Branding Youniversity – The Best “FREE” affiliate Program?


Welcome to my Branding Youniversity review. This review should have come a bit earlier, maybe sometime in 2018 when i “stumbled” upon it. Curiosity has always been a weakness of mine and i am thankful it led me to Branding Youniversity.

I stumbled upon Branding Youniversity while i was trying to build a new social media profile for my online business on twitter (@askchiadika- IFB), I got a random follow and i followed back ;). My new follower contacted me immediately and asked me to check out his pinned tweet and that i could checkout his blog If I’d like.

Mind you i was just starting out learning about affiliate marketing and paying for quantity training from my Number One Affiliate.

After years spent getting free e books on step by step guides on “how to make money online” – that never delivers as promised, by self-proclaimed “Gurus” and “Experts”, My curiosity had been doused my disappointments and i know some you can relate to that feeling of being hyped by a prospective program only to get in and be underwhelmed- it happens.

However, my numerous failures have helped me better identify between “trashy/scammy” programs and “Legit/profitable” affiliate programs before i sign up.

The Problem has always been as a starter in the affiliate world, Great value is most times PAID FOR while Great Value for FREE, not so much. So when i find Great Value for FREE, I know if I ever have to pay, I would do so it gladly. Why wouldn’t I, if it earns me money or has the potential to, then I am investing in it.

I Procrastinated for 2 months(i wish i could get that back now) before deciding to check out his blog as i was busy solely focused on the only legit way to make money online, this was a mistake on my part but after finding just one Treasure in terms of Affiliate programs and so much Trash, You could understand my fear of giving this a try.

I did check out his Blog and that was how i got introduced to Branding Youniversity and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Branding Youniversity- why the hype!?

The very first thing i noticed when i logged into Branding Youniversity is that it is UNIQUE!

Branding Youniversity is like nothing you have seen out there and it would be awhile before we see anything close.

If after Reading this review and checking it out you can tell me in the comment section an affiliate program you think rivals Branding Youniversity i would love to give it a try as my curiosity has been renewed! so feel free ad let me know other programs you would want m to check out that rivals or betters this.

Branding Youniversity is owned by Marc M. Lalonde who is a marketing genius. Why do I make such a bold claim?- because unlike most affiliate programs out there, Marc puts out a ton of free value, up front.!!!

There is so much free value on Branding YOUniversity it was a mystery to me at first as to how Marc stays Profitable. However, by putting tremendous quality value up front, It is easy to see why he is a master as generating leads.

When I opted in, I did not take a second to even think about it, I gobbled up the free courses with gusto. The amount of valuable content available for FREE has guaranteed that I will always be a part of this new Family. They converted me!

So drum roll please….As we get into the Branding YOUniversity review properly.


Name: Branding YOUniversity

Website: https://www.brandingyouniversity.school/

Price: FREE or $77 per month

Owner(s): Marc M. Lalonde

Overall Rank: 98/100


Branding YOUniversity teaches you how to brand YOURSELF or YOUR BUSINESS. Branding yourself OR your business is smart because it attracts prospects straight to YOU.

When you think Brands what comes to mind? Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz, etc. All these are big Brands who earn massively because of the power of their “BRAND”, So, once you learn how to brand yourself as an Individual or Small Business, you can expect to start earning a lot more money.

Branding YOuniversity Achieves this by Providing high quality free training courses to help Build, Brand and grow small businesses online, a great affiliate program that has tremendous value to ATTRACT leads, as once you consume the free training which is top-notch, you are very likely to upgrade to the more comprehensive paid courses(Like i have). As a Free affiliate, you still earn commissions (25%- with the value he provides this sells itself), while Paying affiliates($77 per month) earn 75% in commissions. Branding YOUniversity has great potential for creating high residual income for anyone online.


  1. Branding Youniversity is really just a big affiliate lead generation machine as everything in Branding YOUniversity is designed to heavily reward you as an affiliate. This is ingenious. Marc puts in a great deal of value into the creation of these free courses As an affiliate you simply advertise these high value free courses and you get your commissions.
  2. You Learn as You earn, Not only would you earn by growing your business with the lessons, you can be an affiliate as well.
  3. Free Sunday Webinars: This is one of the best parts of my Mondays. Yes the Webinars are recorded on Sunday but due to the Time difference, I am usually asleep when it is on but i get a mail with the link to watch the recorded version. Here is a little secret for you, every webinar is free for Four weeks and then it drops down into the “vault”, what this means is that to access those particular training you would need to pay so the earlier you get in the more FREE webinars you get to enjoy.
  4. Your own personal Blog: Once you sign up, even as a FREE AFFILIATE you get a personal functioning blog just like THIS<<<<<<<<
  5. FREE COURSES: Some FREE courses that you would be getting and what you would get are:

Content Machine :

“Content Machine” is a Free Mini-Course that demonstrates Content Creation from scratch. Watch Marc Lalonde create 12 pieces of Original Content in less than one hour.

Branding Youniversity - 2019 Review

Your Story is Your Money

“Your Story is Your Money” is a Free Mini-Course that explains the importance of having an authentic and compelling story, as well as the necessary “story components” along with an example of a successfully crafted “real-life” Story.

Twitter 1.0

Twitter 1.0 is a Free Mini-Course that provides Advanced Twitter Strategies to Generate Free Targeted Business Leads.

Twitter !.0 - Branding Youniversity

Audience Re targeting

“Audience Re targeting” is a Free Mini-Course that teaches you how to Build and Nurture your Audience with Re targeting, including the complete process for creating your re targeting pixel, adding it to your Blog, and creating your Custom Audience.

Audience retargeting - Branding Youniversity Review

My Path to a 7-Figure Income :

“My Path to a 7-Figure Income” is a Free Mini-Course that outlines the exact “treasure map” of Marc Lalonde’s 4-year journey, from Zero Dollars per year to over One Million Dollars per year, within a 4-year period.”

My Path to Seven Figure Income

Affiliate Partner Blog

Your own FREE, Custom, Affiliate, Money-Making, Branded, Lead Generating, Dynamic-Content BLOG.

Free Affiliate Blog

The Six Video Components

This “Six Video Components” Mini-Course is a Free Replay of Day One (of seven) of the Firestarter Mentorship Program, which was an Intensive 7-Day Mentorship Program that taught Students how to create a Business Auto-Lead Generation Video.

The six video component free mini course


Honestly, I could not find anything that didn’t impress me about Branding Youniversity. This is now one of the best programs that I am a part of.

Who is Branding Youniversity For?

Branding Youniversity really is for everyone as no matter where your business is you are bound to scale up if you take action now. Marc shows his process from start to finish. There is a free Course available that can help you become your own brand and create brand authority in your niche or better still brand your business if you want to shy away from the limelight while you earn.

Branding Youniversity Tools & Training

The training on branding Youniversity are easy to follow and every material you will need to put it into practice is provided after each lesson, Marc provides you with his every strategy and not the watered down version most Affiliate programs bore you with so you sign up.

Branding Youniversity Support

Once you become an affiliate, you can get support from Marc or any one of his amazing support staff, Moreover you can be a part of Branding Youniversity’s Facebook group where you can interact and ask questions from other successful affiliate at no cost!

Branding Youniversity Price

FREE(25% commission as an affiliate) OR $77(75% commission as an affiliate) a month

My Final Opinion of Branding Youniversity

My final verdict on Branding Youniversity is that you can even start earning with them without spending a dime! so this is a very amazing program.


11 thoughts on “Branding Youniversity – The Best “FREE” affiliate Program?”

  1. I love when people share such opportunities! I also had a look on Branding Youniversity’s website and it reflects everything you said in this review. You definitely convinced me!

    I also know how it feels to struggle and fail over and over again in online marketing. That’s why I’ve learned to take advantage of every single legit and quality opportunity that I find, even if sometimes, the bad experiences make me lose trust.

    Very inspiring! I will give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I never heard about this one, but after reading your review, I will certainly check it out! In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, because you have so many affiliate programs that are so bad, and they only want your money. It doesn’t seems to be like it with this one. It got me interested, so I have to thank you for sharing this review! 

  3. Branding Youniversity looks like a great place to start for anybody wanting to learn about how to brand yourself and in the end, make more profits.

    I like that they offer this on a free to try out basis, as $77 per month is quite a steep price to pay if you are not earning anything online yet.

    I also like that the webinars are recorded for those people in the world who live in different time zones, but are these webinars only for paid members or also for free members?

    Also, besides the commission structure being different and the support available, what else do paid members get that free members don’t?

    • I agree that the price is steep for anyone just starting out, it was for me also, but with the value and opportunity to market all Branding University free courses at a 25% commision rate, you can quickly see ho you earn before you decide to upgrade to being a paid member. 

      The support for both free and paid members is not the same as you would get a lot more support as a paid affiliate. as a paid affiliate you can change our blog settings and and all paid courses stay open to you including previous webinars that have dropped to the vault(which is a paid course on its own selling for $197 )

      It is important to know that Marc has said he would be increasing the paid affiliate pricing structure soon but all those who got in on the $77 pay point would only continue to pay that no matter future price increase.

  4. hi

    It is really interesting from where I stand. But I still have some few questions, you talked about the program giving the member access to create a blog, right? but I would have love if you could give more details about what kind of blog it is. Because, we no know that hosting a quality blog can lead to better ranking in search engines.

    And the webinars, are they only available once or do you get to see a replay? because sunday may not be a good day for me to be online.

    Thanks for sharing this great opportunity!

    • The blog is created Looks just like >>>” >this>>>>

      It is a standard blog where free affiliates can buy a domain and redirect to the blog and do some minor customization. The blog is professional and has new content generated daily. so you do not have to create content there, basically it stands as your landing page to promote the free courses. 

      As a paid affiliate($77 per month) however, you can edit and decide what content shows up on your blog (if you want it to rank on google, as a paid affiliate you decide what content shows, you wuld also require your own domain and not the one generated by Branding Youniversity)

      .Secondly, The webinars are available for replay in both your student sections “webinar replays” which is a free course on its own and you get an email link as a reminder. Awesome!


  5. Well said, it is so true that so many scam systems are out there flooding the Internet. In fact, overcrowding the Internet that makes people unable to differentiate between a scam and a real system that can help people out. But with reviews like this, people can easily differentiate among them. You talk about the hype in their name logo. This is so I think because people tend to be attracted to things that draw their attention. But you didn’t provide links for people who are interested. Thank you 

    • Hello Auguster, You can join from any of the links in the free training or the websites url which is up. You have to join s a student before you can be made an affiliate..

  6. Thank you for your detailed review. Your article proves that not everything online is a scam and there are legitimate programs out there if you know where to look for. Thankfully reading such reviews help us distinguish the real from the fake. Keep educating us. Thank you for sharing such an enlightening article. Maybe I will give it a try.


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