About Me.

Hey Friend,

My name’s Jude C. Ifeanyi.

I help people Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing by Building their own business and selling the skills they learn as “freelancers” to get even better at building Their own business(…Don’t try to unpretzel your brain..I’d explain better…keep reading)

In 2014, had tried to make money online as a side hustle… I opened this blog where I wrote poems and short stories to make money with a website but never saw “how it would happen”. I didn’t have money to invest in learning so I wanted FREE EDUCATION.. Moreover, this was just a side hustle, I was already doing my NYSC(post-grad) and once I finished and got a good paying job in an oil firm, I would be making so much money and would not need to “make money online”. Making money online was a subject I researched passively – something I did every time I was broke and needed to seem busy for a while.

“How to Make Money Online” – My favorite google search phrase

I’d hear of a new Ponzi scheme or get wind on a fancy “get rich quick scheme” but I didn’t have money to invest and the few times I did, I wasn’t good enough to get two to three people to sign up(Because I did not believe in it) 

I came across something known as Affiliate Marketing around this time and saw this website known as Clickbank( you must have heard of it)…

It’s a marketplace where you could make money by selling other people’s products.

You just had to go the market place, pick a product that you can promote, take links(Unique ones for you), post them everywhere on social media and you’d start making money just like that

Easy right!?

Exactly… I thought so too…

But a week in, I realized I didn’t know a good product and I could not figure out how to sell. It was a clusterfuck of information overload and I just stopped trying(or acting busy so my girlfriend then would think I was “hustling”)

Well.. since it was a just backup plan( until I get a well paying 9-5 job in an oil firm), I just quit altogether and focused on my studies while hoping I can survive till I get a real 9-5 job and start living the good life. I was so… close(just had to complete my Msc) and boom!! career success(or so you’d think)

Lol.. sounds funny now the 21st of February, 2021 writing this down. I just had a fight with my Gf by the way. A very beautiful one. I don’t know why I am telling you that, But this says about me so.. that’s something About me.

Moving on

Fast forward a few years.. and I did odd jobs in between to make money like

  • Writing Project Thesis for students
  • Creating map
  • Writing assignment
  • I even got lucky once with a Ponzi scheme but lost money the second time around

September 2018 to be exact…My life was stuck… I had finished my Msc(Geographic Information Systems) as the third-best graduating student of my set and the president of my departmental association, from a Federal School(2nd one)… Damn… Life was about to be good. I deserve the success that was supposed to come my way now don’t I?.. Or so my friends and everyone thought

But that dream never showed up and as of 2018 Nov, I had worked for 2 years and didn’t have financial security(I also saw friends lose jobs during this period and never get new ones…Very brilliant people at that). The crippling fear of losing my job was now an everyday reality.

But I was among the “lucky ones”…I had a full-time job(not in an oil firm) but in a big industry in the private sector. I was working very hard but earning the same amount…

But nothing changed…I still did the odd project or two on the side and wrote for pennies where I saw an opportunity but nothing changed

I was going through constant bouts of

  • Anger
  • Failed relationships
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Broken promises from everyone I thought had to come to my help(my sense of entitlement was HUGE… I felt the world owed me)
  • Depressions
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Frustration

And it was always someone else’s fault.. or the gods.. or just bad luck. I had an excuse though. because I had done everything I was told( Go to school, Get Your Msc, Get A Job). No one was here to “appreciate me” for doing the bare minimum and coasting by(this is no more about me but a therapy session yes?)

In November 2018, Searching the term “How to make money online” for the 100023423 times in my life… but this time it was no more a backup plan. This was going to be the main plan. I have seen what is at the end of this 9-5 tunnel and I did not want that for myself for the rest of my life. This was the same for a few of my friends as well in the corporate world. The best and the brightest for civil engineers to accountants, to lawyers. All brilliant people but

The World is full of Brilliant people all struggling for limited jobs in the corporate world

(There is a better quote for this, but I cannot recall where I heard/read it.. so I am paraphrasing but you see the picture – Every school has “Lots of intelligent students” just like you and me.. some way better. But the industry where these “geniuses” would compete is limited – Clusterfuck)

I saw all those who were really having fun where the entrepreneurs and make money online squad 

The genuine ones.. not the scams…

But when you are starting out, It is a whole lot of noise and you cannot differentiate what’s real from what’s pure garbage. Everyone had these “Amazing results” and how you could start making truckloads of cash in just a few weeks. “it’s easy, If I can do it, you can do it too”

But every product I saw online seemed like an easy fix and “quick scam to rob me of the money I did not even have”. I’ve tried too many get rich quick schemes and heard too many tales to fall for it again.( Please avoid it at all cost – or try and then… avoid it at all cost)

I needed something genuine… So I went searching for something real this time with an oath to myself that when I found one, I’d make it easier for people like me(that’s you)… looking for a solution and tell them the cold hard truth without the bullshit that you see everywhere.

Every “Pdf” that offered a quick fix would be ignored(those work as a quick fix to specific problems) but not for the kind of financial overhaul you’d want if you really want to make good money online and you are just getting started

One night, I read a review about a company know as Wealthy Affiliate and I knew I had found something worth giving a cursory glance.

Best still…It said I could get started for just $0( no credit card required)

But one Problem… My country(Nigeria and a host of others) is banned from opening a free account.

At this point… I’d tell you three stories. Believe the one that sounds “true” to you.

Story A

I said to myself. “Jude..this is too good to be true, You MUST get this and PAY! You can’t miss this opportunity from this program you just “read of”… ignore the free trial and pay the $19 bucks to get started… You’d make $10,000 in 3 months”.. I did that and got started..

Story B.

” Hmm… Jude, this sounds too good to pass up. Maybe I’d just call my university buddy in the Uk to open an account for me so I can enjoy this 7-day free trial and see if this thing holds any truth ” .. I do that, my buddy agrees and “hooks” me up…

Story C.

I open a new tab and search for “free VPNs”.. I go through the first few results and see one that comes highly recommended( A browser). I hit the download button

I click on the downloaded file and wait for it to install

I open the browser and quickly switch on the VPN setting

Go back to the website and create my free account.

In less than 10 mins I was in!

Anyway.. you decide which one sounds believable

I like to call this that old game of 2 lies one truth

Anyway… Three days into casually “looking” at this new affiliate marketing course… I knew I had found salvation. In 3 months I’d have made so much money my friends won’t know what the fuck hit them.. or so I thought

Anyway. I saw it would take me more than 7 days to go through the whole education( 70 plus videos) from this platform that I envisioned in 3 months I’d use my “job” as a backup… Fund my education – I just want an end to my money problems I thought.

The review I read that got me started was honest. It didn’t over-promise and it told me I had to work and learn HOW to do it MYSELF. But that without any prior experience, I can develop skills that would enable me to start making online with Affiliate Marketing.

  • It wasn’t a spammy ebook download but a training platform that would walk me through and give me 24/7 support whenever I needed it.

I had reservations as I had seen lots of promises like this

Click Here to Signup today and you will know the:

1.  Easy proven Step-By-Step Instructions to Start Making Money Online doing with Affiliate Marketing

2. Skills to helps you build your own business and how you can sell these skills to others

3.  My 1-On-1 Support to help you out whenever you are stuck

4. Mindset Shifts you need for this business

5. My Expert Tips and mistakes you should avoid to Make Money Online Faster

5. Access to Lots of Free Resource

6. Weekly checkup if you need my help on my email list

WHY I SAID “YES” on Day 3.

The platform is known as WEALTHY AFFILIATE. 

I was VERY SKEPTICAL about it at first because I have seen a whole lot of programs with high costs and little rewards and I decided to just give This a cursory look and  3 DAYS into using the FREE TRIAL I knew I had struck gold.

The free training shows you over the first 7 days a road-map of how to Get started and the support, community, and members – just like you learning and helping each other to succeed! – I was blown away!

I could finally see a way to monetize my passion and I knew the amount of work that would be involved so upgraded to a premium membership which is discounted for the first month.

I had found my “EUREKA’ moment… Time to see if it really works

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step, guide on how to get started Making Money Online and the skills + resources to help you do it.

Slowly I began to learn

  • New skills and habits and began to put them to practice.
  • Started meeting new people around the world with different ideas
  • Started reworking my mindsets and habits
  • I was learning things and building skills I did not even know existed before
  • Things that seemed impractical to me before are now simple and I realized I loved to learn new things.

This snowballed into healthier habits as I was beginning to meet and connect with successful Affiliates around the world and learn from them – as a result, I learned skills to not only build an online business but monetize my skills I learned online.

It’s been 2 years and 3 months since I got started and

  • I have built this website(and several others) all by myself with no coding skills
  • I have built eCommerce stores with Shopify for others as a side project(I get paid of course)
  • Learned about Paid advertising(Google Adword, facebook, Instagram) and used this knowledge to freelance for local businesses who are in need of these skills but don’t know how to go about it
  • Learned about SEO, Content Marketing, Article Writing, and how to freelance with it
  • Guest blog for an NGO to make 6 figures monthly(In Naira)
  • Learned healthy habits and tips to improve my mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Learned how to sell with Copywriting etc

Two hours a day learning and practicing what you learn can turn a hobby into something you can Make Money Online From.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a will to learn and practice what you learn.

The Problem that Led to this path

You know how the website does not allow Nigerians, yes, I could not use most of the money I earned as they only pay through PayPal and you have to go through lots of loopholes to get your cash from PayPal.

while I have earned affiliate commission, I have also used the skills I learned from building my business to make money by “freelancing” inside Nigeria… This is how I stumbled on what I am about to share with you

“During the gold rush its a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” ― Mark Twain


I know you have stumbled across various Get Rich Quick schemes and have found them inconsistent or just plain bullish*t just like I did.

I want to help you because I can relate to feeling lost. If I never read a review or got help from a random stranger, I would still be lost, filled with self-pity, anxiety and disbelief.

From my journey, I can tell you that asides from the skills, you would need some habits. I would be helping you with easy tricks and secrets to developing healthy habits that would help you build a successful online business.

My goal is to educate you on every aspect of Personal development, Affiliate marketing, and different skills to make money passively online.

I promise to give you the unfair advantage of having me to call – whenever you need my help.

It doesn’t matter If you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, a stay-at-home dad, unemployed, employed but looking for a side hustle and need a way to monetize your passion. I am here to lend a helping hand.


If you are looking for an easy way to make MONEY FAST, or you are stuck on OVERNIGHT ONLINE MONEY Success in a day I am sorry to say I cannot help you. (and if you find one that works please call me – I am serious – lol.)

I am here for those who are ready to learn about the intricacies involved in making money and how they can build a real business for themselves.

Are you someone who needs this? Sign up here and get Started

This is a fun Space where I would teach you using my life lessons. I would never ask you to try something I have not tried out. so in a way, I am your test subject as I would be showing you what works (which you should do) or what flopped (which you should avoid unless you want the lessons better embedded through experience – it would hurt but you will never forget.

My part to online success will be documented here as a story, a lesson, or both. Like I stated earlier, I would not recommend something I have not tried. this way the risk involved for you in less and my gain? well… knowledge and I earn also.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I would help you in any and every way I can.

I hope this helps,

Jude C. Ifeanyi

PSS: By signing up you get a combination of information – the free training inside Wealthy Affiliate, plus my personal insights and tips via email.

PS: If you have any questions or comments about me, my business, or online business you can leave a comment below! I check these weekly, so will get back to you ASAP.

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