Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Things You Should Know!

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you’ve tried all the “weird tricks” to make money online with Affiliate Marketing and you’ve learned nothing or earned nothing, You want the whole truth of what it would take without being forced to signup or buy any course. You want the truth about the business before you dive in. You are in the right place.

Affiliate Marketing has a low barrier to entry and is an online business of choice for most newbies who what to make money online.

The only problem is. When you are new, it gets easy to be deceived with huge income results that promise you would do so without working. But first, you have to invest $490 for a course.

In this post, You’d get answers to what affiliate marketing is, and what exactly it is not. NO BS. Shall we.

What is Affiliate Marketing - the healthy Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is the best business model if you are trying to make money online without breaking the bank to get started,

Do you have to make some investment? Yes… But the most expensive investment you would be making at first is of YOUR TIME.

The TIME it would take to get better with what you learn..because you would be learning how things really work.

It is easier to quit if you come in with the wrong expectation…i.e thinking it is a get-rich-quick scheme and you would not do the work yourself…

Wrong expectations(in how much time it would take to make x amount of money) is usually why most people fail at first and by most people I mean myself. That was how I got in the past. I only got back in after I stopped looking for a weird trick and was prepared for some cold hard truth. The kind I’m about to give to you.

If you are at this stage(Looking for the cold hard truth), Congratulations… You scaled the first test that means you are serious about making money online. You want something that works and not a gimmick.

Before I tell you all about affiliate marketing, Let’s have a brief chat about MONEY… because money(lots of it) is the only reason you want to start and build a business online.

I don’t know your definition of money but this is one that works for me and that holds universally true no matter the currency.


i.e… You can only get money by creating value… Value in this case can be a product or a service. This holds true in any business and especially in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a great place to start if you want to make money online as it offers you a fun way to learn most High-Income Skills( Email Marketing, SEO, Sales, Writing, Social Media)… These skills and services are of high value and can earn you money on their own through freelancing. Affiliate Marketing is how you sell good products in your niche and get a commission.

Again, Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme… It is a long term business. And long term can be a couple of months to years all depending on the most important factor YOU and how fast you are willing to implement what you learn.

Today, You’d be getting an honest in depth guide of what the business is and what it is not.

What you should know

Affiliate marketing is an easy to understand low risk, long term business and you should know that up front.

Easy to understand because in 12 minutes or (3038-word blog post) you can learn all about the business and how it works.

For a beginner, Affiliate Marketing is built on these four pillars

1. Choose an Interest – A subject of interest

2. Build a website. Or master any social media platform to your advantage(or mix both)

3. Generate Traffic – From your website and social media handles

4. Earn Revenue – Making sales through affiliate links

This process takes less than 10 minutes to understand

Just like chess. You can play in 10 minutes but to become really good at it, it is going to take hours of practice which can mean months to years and you’d get better and better as you grow.

The good news is, at every level of your journey, There’s someone you can help… You become valuable by learning and applying skills to your business(and a freelancer to other businesses)

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing and How Beginner Friendly Is It?

Picture this….. A friend calls and asks for your recommendation on getting a new shoe because everyone in your circle knows you to be a shoe guy. You can spot a fake from a mile away. But this your friend who happens to know a lot about every other subject knows nothing about shoes.

Knowing shoes, and talking about them is your thing. you ask him his budget(or you don’t) and just go on to tell him where to get the best ones from, the shoes to avoid, maybe he should get a size bigger because his legs are small, you even send him links to your best shoe shops online and the ones you think would be a good fit.

He thanks you and goes ahead to order one from the stores.

The store has a new customer who is happy, Your friend has a new shoe and is happy and you… are happy. Just one problem with this picture. you could be happier.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you play the same role as you just did – but with Affiliate Marketing you earn some money, The store sends you a commission for that sale because you did the marketing after all.

In web-speak however,

” Affiliate Marketing is designed as a type of marketing where the affiliate (the middleman between buyer and seller A.k.a YOU) earns commission by referring/linking/recommending the buyer(Your friend) to a product or services from a seller(Shoe store).

Whenever a buyer purchases anything through your unique affiliate’s link, the affiliate(A.k.YOU) earns a commission from the seller(Shoe store).”

You get the picture…

Affiliate marketing works with 3 parties involved. In this case

1- Merchant/Seller/coaches/consultants (Market – Shoestore)

2. Affiliate (YOU through any medium like social media – website – blogs. Etc)

3. Customer(Your friend or one of the 3.4biilion people – with internet access around the world who share a similar interest )

Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing in a thousand words…

As an Affiliate Marketer, You have access to different ways to promote your affiliate offers.

Although most people use blogs like this one (which has its advantages ), other channels through which affiliate marketing can be done include

  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Paid advertising(Facebook or Google ad words)
  • Content marketing,
  • Attraction marketing,
  • Influencer marketing etc.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Good for You?

Let’s be honest, if you want to make money online and you are looking to the internet, everything is expensively priced for a beginner. You have courses going upwards of $400 for a good one. If you had $400 to throw at a quick fix(how many of those have you tried and been burnt?) you’d not be looking for a genuine and risk-free was to start and build a business online and make money.

You won’t be looking for affiliate marketing or seeing results that it gives you the lowest risk to entry. You can sign up without any help and start blasting affiliate links. Like i explained, it took less than 10 minutes that’s why there are so many frustrated affiliate marketers because they come with the wrong mindset.

But you my friend, I know you want the truth and I won’t sugar coat it for you.

Before that, Here’s the life being an affiliate marketer can let you live and why so many people are in love with it. Even the guru’s with outrageous courses started once as affiliate marketers.

1. You can earn a full-time income or earn passively from something that is a hobby or side project(but a real business nonetheless) – With a website, you have a salesman who is awake 24/7 and you would keep making money when you sleep when you eat and when you are not working. From different timezone

2. You can work in your bedroom, in PJ or you can work while traveling around the country or around the world(post covid I hope) – you can work. you just need an internet connection like the aforementioned 3.4billion people with internet access

3. You are basically earning from something you would do for free(your hobby) – for maybe the first time in your life, you get to CHOOSE how you want to build a business around something you love. Not something you are forced to do. (It has to intersect with what the world wants)

4. You work when you want to(but you’d have to put in the work daily)

5. No prior knowledge required(yes.. Nobody knows jack shit before they get started) – plus technical things like building a website which meant you needed to code costs way less now and you just have to be able to click-click to build a website. Technology is beautiful

6. You don’t need to do the selling in person. ( But who are you scared of though?) – I know some of us are scared of doing in-person sales. I am too(i don’t know who I am scared of too). you just don’t feel good doing it. Just how you can sing better than Chris brown but only in the showers. Affiliate Marketing gives you the option to sing in the showers online about something you are confident about without having to be self-aware if you look good or not.

7. You do not own or produce any of the product and as such, no complaints from customers or otherwise. That’s the life ain’t is? – Money is an Exchange of Value. With affiliate marketing, if you do not have the time and strength or expertise to come out with brilliant products or Services(Value), you can start selling other people’s products/Services and making sales

8. You don’t handle shipping or customer service. – you just became an advertiser who makes money doing what you’ve always done for free.

9. The competition is lazy(none exists actually) -Many people go about Affiliate Marketing the wrong way because they come with a hustlers’ mindset and this sets them back. These are the ones that spam affiliate links in public forums and under comments of big accounts. They are not concerned with providing value and helping their clients as they want to make a quick buck immediately, but one thing you have to know is that affiliate marketing takes time to know- chess. Anyone…

Like all good things, Affiliate marketing takes a while to build. You have to learn how this works. the good thing is.

It works and it is the most beginner-friendly place for you to start at the lowest cost possible $0. But you have to do a little work upfront. Nothing you can’t if you are serious about making money online.

You do not even have to work smart. 2 hours a day can make the difference in months to build upon something you love doing.

HMMM. All well and nice but what is the criticism towards affiliate marketing?

1, people abuse affiliate links

2. Takes a while to start making money

3. You need to find a niche you love and that has a market of ready buyers

Okay. How long before you start making money

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I get this question a lot and I asked this question a lot before I got started but from my story. the one I am about to share with you now. you’d get maybe the closest thing to an honest answer. It took me 5 years to earn my first $10(Chill let me explain)

I found out about affiliate marketing in 2014 when I was just fresh out of the university and looking for ways to make money online pre NYSC. I googled how to make money online and found the Affiliate thingy.

I read two articles, opened a ClickBank account, got links, spammed a few forums for a week, got frustrated. 2 weeks later I quit without making a dime.

It wasn’t until 2018 ( 2 years after my MSc and having worked for 1 and a half years) That I tried to start making money online again.

So I got in, by this time, I had seen all those who started in 2014 and were already earning 5 figures passively… I was low key pissed at myself for quitting. I decided to do better this time around so…

I got training and started again with one aim. To make my first dollar online just to prove to myself that this works.

In three months I made my first $10 dollars. (I hate to add the fact that I was inconsistent in those 3 months, I just wanted to prove to myself it could be done)

What am I trying to tell you in this humbling, humiliating and now hilarious (to me now – it wasn’t funny all those years) is that your effort and how fast you can apply what you learn would be the answer to how fast you can start making money online.

It would start small and increase over time. People have hit 6 figures in 3 years or less

It all depends on how much time and effort are you able and willing to put into your business.. Not just reading but taking action on what you’ve learned.

As such, Stay away from anything that gives you instant figures of what you can earn online.

Some people start making money within a few weeks but that’s because they spent hours and hours of hard work in front of a computer learning and trying out things.

You dig?

How Much Money Can You realistically make from Affiliate Marketing?

Money should be seen by you as an exchange of value. The question should be how much value are you willing to bring to the table.

With affiliate marketing and any other business for that matter. Value is what gets you money. But let me answer in web speak for a minute

You can make as much money as you want with affiliate marketing. There are $100 earners per month to $20,000 per month affiliate marketers scattered across different niches around the world, from well-developed countries to 3rd world countries. SO really the amount of money you can make is up to you.

Pat Flynn earns $100k per month, only god knows how much Neil Patel makes as an affiliate + many more

you can look at some high-income earners here who are all ordinary people and knew nothing about the business before they got started.

According to research conducted by ConvertKit’s research, professional Affiliate marketers A.k.a Gurus in this industry have an average profit of $138,046 in 2016. Whilst, those who are not-yet-professionals( you and I) but who put in the work in this Affiliate marketing have an average profit of $9,497 in 2016.

Compare that to what the averages

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that once you have it set it properly, your website A.k.a Salesman works 24/7 and makes money while you sleep.

“You are not making money if you are not making money while you sleep” – 50 cent (interview)

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffet

Unlike your traditional 8-5 worker that receives a salary from your boss (not like there’s anything wrong with it – I have an 8-5 while I build this on the side) “make money while you sleep” with affiliate marketing.

But you need to put in the necessary efforts for sure!

It won’t be easy. But its definitely worth pursuing in the long term perspective.

Should I pay for Online Marketing Training?

From my story, What do you think?

Most of the things that you do now, you had to learn. Let’s take driving, for instance, You can only drive when you have been taught how to by a better driver. you can teach yourself but it would take so much time and lots of avoidable crashes before you get it right.

Paying to get the best and most actionable information from someone more experienced than you are means you get to avoid all the frustration and things that would have been hard and frustrating that would make you quit in 2 weeks or fewer because very easy to do and accomplish for you.

However, In today’s digital world, almost all the information you need to build a successful online business can be acquired for free on the Internet.

The problem with FREE information is that unless you know exactly what you are looking for(you rarely do when you are getting started) It’ll take you a lot of time to search and collect all this information and to even know what information is good and a better fit for you.

There are so many scams and false information on the Internet and these are usually appealing because they play to your need for instant gratification – promising outrageous results with no effort from you(Where is the Value).

If you are a complete beginner who wants to make money online, it’s best to have step-by-step training. Or else you will most likely quit(like I did) before you build anything or see any results.

There’s a high chance that you’ll be too overwhelmed to continue.

I’d still recommended finding the proper training and proper training is usually not free.

Wealthy Affiliate is the online marketing training platform that I highly recommend!

But you can check out this post on 7 things to look out for before choosing an affiliate training program

I hope this helps you

Let me know in the comment section any other questions you have?

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