Getting Started Online (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)

Finding a genuine legal way to make money online as a beginner takes a lot of hard work because there are so many “Scams” in the make money online market focused on scamming beginners  looking for  ways to make money online.Clickbait make money onlien

So many clickbaits promising you huge amounts money online with little or no effort seems to be the norm these days and all of them are a pile of rubbish.

Another problem you might have come across when trying to make money online and one that i have heard a lot of people close to me who are interested in starting out is “Capital”.

“I don’t have the money to start” This is one excuse that held so many others back (it held me back also)

If you can identify with one or both problems above, You need to read everything in this post as it would help to ease the first timer fears you have before you Jump in.

I would do my very best to help you not just identify and sieve out what works and what does not but also help you get started in creating a profitable online business journey in 30 mins or less with $0

In the past I have tried and failed miserably trying to start an online business, it always felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall myselfHow to make money online as a beginner.

In the beginning the whole “make money online” thing is like a puzzle you just cannot not figure out.

I wasted money time and energy jumping from one “make money online” gimmick to the other. I was jumping from one “shiny object”  to the other and as such I was never focused and never saw results.

This is the case with most people as they enter in the words of Kyle Carson, “Mass Confusion”

I am here to help you and give you a head start on your journey.

“I want to help you navigate this minefield and show you the SAFEST Part to Getting Started Online”

I had a rough start on my own journey online due to the number of scams I encountered and after a few bitter lessons that made me a skeptic and I actually took a four-year break from “trying to make money online” as it felt like a pipe dream and an 8-5 job seemed the safest option.

Day Job

I found myself however still looking for ways to make passive income after four years and after a year of having an 8-5, working and not earning enough.

I needed a new source of passive income. So I came back online and aftermy previous failings with  make money online scams, I returned with a different mindset “I was going to look for a product I could try out. Something FREE, before I paid a DIME ( I had become so risk averse) I was not going to take any chances this time around.

As you progress on this journey over time, You would learn to try for free Most products and read different reviews before you invest your time or money in it .

If it fulfills its promises you can share it with others so that they do not fall for the numerous online scams that are flying about promising little and delivering less.

This is the same approach I have taken and I would not recommend anything I am not certain of the results.

Think of this like shopping for a change in car, you go to the dealership, he shows you a couple of cars, you pick one and take it out for a “test drive” and if you like how it feels, the speed, the handle and the interior leather designs feel comfortable while you are doing just below the speed limit, you feel like this is the perfect car and you come back and make that purchase. This same process should be considered when considering any opportunity online.

This should be your Golden Rule!

” ONLY products that will give you an inside look and let you touch and feel their products before you give them even a PENNY of your own money. “

Kyle Carson ( Owner of Wealthy Affiliate)

that said, I would be going into the online blueprint for your success and what steps you would need to take to achieve success within the online world, but first I would want to ask you an honest Question.

What Has Been Your Major Stumbling Block Preventing You From Building A Profitable Business Online

This question is one i battled with and confronting it head on was the required spark i needed to stop making excuses and just get going. So i am asking you,

“What has been holding you back from starting a business online”

Is it Fear? of success or of failure?

Are you scared you would fail completely at it?

are you scared of all the “technical stuff” and big words you’ve heard around about “SEO” “Keyword research” “Building a website” I had these same fears when I started out myself.

do you think you are too old?

Too young?

Afraid to try new things?

What exactly are you scared of, what has been stopping you or helping you procrastinate?

You have heard of all the success stories and know that people are making passive income online and full incomes online that you dream of but you just wish and wish and never got started. I would love to know why(i would be in the comment sections :))

Not only will I help you with it to the best of my abilities but also it would help others who might have similar fears.

But if your fear is because you have become risk averse as a result of numerous online scams that have promised you so much and delivered nothing but frustration and anxiety, i can totally relate and that really “SUCKS”.

I know of this pain firsthand and i would make sure you never have to feel like that as i would show you a LEGITIMATE  Family online that would greatly help you online success.

In all honesty, success online comes down to avoiding “3 Simple Mistakes”, failure or success is built around just 3 basic things and nothing else.

Building A Successful Business online requires Just these 3 Things

I started my online journey in 2014 when I first got in contact with affiliate marketing (Damn I wish I read a post like this then and took action).

I failed woefully trying to make money online and lost the little money and time I invested. I quit and didn’t do anything online again to try to make money as i felt it was all scams and i didn’t know anyone personally who was doing it or willing to help. Every one just wanted to sell me a PDF on “30 things you need to make money online in 30 mins…blah blah blah”

However,since I came back and started seeing how it really works, I can see why I failed woefully my first time. So really this list should be 3 things I did wrong that YOU should not

  1. I did not have help

I find myself easily frustrated when I am stuck and if you can relate to that you also hate to do something and fail woefully at it. doing it repeatedly and failing and having no one to ask for help really makes it hopeless and nerve wrecking. Having no one to turn to can really be frustratinghelp

So how can You avoid this? Where can you get help?

I’d give you that answer in a bit

2. I did not have a website

I have had three blogs and a free website on with little pieces of contents on short stories and poetry(back when I thought I was going to be the next Dan Brown and Alan Poe rolled in one).

I had heard people made money with blogs, blogging about their “interests” and since I loved to write poems(I still do). I decided I was going to be a “blogger” but I quit after a few months.

I had to use free blogs as I didn’t know how to “Build a website” and was scared at the high prices it takes but not to worry, things are so easy now that you could have your own website up and running in a few minutes (my record is under 5 minutes, try to beat me. 🙂 )

and what’s more… It would not cost you a single penny!

Remember your Golden rule by Kyle?

” ONLY products that will give you an inside look and let you touch and feel their products before you give them even a PENNY of your own money. “

3. I did not learn properly and what little knowledge i did get i did not put to practice

On my first try, I was handicapped most by not knowing what to do and jumping in headfirst. I registered a clickbank account and on the first page, the amount of products was scary, having to know which products where performing, I did not know where to start from and I felt I could do without the courses(I could not afford them anyway).

In this world, without learning you are going to make a lot of mistakes and lose so much time and money. think of it like learning to ride a car. You had someone by you side, who was already driving and who would instruct you and help you in the very beginning to Get You Started

Having Training wheels in the form of proper guidance and education gives you a better chance at success when trying anything out for the first time.

This guidance you would be getting in 3 forms

  • Through trainings
  • Through support from someone who has done it and is still doing it
  • You get to know more than you learn, and than you practice doing it naturally.

I was worried about all the technical stuffs and big words instead of just practicing. Think of footballers and professional athletes who achieve amazing feats, they do not think of all the technical stuffs about wind speed or the physics and aerodynamics of their bodies but rather through practice and muscle memory they become so good that they go on to do these things “naturally”

This is what would happen when you get the proper training and guidance i didn’t get at first and in no time(if you put in the work and practice)

How to get started on a $0 Budget…

So far you can see a pattern in our path to success has taken shapes, you know now what to avoid and what it takes to achieve success which are:

1) the Ability to Try before we Buy(Our Golden rule)

2) In order to avoid failure including loss of time and money you need Help, a website and training

Here is what to expect when you sign up for FREE

  • My personal Help and Support
  • help from a community that wants to see you succeed as much than you do
  • Live chat support
  • Ongoing discussions
  • 2 free functional wordpress sites optimized and ready to make money online
  • Training Tutorials(Video classes, tutorials, courses and entire classrooms)

All this amazing resources for $0!!!! if this doesn’t blow your mind nothing else will. How i wish i had an opportunity like this when i started. But you do.

PS: Free Signup, No Credit card required. You would not find a better offer than this with this much value(but if you do i would love to know about it in the comment section, so i can give it a look myself)

PSS: There is a Premium upgrade however that you should consider(but this is totally left to you) that will give you access to WAY MORE resources than these.

Just choosing the “Starter, $0 per month” option grants you immediate access after you offer your sign-up details.

You can read My review of Wealthy Affiliate Here.

I would be in the comment sections to reply any and every questions you have on getting your online business rolling. I would very much love to help you. Just leave a message below and i would reply to you in less than 24 hours.

6 thoughts on “Getting Started Online (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)”

  1. Oh my, this is an incredibly in-depth description of how to make passive income on-line.  I truly felt like you have tackled just about every roadblock that we place in the way from trying something new, that would generate income. Yes, it would be scary, yes it would be hard work, yes, you do need help and yes, you should look for a product that is trustworthy and is confident enough in itself that you do not need to invest any money until you see how it works.  You really outlined what is important when you get started and I do feel like you have learned from many mistakes and are willing to share your experiences so that your readers don’t make the same mistakes. I am very interested in the Wealthy Affiliate product that you recommend and will begin investigating it further along with many other posts on your website because you really do seem to have this whole thing figured out and I can learn a lot from your experience. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hi Chiadika,

    I too was looking for ways to make money online without investment. I lost $4000+ over the period of 2008 to 2016, trying many make money online programs and products. That’s the reason I went with programs and products without investment.

    With some sites, I could make money, but I earned in pennies. It’s not worth the time I invest in (Paid to click, captcha typing, online surveys, ad posting, etc.).

    Finally, I realized the free ways and without investment, mindset won’t get me any results. Based on my experience and research, I realized that the best way to make money online is by having our own website and doing Affiliate Marketing. This business model helped 1000’s of people to earn money online.

    By GODS grace I came across Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. As you mentioned, I had a lot of things stopping me such as my past experience with scams; I am afraid of building a website (I thought building a site is rocket science), worried about investing money, etc.

    Although, I was doubtful and scared; I gave Wealthy Affiliate a try. Since December 2017, I have been working from home as a full-time affiliate marketer. It’s all because of the amazing training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. I have been in the make money online niche since 2018 and have been monetizing my site through Google adsense and I am planning on turning to media vine. Recently I just started a site that I could practice affiliate marketing in because I hear ads are the least paying way to make money online and I can do much better as an affiliate marketer. Thank you I think This is one of the best way to make money online as I’ve seen from some friends who have managed to make it big.

  4. It really is scary trying to navigate the web to find a productive website or even someone who will help you find an alternate source of income to supplement your daily job, or no job. I praise those who try and try again and move towards these goals, whether they find them or not, because they at least try. Great story.


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