About Me.

Chiadika Jude I.My name is Chiadika “Jude” Ifeanyichukwu and I am Nigerian.

If you are eager, I am willing to help you make Passive Income (More Money) online and depending on how much time and consistency you decide to put in, it could become a full time income for you as it has done for so many others.

You do this by getting better at something you enjoy doing ( its not going to be work if you enjoy it – but there is still a little effort required of you daily).

My Mistakes…

“Lost money is not lost beyond recall, But loss of time brings on the loss of all.”― Geoffrey Chaucer

I read  about people making money online for the first time in 2011.

Sometime in 2014,  fresh out of the university, I wanted to make money online and after reading lots of “Get rich quick ways to Make Money online” articles (those were the ones that made everything look easy)  I decided to try it myself and failed horribly at every new  scheme I fell for. ( Ponzi schemes, MLMs, Referral programs etc – if it seemed easy with huge Payoffs and little efforts – I tried it)

There was so many scams back then and there are a couple thousand more now and the bait was always the same “make quick money online in 6 weeks, 6 days…”

I came across “Affiliate Marketing” in 2014 while looking for a job.

I had read You could Make Money Online from marketing other products you did not own.

What was needed? An internet connection and a computer and If you are reading you probably have access to both or know someone who does.

I opened various accounts as an “Affiliate” and registered all over but I never really followed it up. WHY?

I did not what I was doing and the information Overload from “Google” didn’t help. Terms like “PPC” “SEO” “squeeze pages” “landing pages” “funnels” all looked alien to me and the Affiliate Sites and Programs I registered in was much.

I did not know how I was going to build a website or how the whole process would work.

I tried to learn by myself but it was a DISASTER as the amount of information can be a little too overwhelming to handle at once when starting out and  if google is your research tool like mine is.

I tried Clickbank and after a few tries of being overwhelmed with all the information online I quit. ( I wanted something that would cash out fast with little or no effort from me)

This made me a perfect mark for every “Get Rich Scheme” I saw online and I lost Time and Money.

I tried every “How to make money easily in 6 days..” schemes, to the “online PONZI schemes” to ” paid ebooks that had the secret locked in”. I lost a little money and decided this was not for me so and quit!

I decided to be “patient” earning my allowance as a youth corper till i could do my Masters and Get my Dream job and and solve all my problems.

4 years later – post MSc., I got an 8-5 day job and started earning a SALARY. – I should be free right?

Wrong – I was still having money problems and falling for every “Get Rich Quick” schemes in sight.

I got lucky at times with some while I failed and lost money horribly at  most.

As a result, my mental health, relationships and physical health suffered.

I was scared of losing my job – because I was barely surviving and savings? – none!

I needed to earn more to be comfortable and I decided to find something to do online to make “passive” income.

You see, I love my day job – but I needed to make money on the side.

You need an extra source of income to supplement what you earn that’s how to get rich you must have read. With my work schedule it had to be something I could do in my free time.

PS: If you do not have a job, this is a great way to start too.

Once again I got online to find out a proven way to make money passively online – if you do not have a lot of money to start ( low barrier to entry) and the result that came up was “Affiliate Marketing”

Those who had started in 2014, when I came across the opportunity at first and who stayed with it where earning massively online.

I was devastated. – Everyone had taken a hobby and learned to make money passively with it using Affiliate Marketing.

I read reviews and realised one thing they did that I did not do was “Get help- trainings” as I tried to do it myself.

Affiliate Marketing without help for a newbie is like driving without learning how to drive – You’d crash and burn!

This time I was wiser and decided to be a “test every opportunity I could for free till I see what I was looking for” – This was in September 2018 – the lowest point of my life in terms of my emotional, mental and physical health.

I needed to change something if my life was ever going to get better.

In november 2018, I stumbled on a review that promised that without any prior experience, I can develop skills that would enable me to start making online with Affiliate Marketing.

It wasn’t a spammy ebook download but a training platform that would walk me through and give me 24/7 support whenever I needed it.

I had reservations as i had seen lots of promises like this but

It Offered an initial “7 – Day Free Trial” and by Day 3 – I knew I had found a place to start! – Why?

The best way for YOU to Get Started is to take my FREE 7-day email course to Money Online Passively.

When you Signup today, you will get:

1.  Easy proven Step-By-Step Instructions to Start Making Money Online doing what you enjoy.
2.  Access to My 1-On-1 Support to help you out whenever you are stuck
3. 2 FREE Websites for life
4. My Expert Tips and mistakes you should avoid to Make Money Online Faster
5. Access to every free resource to help you Get Started.

WHY I SAID “YES” on Day 3.

The platform is known as WEALTHY AFFILIATE. 

I was VERY SKEPTICAL about it at first because I have seen  a whole lot of programs with high costs and little rewards and I decided to just give This a cursory look and  3 DAYS into using the FREE TRIAL I knew I had struck gold.

The free training shows you over the first 7 days a road-map of how to Get started and the support, community and members – just like you learning and helping each other to succeed! – I was blown away!

I could finally see a way to monetize my passion and I knew the amount of work that would be involved so upgraded to a premium membership which is discounted for the first month.

I had found my “EUREKA’ moment.

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step, guide on how to get started Making Money Online while I still had my day job.

Slowly I learned a few things and began to put them to practice. Things that seemed impractical to me before are now simple and I realised I loved to learn this new things.

This snowballed into healthier habits as I was beginning to meet and connect with successful Affiliates around the world and learn from them – as a result I learned skills to not only build an online business but monetize my skills I learned online.

  • I have built this website(and several others) all by myself with no coding skills
  • I own an ecommerce store and build it for others as a side project(I get paid of course)
  • Learned ABout Paid advertising and how to freelance for local businesses
  • earned money doing jobs online for people who never saw me
  • Guest write for an NGO as a guest blogger
  • Learned healthy habits and tips to improve my mental, emotional and mental health
  • Learned other skills like copywriting and Facebook advertising.

Two hours a day learning and practicing what you learn can turn a hobby into something you can Make Money Online From.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a will to learn and practice what you learn.

“During the gold rush its a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” ― Mark Twain

If for one reason you are here, it has to do with MONEY.

You have tried different ways to make money online with huge promises and disappointments.

This leads to other issues of self doubt, fear, anxiety as you struggle to stay afloat.

I have been there and I hated not having other options to make money online passively. 

With everyone opening one business or the other, the best thing you can do is be the middle man and sell good products you already enjoy its benefits and get a commission for it.


I know you have stumbled across various Get Rich Quick schemes and have found them inconsistent or just plain bullsh*t just like I did.

I want to help you, because I can relate to feeling lost. If I never read a review or got help from a random stranger, I would still be lost, filled with self pity, anxiety and disbelief.

From my journey, I can tell you that asides the skills, you would need some habits. I would be helping you with easy tricks and secrets to developing the healthy habits that would help you build a successful online business.

My goal is to educate you on every aspect of Personal development, Affiliate marketing and different skills to make money passively online.

I promise to give you an unfair advantage of having me to call on whenever you need my help.

It doesn’t matter If you are a student, a stay at home mom, a stay at home dad, unemployed, employed but looking for a side hustle and need a way to monetize your passion. I am here to lend a helping hand.


If you are looking for an easy way to make MONEY FAST , or you are stuck on OVERNIGHT ONLINE MONEY Success in a day I am sorry to say I cannot help you. ( and if you find one that works please call me – I am serious – lol.)

I am here for those who are ready to learn about the intricacies involved in making money and how they can make money helping others.


This is a fun Space where I would teach you using my life lessons. I would never ask you to try something I have not tried out. so in a way I am your test subject as I would be showing you what works (which you should do) or what flopped (which you should avoid unless you want the lessons better embedded through experience – it would hurt but you will never forget.

My part to online success will be documented here as a story, a lesson or both. Like I stated earlier, I would not recommend something I have not tried. this way the risk involved for you in less and my gain? well… knowledge and I earn also.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to Contact me and i would help you in any and every way I can.

All the best,

Jude C.

thehealthyaffiliate.com ( 09072031678 – Whatsapp)

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