Free Keyword Research? – Don’t waste time writing another blog post without reading this.

Keyword research is the bread and butter of any online content Creator.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln.

This is a quote you should have come across and even if this is your first time seeing it, it does make lot of sense right? if you tried cutting a tree with a blunt axe for 6 hours it would be quite tedious and you really have not given yourself any chance to succeed, unlike Lincoln whose plan makes it fairly impossible for him to fail.

Now take this analogy to creating content. Any online content created is directed to an audience, but what benefit is it to you if you create great content and no one reads it?

Unless you are already an authority on a “niche”, even at that you still need to channel your efforts and give yourself an unfair advantage.

As a new online content creator however, you need to understand “keyword Research” as  “keywords” would be the bases with which you are ranked on most search engines in the world thereby giving you visibility.

So today’s post would be showing you the relevance of keyword research, how it leads to SEO rankings on google I.e utilizing free advert from search engines, how to use jaaxy as a research tool and our very first affiliate hack on ” how to make money with this knowledge‘ so buckle in as this would be short, fun and precise!

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

In laymen terms what this means is for every search on google, after the first few paid advert sites relating to the search term, google populates the rest of the result categories with other posts and pages linked to a site if this posts or pages have the right keywords matching the exact search terms.

Understanding Keywords and how they relate to SEO

This is just a brief overview of what an SEO means and if you still do not get the hang of it, I would show you how this affects the content you would be creating.

Every time a person uses any search engine to make a research, the search term is cataloged, this search terms like ” how to make money online”, ” affiliate hacks and financial education” are stored and cataloged by  search engines and a good keyword research tool is supposed to point you in the direction of how frequently a keyword or a particular group of words have been typed and it should give you key insights into how much traffic you could have and the amount of competing websites from every search engine available.

These are the basic metrics you require from any good keyword research tool.

Important metrics to consider when looking for “quality” keywords:

  • Monthly Searches – the Monthly keyword search should have traffic of greater than 50 per month.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO or otherwise).
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This metric gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term. For relatively newer sites, you should aim for keywords with QSR of 200 and below.
  • SEO Power – This determines whether or not a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings. If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality. Makes for super efficient research.
  • Does it make sense grammatically – This last point is not determined by the keyword tool but rather by you. You would want to target keywords that make sense grammatically. For example, between these: ” freelance writer” and “writer freelance”, it makes more sense to go with the former.

Now that you know the link between “getting ranked” by search engines like google, bing and yahoo by utilizing the keyword research tool to develop your content targeted at a particular niche, let me show you the dangers of selecting a good research tool for you.

Free Online Keyword Research

The Problem with most online Keyword Tools is that many of them produce A LOT of unnecessary data that you have to make sense of and most times there is no value in the data. Simply put, they provide you with COMPLETELY useless data.

Things to watch out for when buying or trying out free online keyword tools are:

  • Anything that you INSTALL ( this could be a guise to compromise your security or track you and gain access especially for free software)
  • Anything that provides PPC guesstimates
  • Anything that uses Alexa as the key factor in determining competition ( yuck! more unnecessary data)
  • Anything that requires several searches to accomplish a singular task
  • Tools that don’t pull results from ALL search engines. ( very incomplete data )

These are usually indicators that they are low grade search tools. It doesn’t take long to realize that tools line their pockets providing users with absolutely useless data and is incapable at getting at the meaningful data.

Now that I have shown you the importance of keyword research, I would like to introduce you to a keyword research tool I make use of and which you can make use of too.

PS: this is not a review, I would make a review post later in the future.

SEO keyword research tool, THE JAAXY EXPERIENCE

Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes in keyword research that are very time-consuming. When it comes to your online business, . Using Jaaxy, Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

When doing research on any niches, there are really only THREE metrics that you should care about while using jaaxy.

  • How much competition does the keyword have (QSR)
  • How much traffic does the keyword get (AVG)
  • Does the keyword make sense. (the “common sense” factor)

Keywords that have low competition and get a good amount of traffic are SEO ready and if you can find them, you can literally take over the search engines simply by creating some content or a video that is relevant to that keyword.

Sounds easy right? That is because it is, but ONLY if you have this data….

Now let me show you how to make use of this data.

One of the best features of jaaxy is the keyword research tab which can be found on the homepage. Which can only be accessed after you have created an account here completely FREE

after registration and when you are logged in, the homepage or dashboard should look like:

now you can create any amount of successful campaigns because you have access to an unbelievable amount of keywords within a niche, Let me show you a quick example here using a niche I know nothing about, let’s say “women make ups”. My aim is to find keywords that have less than 100 total competing pages in Google (in all the world), and keywords that get traffic, and they MUST make sense.

Now we input the “niche” we are looking to explore for “traffic gap” ( this is what I call keywords with less competing sites).

Avg: the average number of searches that keyword receives per month

Traffic: visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in search engines

QSR: Quoted Search Result: shows the number competing websites ranked in google with that exact keyword.

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator: green is great, yellow is OK, red is poor

SEO: a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you would be ranked for using this keyword on the first page ( scale of 0 – 100) the higher the better.

From the explanation of the key concept and using your “common sense” factor of using a picking a keyword that is grammatically correct, you can pick out relevant keyword which you can build your content around. This gives you enough “keywords” to start a campaign targeting “womens make up”.

The healthy affiliate money idea: if you understand this process you could help content developers “sharpen their axe” by providing them keywords that they can build relevant content around, some might be too busy and you could make a little extra money doing this, or better yet go one step further by using this to hone your skill to become freelance writer with the unfair advantage of providing content that would ensure visibility online.

BONUS TIPS: With every search you do in Jaaxy, it will tell you which Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) are available with the corresponding search term( ONLY for Enterprise users ), 90 domains at a time. The reality of this is that, there are a lot of awesome domains still available). .com EMD’s that people are selling for $1,000’s within reselling services.

You can try your free keyword research here and now


this is merely an overview of what Jaaxy can do. There are brainstorming (niche finding) functions, the ability to find easily where your sites are ranked in Google (what page am I on), find affiliate programs, analyse your competitions websites, create keyword lists and lots more

jaaxy is fast quick and efficient and registration is absolutely free, As someone just starting out, to someone who understands the importance of keyword research, to the power user. jaaxy has a plan you can take advantage of to grow your online business and “sharpen your axe” like Lincoln.

Jaaxy Starter = Free

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year

Choose the Jaaxy That Suits Your business here!!!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about similar tools please do leave a comment and I would get back to you. You can also ready reviews on jaaxy. There are a ton of them online.

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