Course Review: Connecting To The World With Words

Connecting to the World with Words

Writing is such a valuable skill that can open doors for you and provide you lots of opportunities.

Writing is a part of our daily lives, from social media, trying to write the perfect IG captions, writing resumes and business plans and proposals, selling your services or products with words that help you connect to your prospective client is something that can determine how good your business is going to turn out.

Therefore knowing how to write properly is a highly sort after skill that can change your life and give you an income skill not just for your but that you can outsource to help others.

While this course is not for everyone, writing is a skill everyone uses, so if you want to improve your writing for applications, resumes, or blogging? This course is most definitely for you.

In a world where your ability to write words that sell can make you money and put you in places of opportunity, Writing has become a much more valuable and learnable skill.

You can make a life-changing income from learning how to write and writing properly.

Writing is a learnable skill ( any skill actually if you know how to learn properly)

Learning to write can help you better present your skills from personal statements to resumes to presentations at work to articles in your websites to marketing materials on your business.

Moe Odele’s Connecting to the world with words

has created a writing course titled “connecting to the world with words.”

In this review, I would be showing you a detailed overview of what the course covers and if it is the right fit for you.

This is not the first Course that Moe has put out but this would be my very first review of her course.

Go through this and even if it is not for you, You might know someone who this course can benefit.

This course promises to teach you how to connect to people through words and this can help you in a lot of ways as in this day and age “words sell.”

Moe’s personal back story of almost failing the Nigerian law school and still getting admitted to several ivy league schools for her Masters shows how much writing has done for her

She attributes this to being able to tell through “words” stories that connected with the admission committees of those schools.

She ended up going to Columbia, finishing 3 post-graduate fellowship, and teaching at Columbia for a while. All these accomplished from a “well-written statement”

“Writing Is Powerful “– Moe Adele

Writing has become a vital part of our lives as you need it to reach people especially if you have a service to sell. You need to communicate in a way that people can connect with.

As an affiliate marketer who depends on words to sell, I know how valuable this skill is as I have written a previous review.

So Let’s take apart everything you can learn from this course and the pros and cons from my perspective.

(If you love the video you can watch the Intro Video to the course here which is absolutely free).

I would be giving you a breakdown of the most important points from the video and what you can do and how you can make money passively by learning how to write “words that sell” not just you but your product or services.

Course Overview

Name: Connecting to the world with words

Course Created: January 2020

Founder: Moe Odele

Type: Online Course ( Writing )

Price: $200 full payment, of course, Installment ( 2 payments of $125/m), $500 (Full Payment for the course plus one on one sessions with Moe spread over 2 months period)

Best For: Anyone looking to earn money writing, Newbies, Professional writers looking to improve their skills in the digital marketing world, affiliate marketers, anyone looking for ways to make passive income online.

About Moe

Moe Odele is a Finance Attorney, Investor, Academic and International Business Consultant who owns and runs a law firm with her partners named “Vazi Legal”, which is focused on innovations with most of her clients being startups and entrepreneurs who are trying to save the world.

Moe is also a part of “Scale my hustle” which is a community of entrepreneurs from Africa. This according to Moe comes as a natural progression from being a start-up lawyer for 9 years now.

Scale my hustle has a reach of about 40,000plus entrepreneurs spread across Africa as of today. There is also a paid community of about 100 entrepreneurs on Scale my hustle.

Moe Odel - Connecting to the world with words

Moe is also a part of TipHub which is an early-stage investment fund tied to Vazi legal and Scale my hustle. Tiphub was founded in 2014. The idea behind Tiphub is for Africans in the diaspora. Tiphub is focused on startups that are impact-driven in education, healthcare, and wellness

Moe has a massive social media presence especially on twitter and her Newsletter #LettersfromMoe has been a huge success with has over 5000 subscribers in its first week with an 80% Open rate (which is quite impressive), and this newsletter is focused on personal development and life hacks ( I am a part of this and you should sign up here too).

Writing Resume!

Moe Odele

Moe’s writing resume is just as impressive as her career to date. From high school, she had been a part of

  • Plush magazine which was focused on environmental friendliness
  • In her University days, she made money on the side (Passive income) writing plans and proposals for student entrepreneurs
  • She worked at the Bureau of Social Services, which was tasked with making sure that all the project of the government was properly monitored. She worked as the associate editor of the newsletter interpreting surveys carried out by the agency and publishing it in news format that people could understand easily
  • Her earlier works as a lawyer was at a new Law firm in Lagos and one of the ways used to tell people what the firm was all about was through writing newsletters, of which she was the firm’s Editor.
  • While she worked as a lawyer in Nigeria, Moe had another side hustles like “ The Social Media Place” which was about helping brands translate their stories online.
  • Also, during her Masters in Columbia Law, she helped the school journal as an editor and co-authored in lots of writings with Columbia Law School and NYU
  • One of Moes writings is currently being used in the UN for investigation by several governments around the world( details… hush)
  • After her MSc at Columbia Law, she started working there with a particular body of Columbia Law school focused on sustainable investment where she wrote as well, editing newsletters and blog write-ups. She also published a couple of articles with that agency
  • She also worked with an NGO where her writings have featured at the World Bank, IMF,

This shows that Moe has done several types of writing and is well versed in this.

About The Course

Moe Odele Writing Course Review 2020

This is a breakdown of all you would learn if you decide to take this course.

Lesson One: Writing IS Hard, Let’s Simplify it.

The objectives of these lessons are:

  • Simplifying writings for you
  • How to become less afraid or less lazy
  • How to Use Storytelling in your writing

Lesson Two: Keeping It Authentic

The objectives of this lessons are to teach you on

  • Making sure your readers can connect to you
  • Maintaining Authenticity in your writings

Lesson Three: What do people care about.

The objectives of this lesson are to teach you

  • How to know what your readers care about
  • How to ensure that your readers are more engaged with your writing

Lesson Four: Business Writing

The objective of this lesson is to

  • What makes the business different and what you can do to make it right
  • Building and growing a newsletter audience for your business
  • Using content marketing and drip campaigns to grow your brand

Lesson Five: Removing Fluff from your writing

The objective of this lesson is to

  • Identify the things your readers do no need to know

Lesson Six: Moe’s 10 favorite rules on writing

The objective of this lesson is to

  • Identifying the simple rules you must know about writing
  • How to apply them
  • Rules to make your writings connect


You get certain bonuses for being a part of this course and they are:

1. 10 curated writings and materials

2. Writing worksheet to help improve your writing and keep you accountable

For an extra $390, you can get:

  • One on One coaching sessions with Moe ( Phone calls)
  • Help to outline your business objectives whether for personal or business
  • Detailed road map on how t reach your goals.
  • Tailored Help.


There are some things i really love about this course and why i highly recommend it to you if you are looking for ways to make passive income.

  • You can learn from anywhere at your own pace
  • You have access to writing materials and skills
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • the ability to have Moe mentor you for 2 months with her vast experience is something unmatch
  • Skills learned from learning how to connect with words would help you make money online as this is a highly sort after skill
  • You can pay in two installments
  • Video lessons


Asides the price of this course which some might consider a bit “expensive”, I personally think it is worth it as you can make 10x the amount you pay for this course by monetizing your skills on freelance sites or freelancing for companies.


This is a great course for you if you are looking to learn a new high-income skill that can go a long way in your journey for personal development.

PS: While I am primarily an affiliate marketer and make money of other links on this website ( at no extra cost to you), I am not marketing this course as an affiliate and do not get paid if you decide to buy this course.

I just believe it is very helpful to you in your journey to make money online and writing is a skill that is becoming highly lucrative and this course can help you become a better writer no matter your present skill levels.

you should most definitely check out.


19 thoughts on “Course Review: Connecting To The World With Words”

  1. Your review method is awesome for me. I learn a lot from it. Now I know that anyone looking to earn money writing, Newbies, Professional writers looking to improve their skills in the digital marketing world, affiliate marketers, looking for ways to make passive income online. It is for everyone like me. I also want to learn myself. I am doing practice daily but need some course like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree writing is a very important skill, I use Grammarly to get the perfect writing, but if you really want to be a great writer you need to think about what you are writing and analyse other great texts in that category. For me I think it’s very important that if you are writing something it has to fit the genre you’re writing.

  3. Dear Moe,

    I agree with you that writing is so valuable and marketable in today’s world. As a blogger and video content creator, I can confess that there are times when what I write has brought an either make or break result in the long run. Other times I get completely blank and cannot type out or write anything on paper- even though I have an idea of what I want to get written.

    I want to believe that such issues are handled in this “Connecting to the World with Words Course”. Are there some pre-qualifying skills or niche that the course requires that one must have before enrolling?

    Boniface- AndroidBix

    • Hello Boniface,

      First off, I am not MOE (lol).

      Yes, writers block is something everywriter experiences ( even the best of us – Moe recently talked about this in her new letter)

      One thing that helps me personally is doing a mindmap of hat i want to write about and doing a pomodoro to get me started.

      Other resources to deal with it is handled in the course.

  4. Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know connecting the world through words was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, A book called “learning how to learn” will really help my son to succeed in school without spending all his time studying. Is this only book that my son can use?, If no, what is another book?

  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article.

    Word is one of the most powerful tools people use to criticize or praise others. We believe its only words that connect the world, join the two souls. The words need not be said or uttered, you can connect with its power in writing or through eyes also.

    There is no other power bigger than the power of words. It can create peace and at the same time create havoc and wars in the world.

    Words give shapes and mold ideas to give actions. These are often considered more powerful than any other form of art as they are more expressive and easy in connecting.

    People often say it’s their life and they can say and do anything. But no, though it’s your life but the impact of your words can create or destroy someone’s life. So, be careful while using any words. thank you so much.!

  6. Hello! 

    Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article with us and give me a chance to discuss over the topic.

    You have posted about course review. Writing is a great skill. If one have writing skill, he should engage him in writing to earn money. Writing is a key for opening the door of success. 

    As a wealthy affiliate beginner, I know how important it is. So by getting writing courses one can earn a lot of money.

    It is a great place for freelancer. So I want to tell them to take this kind of course . it will be helpful for them.

  7. I think writing is a skill everyone should have at least. Having a good writing skill is really good this days especially if you own a website, blog or manage social media pages or official pages.

    The overall review you gave is very nice. I just visited the link on your site and I saw what they had to offer.

    I will have to study it more before I make a move. I will get back to you when I have decided. Thanks for this. 

  8. Thanks a lot for the review, I do believe writing an important skill to have but it’s also not easy to master. I am a writer myself and I’m still learning as the famous fiction author Stephen King once said: ” If you want to be a good writer read and write above all else” and learning a course is a beginning to that Journey.

    Thanks again for the in-depth review. 

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us . Writing is a part of my daily life and I like writing a lot .Writing has helped me connect with clients in other places, including social media, has helped me set things up and start businesses. That’s why I need to master writing skills properly and have helped me change my life and outsource my income skills. So I did the “Connecting the World with Words” course and I am currently successful through this course .This is a great course to start on the path to higher income skills and personal development .Personally I am an affiliate marketer and this course has helped me a lot in working in this marketplace as I gained writing skills through this course.

    Lastly, I hope that through your articles, everyone will learn about this course and will share their new experiences with you through their writing skills.

  10. I really get what you are talking about here. I failed high school English but managed to get a degree in English literature in my early thirties. I taught English in Japan and Australia and i went on to get a master’s in Linguistics. 

    Overcoming my inability to write at first was like busting through a brick wall. But once I made the breakthrough I was on my way. I was a bit like Moe.

    Now writing is what I intend to do for a living. How about do you do much writing?

    Being able to write is a very important skill to have. Everything on TV for example – well nearly all – has been written. The more you do it the better you get.

    • Hey Garry, 

      Your story is inspirational and i would love to know more about you. 

      I agree that starting is usually the hardest as you are trying to develop a new habit. 

      I do a lot of writings myself and freelance with that skill.

      I however had to develop my writing(and i am still developing) by reading better writers and writing continuously myself.

  11. This is an interesting website, which you have obviously taken time to put together

    Your about me page is informative and explains why you have put this site together.

    What is really helpful for the visitor, is that you have a getting started page. Its important to have a starting point as it helps your reader with direction and when they have to follow a path, they stay on the site longer, which shows search engines your site can be trusted and ultimately it helps with Bounce rate

    The use of Internal linking on the right hand side is good and again helps with SEO

  12. Writing is truly a very powerful tool that gets the world to listen to your voice, opinions and thoughts and visions. 

    Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. Maya Angelou these are great writers that have shaped the world in so many ways simply because they decided to put pen to paper and let the world know what they were thinking. 

    We can write to make money or just for fun but I prefer writing to make money. I am currently taking a course on how to write effectively. I do hope I get accepted to several platforms where I have planned on writing. 

    • That is awesome Sam.

      I do hope you get accepted on those freelance platforms.

      I freelance on upwork and while it is lucrative, writing the perfect profile is what gets you in or out. 

      You can read on how to get your upwork profile approved here. and how you can write the perfect proposal

  13. I will definitely sign up for Moe’s newsletter and also so I can find out more about this course. It is always good to get some newsletters before signing up so that you can see what her quality of writing is like.

    The course is expensive yes, but is a vital skill to have for anyone wanting to make money online. Can you tell me how much time the course will take to complete? Approx hours would be great.

    • Hello Michel,

      You should definitely sign up to her newsletter, you would get to know like and trust her.

      The course is self paced but can be finished in less than a week, the video lessons are less than an hour for each module.  

  14. Writing is indeed a skill that can get one such a huge income on both full time or per time basis and I love it personally. I am a writer and I would live to hone my writing skills better than they were before and that is the reason I would be buying into this course. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up


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