for about 1,5 yrs now, and all I can say is – success! I have lesrnt so much,keywords,seo, marketing, and a lot of different techniques they show you, I mean it is great! i earn aboit 100- 250$ per month, which is very great, because I set my date for 5 years to earn about 2000$ per month – 1st year is always hardest.


    Primoz P.

    • Thats nice

      and you have some very realistic goals i am certain you would surpass in less than two years.

      The first year really is the hardest but when you take stock(like i did in december) you would have learnt so many skills that you can market and make money off of.

  2. Hello Jude C; your post is interesting! When you know what you are doing you are able to fight any challenge that might appear within your journey.

     That is one reason why training is essential. Never get excited over other people’s success. Work persistently to achieve your own success. If others can be successful by their performances so can you. 

    Given you know what you are doing. All the success figures showed the possibility that anyone who signed up on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and upgrades to a Premium member and takes action in the training can write their very own success story sooner or later.


  3. Many thanks for the nice post about wealthy affiliate. I am a beginner at this market. Wealthy affiliate is a nice way of passive income. I have learned a lot of things about wealthy affiliate trough your article. At first i have learned it in my social  media. It attracts me a lot to come at the lime light of this kind of business. I started my passive income trough it. I was surprised at the first time because it is a too easy task to do. I have easily income a lot of money trough it. 

    So i want to say new readers to read it fully and try to attach at this business as quick as possible. Your article is really helpful for them. Thank you again for the post.

  4. Thanks for sharing this success story with us.it’s really inspired us to do affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.i am also a  premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I also do work with a Wealthy Affiliate. I think a Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for Affiliate marketing. Because they give us free training about affiliate marketing. they give us free tools and support and also there are many ways you can earn money from Wealthy Affiliate. Really your article helps those people who want to join Wealthy Affiliate and also inspire them. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

  5. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on 7 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories on Passive Income. These story gives me motivation to work for my dream goals. My productivity will increase after reading such useful post. You have done a grate work by sharing these success stories. I personally read many success story. Soon my success story will be coming. Hope you will also add it. I have everyone have willingness to do something different.

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us .I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for a long time and personally I am doing Affiliate Marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website and I am a successful Affiliate Marketer. Through your articles, I have been inspired by seven wellness affiliate success stories .And I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to make money and there are many tutorial videos that have helped me a lot in working at the wealthy Affiliate Marketing Place. As well as providing many tools for making money that helped my website take a very good position. Very good place for passive income wealthy affiliate .I really like Eddie’s success story.

    Finally, I hope through your article, everyone will receive a premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate very soon and share their new experiences with you soon.

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