Fear? Not If You Use these 10 Quick fixes to generate instant confidence

10 Quick fixes to generate instant confidence

Carrying on from the last successful posts on 7 Steps to Generating Self Confidence โ€“ The Insiderโ€™s Guide to Self Confidence I had a ton of feedback from some of you asking for some quick fixes to generate instant confidence, either before a meeting, before making that cold call, before you walk up to that pretty girl you have been staring at but never quite had the confidence to talk to.

While you take your Journey of building up your confidence with those 7 easy steps from the last post, here is one you can use on the spot to generate Instant of confidence in 10 easy steps.
Does this work?

Well., so far it has made a tremendous impact in my life and in the life of a few friends who have had a go at some of it. You lose nothing by trying them out.

Why are these Quick Fixes to generating confidence necessary?

10 Quick Fixes to genrating instant confidence to make money online

If you take too long to make a decision, you keep procrastinating on the tasks you should have, you have a business that needs help to grow but you are too scared to try anything different, you are just okay with staying “comfortable” and not trying new things, this all points to a general lack of confidence, and in the previous post you saw some of what you lose as a result of not being confident in yourself.

I took a while for me to realize that i wasn’t trying to do the things i said i would not because of fear but because i lacked so much confidence in myself, i built a house of self-doubt and lived in it for two years and watched how everything i said i was going to do but made so many “excuses” not to do was being done by more confident people, Realizing this pushed me to stay stagnant thinking about what i would have done different – I spent my free time “fantasizing” of what i could have done differently and this was on a continuous loop, and guess how long i did this for, another two years so, it took me four years to realize well, i had to do something different.

Learning and Practicing These 10 easy steps gave me the start i needed to generate the momentum needed.

These steps helped me to make that “START” and starting usually is the hardest thing to do as i have come to realize, but once you do?, the momentum and subsequent benefits is out of this world,

10 quick fixes to generate instant confidence

1) Picture the Outcome of any situation in your favor:

Visualization is one key power you have that is always used, however, You can decide how you use it or let other factors like fear do. let me give you a different perspective of how visualisation works against you.

One night you are out with a bunch of friends drinking and having a good time when one of your close buddies suggests You all sky dived the next day, It is a new experience for all of you, you have always talked about it and maybe the liquid courage-alcohol or the banging music and adrenaline flowing from having such a good time is to blame but you all agree as no one wants to be chicken .

You gets home, crippled by your fear of heights,

You can’t eat that night because You are anxious,

Your night is irritable,

You finally get some shut eyes because you need to sleep and you hope one of your friends calls and cancels but no one does, unknown to you, you are not the only one Freaking out as most, if not all your friends are going through this but no one wants to back out now and be made fun of.

so you arrive bright and early the next day at the airport and Hyped! training is over and you do fake high fives, pumping and psyching each other up but deep down, you are sick to your stomach, you see and imagine all the possible things that could go wrong, you think of pulling out but decide against it

now you are all on board, you, your friends, the plane takes off, at 10,000fts, your palms are sweaty now and you are finding it hard to breathe, you try to hide this from your friends, at 15,000fts, it is time to jump, the aircraft is opened the gust of wind hitting your face reminds you of the great height you are at and all your fears come back crawling, everything that could go wrong that you have been VISULAIZING,

now it Is time to jump, you want to pull back but you have to, yoU creep to the edge very slowly, and then 3,2,1 you jump with the instructor and as it is no more in your control what happens you relax and for the very first time since you made the “stupid decision” to go skydiving , you see the world from a new view, it is beautiful, the clouds, the wind rushing past your face and for a moment you forget about all your fears.

this looks made up but really I just borrowed Will Smiths (He is kind of big deal Nollywood Black Actor) personal story about his first time skydiving.

I am sure if you look back on your life you have had instances where after the crippling fear before a decision or a new experience like riding a roller coaster, talking to someone for the very first time, and you find out what a positive experience it is soon as you start, and you realized you were “scared” for nothing, well You visualized a lot of things going wrong and it went right.

On the other side of the spectrum However is when you visualize that what you are about to try is going to go wrong so you don’t try at all or if you do you lack so much confidence in yourself that you go in half-hearted and this leads to the failure you envisioned because you didn’t give it your all.

I can hear you asking “Hey what if after all this positively bullshit, what if it does not work out well how i had visualized it?, what if i fail woefully, would this not crash my confidence??”

there is an answer for this which is on the list keep going.
2) Listening to music with deep base promotes Feelings of power.

Various studies show that the music we listen to at any time has an impact on our mood. you tend to listen to sad songs when you are feeling sad, listening to a deep base rap song(yes! i love rap!) banging and loud with a lot of energy when you work out you seem to have a lot more energy and can work out for longer periods. This also works with generating self-confidence, 10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

No matter the Music genre you are into, you can always find those deep songs and music that you can listen to get you in the right frame of mind. Go through your playlist now and create a catalog called instant confidence. I have one on my phone but i call it “favorites” because i play that every day, and it has helped me in building and generating instant confidence

3) Practice Powerful Poses:

This is also what i like to call confidence poses. The way you stand or sit or walk has a general bearing on your mood and how confident you feel. Practicing Confident poses therefore is a quick hack to generating instant confidence. When it comes to this there are dos and don’ts


– Do not fold your arms or keep them in a folded position

– Do not keep your arms closed or confined


– Always keep your arms open

– Instead of folding your hands, keep them on your waist

– Your Body should always be open

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

bonus tip: look at people around you who you see as confident and try imitating some of their body poses, you can never go wrong.


Self pep talk is something that is super easy but takes a little bit of practice on your part, but i have simplified it for you as this is supposed to be an 10 easy steps ๐Ÿ™‚ and i do not want to make it anymore complicated, however with this blueprint you can use and modify to suit the occasion as you please. For me, Everytime i Have to do something on my blog, Do something new, Connect with a prospect for the very first time, i do my self pep talk in the following format and it works wonders

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence






having this talk with myself has evolved so much so i can do it in my head or out loud when i am alone and even now as i type this i can feel the energy flowing.

You can practice this now. Think of something you want to start and give your self an affirmative pep talk and see if those juices don’t start flowing,
5) Believe in your ability to improve (Growth Mindset)

You have to believe completely in your ability to improve. I could write a whole new post on growth mindset.

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

As a child you couldn’t walk, but you tried every day, no matter how many times you fell, hurt yourself, you just tried over and over again till you became better at it and started running, this is the growth mindset we develop from an early state, even nature has the growth mindset as you do, deeply imbeded in your DNA.

Believe that you can improve, there is always room for improvement and this realization of what you are indeed capable of will give you that extra push


Carrying on from the Growth mindset, it is important you learn to “PRACTICE FAILURE”.

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

What do i mean by practicing failure?

Think of anything you have mastered, how many times did you “fail”, whether it was learning to walk, learning to ride a bike, learning a new skill online, in school, etc, You learn by failing.

The educational system where you are judged on result has wired you to become scared of failure so you are stuck, you do not want to try anything new you might fail at, i know i feel like that every time i see a new opportunity, or anytime i think about learning a new skill, Perfection is the death of Growth. While you are stuck trying to be perfect, others are doing it, and failing their way to perfection.

When i started my journey on ” How to start making money online”, I got into this awesome University, Where i was hand held and told what and what to do, even as simple as it was i wanted to be perfect and was scared to really take action, because i wanted to be perfect, This hindered my growth as i was scared to practice failure.


When i started practicing and making mistake, i found out it wasn’t so bad and i learned more from my mistakes than when thing were perfect, the amazing support i could get also means i learnt from the best and i now look forward to making new mistakes.

A very recent example was setting up my shopify store, i had bought training courses from tai Lopez, I had taken a few free training from Kevin David and I had watched almost 70% of the lesson and i could tell you right now how to set up a shopify store, how to get it SEO ready, how to do perfect product research,

However, i wouldn’t be able to convince you, I kept postponing and after my first time on a shopify account, see the whole process i had to set up seemed overwhelming, i was thinking about how to implement too any steps, then one Sunday i told myself i was going to practice each video lesson and do exactly what was done, if i failed, i would just find another way and guess what, I have my shopify store up now and i am glad, i had a couple of “failures” that made me better.

The only different between you and an expert in any field is that the expert has failed a lot more times than you, so having this at the back of your mind gives you the confidence going into any scenario that you either succeed on the first trial or fail and learn something that didn’t work,

A very great example of this can be seen in the story of Albert Einstein, You know the guy?, famous inventor and creator of the light bulb? I took him “one thousand failures” to do it, but in an interview, the never considered these as failures but rather lesson on “how not to create a light bub” Failures are the building blocks of success.


This step leads on from after you have generated enough confidence to do whatsoever you had to, now, this is the fun part, If you have gotten to this stage well, Congratulations my friend. Time to give yourself a pat of the back. Following up from step six where failure or success is defined as success, you need to reward yourself, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME.

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

After successfully setting up my shopify store, i had a few problems but that was super easy to do, i rewarded myself, i went to see a movie, okay, i planned on seeing the movie but setting it in front of me as a reward gave the confidence boost to finish up.

I used to reward myself before i start something, matter of fact we all do that sometimes, i used to say to myself, i would do A and B after I watch a few videos, watch one movie and blah bla blah. What happened was after i had done any of those, i move on to something else not related to what i was supposed to do and like that, i would have spent another 3 hours watching a series i said i was only going to watch an episode of.

This was such a problem for me when i was starting up my online business and it held me back a lot. But when i started taking these rewards and putting them in front of a task, things started getting done, i would say to myself after a blog post, i would watch a movie then i would start another task, sometimes, i get caught up in the blog post and before i know it i am 2000 words deep and cannot stop myself, it makes the reward so much more enjoyable as i have this feeling of having accomplished something!.

So take something you love and use it as a reward, you can literally get so much more accomplished, you don’t have to wait till tomorrow, you can start today, Want to make money online and don’t have the momentum, take something you love, pick a time frame, tell yourself every day for the next 90 days i would be taking these action steps for one hour and after that i would reward myself by doing this, focus and put your mind on the task every hour a day, do this for a week and you are bound to start seeing your confidence grow.

You can replicate this with short term goal you have and build up from there.


Following on from whatever happens after you have taken action and done the task you set before you, spoken to the girl you have been looking at for week, crushed that interview, exam, etc NO MATTER how it goes down, you have to create your own reality/perception of the event.

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

This does not mean you lie to yourself but rather that you tell your own version of how it was for you. It doesn’t matter how badly you did, remember, every experience or failure, is a success in one form or the other, you learned something – that worked or doesn’t,

Creating your own perception of how you did could go something like this

“I kicked ass today cause i learnt something new”

“She doesn’t want to give me her number because i am too awesome and she cannot deal with how awesome i am”

“I crushed the interview, they just can’t see how awesome i am, but next time, i would be more prepared”

Giving Yourself a different reality, helps you see things in a whole new light and doesn’t harm the confidence you have built up already especially if it is for something you have to completely and consistently fail at to be a success


it is important to write down your wins every day, This is one step you should be consistent with, because you have wins every single day. This is so important as you can always refer to the progress you have made and this would go a long way in helping you believe you can do a lot. It is simple.

10 Quick Fixes to generate instant confidence

If i could do this, which i considered hard or next to impossible starting out, then obviously you can do this also, record your growth, just how you recorded your height with your dad every other weekend growing up as a child to see how far you have come,

when you start doing this action steps in any area of your life you have been too lethargic to follow, you would start getting wins and lessons, it will happen! Trust me! as the most lethargic procrastinator i am ( yeah, i am sure i am lazier than you are and i have procrastinated a lot worse that you do) this would help get you get going and if you are consistent it would keep you growing

10) AFFIRNATIONS: Well, this works and you can read all about it here

11 thoughts on “Fear? Not If You Use these 10 Quick fixes to generate instant confidence”

  1. I’ve tried all of those stuff in the past but there’s just one thing that really helped me improve my confidence.

    Just stop caring about being confident! That’s it… The fact that you seek confidence through some practice, convinces yourself that you are not really confident and thus you can’t feel confident. It’s a vicious circle.

    Once I stopped caring about being confident, my confidence rose exponentially… Meditation helps as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great read nonetheless!

  2. Previously, I thought that standing or posing with folded arms is a pose for the boss. I was shocked to learn from here that it actually denotes the opposite, that we should stand or pose with an open arms or open body. Thanks, and starting today, I will change my usual pose. I will implement these quick fixes suggested in this article for quick confidence. By the way, I’m a public speaker, I speak for a Multi-Level Marketing company on stage.

  3. Thank you for this interesting and informative post, it has helped to inspire me and give me some new ideas about giving myself confidence.

    Self pep talk and practice failure are two things I had never come across before, I think they will be helpful ideas for me, recently I have been reading inspirational quotes and trying to use them in my own content, one favorite of mine at the moment is “Treat every failure as a stepping stone to success”.  
    However this post has given me some insights, thoughts and ideas that I’m sure will help me in my journey of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, or at least I hope to be successful. Thank you for sharing.  

  4. Confidence is a huge part of why I am struggling to succeed with my new online business that I have just started

    I can’t seem to be able to speak to people to get the help I need so I have been just reading a lot of articles online trying to find the answers I need instead of just asking someone 

    I have bit the bullet here by asking you for your help and I am shaking just writing ththis but you mention to practice failure and that is all I have experienced in my life so I have a great head start in that aspect, lol

    I don’t think I will ever be confident enough to be fully in control of what I can achieve in life but I am certainly going to take all these great points into concideration going forward with my online business and most importantly, in life 

    Thanks for the great confidence boost and I hope to be able to change my way of life with all this information 

    • hello Matthew, I have struggled through this phase and i still do at times but every once in a while i make a conscious decision to be different and little by little my confidence has grown as will yours. Glad i could be of help. 

  5. I enjoyed  reading  your  article.  I preach “believe in yourself”.  Self confidence is very crucial for success.  Most of the time  we set boundaries for ourselves, and other people believe more into  us than we do.  Never doubt yourself, set aside the what ifs.    The greatest obstacle to success is seeking perfection.  The great inventors never worry about it, hence they create and do wonderful things.  If you fear you will do nothing. I like the  emphasis on the power of music and writing.  Great article.

    All the  best,


  6. Having self-confidence is a wonderful thing and I love these practical suggestions you have made for those that are less fortunate and suffer from a lack of self-confidence. I have to battle with this some days and I must admit if needed I do use your technic about seeing a positive outcome which does help really well. I will be trying some of these other ideas too. Thanks Again ๐Ÿ™‚   

  7. Dear Chiadika,

    Thanks for the article I enjoyed it! I must say I found your article highly uplifting & educational.

    I totally agree that we need to visualize things and by visualizing we can produce great results. The example of skydiving is very helpful. Self Pep talk is a must. The way we communicate with ourselves determines the quality of our lives. The topic on “Practice Failure” is an eye-opener to me.

    The ancestor of every action is a thought. –  Ralph Waldo Emerson. What we believe will break us or it will make us.

    Currently I am reading the book, Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill in that book he talks about the importance of affirmations.

    I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this article. You have given me plenty to think about here. This article is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of!

    Much Success!


  8. One of the techniques listed here that I totally agree with is the listening to music. I find that music can change my mood in almost an instant and when I am feeling less confident and wish to have that instant confidence no matter how little it is I play some type of music that can help with this. 

    It might not work all the time but it has worked a lot for me and I have used it on several occasions.

  9. Hi! I have picked up some really useful ideas here. There is always fear when we’re in front of a big decision or have to take an important step that we have never taken before. I had never thought in your 7th point, “Reward yourself no matter what”. No matter the outcome! I’ll bear that in mind! Thanks!

  10. Wow great read! Yes its true that you have to Believe in yourself and I honestly think the Fake it till you make it works! When you come across as confident people treat you different and you start to see yourself differently! Which starts the whole process of confidence! I think teaching young kids right from the start how to fail properly is important too! Learning to be okay when you don’t win a game is important for keeping your confidence! 


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