How To Build Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness – Tai Lopez 12 Foundations

Do you want to be Wealthy?

Do you want to be healthy?

Do you want to experience true love and happiness?

You want all 3 in your life! dont you?

When you start out as an entrepreneur, your focus (asides providing value and helping people solve problems) is to be profitable, to make more money, In fact, that is what drives most us!

race against time

Trying to Make money fast because time waits fro no one!

but once you start trying to make money, every other aspects of your life seems to suffer for it and you end up being miserable through no fault of yours.

Ever heard the term “Money won’t solve all your problems?”

So have I and when you are broke, from a third world country, Money really seems like the answer to all your problems.

Money probems - Tai lopez 12 stepsAs such I hated when anyone said these phrase to me. especially when it was coming from someone who is making a lot of money quoting this BS.

While i was doing my Masters i couldnt wait to be done and start working and making money, as every problem i had then I had solved in my head with “If only I had more money..”

But if you take a look around you, you must have heard/read/seen some very successful people (or know some personally) who are wealthy but bitter and unhappy with every other aspects of their lives, You hear of celebrities who seem to have it made but still suffer health,Love and happiness problems.

it seems shocking to you when you hear of a millionaire who committed suicide and you say to yourself how “ungrateful” they are because they have it all (supposedly)

and then you see other who are less successful but have the four pillars of their lifes(wealth,health, Love and happiness) nailed down.

so while you got into the “hustle” to make money, with the amount of education and hard work that goes into trying to get the money, you would also be looking for a way to balance the other pillars of your life.

Unfortunately this is something You are not taught in school.

Money is great and awesome to have and to spend, but it is better when you are spending it in good health, good company, and you are happy.

You do not want a situation where you have acquired the wealth and instead of enjoying it, you are miserable with yourself,

I remember sometime in November 2018, before I got into trying to make passive income online because i felt uncomfortable and felt my problem was making more money, The first thing i was lucky enough to see was an Ad by a guy who talked about a free 5-minute mentorship program, at this point I felt a mentor was only someone you could see and touch.

I was at this point already working an 8-5 day job, after my MSc degree, but the life I imagined having was not the life I was living, at first i was satisfied and comfortable but in time, I became constantly depressed, filled with anxiety and no matter how hard I worked nothing just seemed to work right, I started this feverent search online for a way to make money and while going through a YouTube video i stumbled on that advert

So imagine my shock when this millionaire was offering to open a test group where he shares with you things he knows  that he wish he knew when he was 19! (PS: I wasn’t 19 at the time, but I felt maybe I could learn something) – I was skeptic because i had previously fallen for a lot of scams before.

The course was free for the first month but if you wanted to continue you had to pay the next month, I remember saying to myself I would cancel because one thing I said I was never going to do was buy a course online after spending so much money learning and getting a certificate in school. No sir!
School - Tai !2 Foundations of a happy LifeTraditional School

Each day, I’d receive an email with a link to the days video and I started consuming the 5-minute mentorship program daily (i downloaded them and made notes)

After the first 9 days on this so called “Mentorship” program, I as hooked, I was having “AHA moments” and realizing why i was feeling miserable, a lot of truths about why my life was in shambles kept being revealed each and every day. I realized I was at a disadvantage (even with two university degrees and a job)

If i was ever going to make it in this rat race I needed to start learning afresh. There was no one around me who was making money online at the time so i decided to go ahead with each course and started implementing new daily routines to my life, the process was slow.

I went from saying I would never buy a course to buying an E comm blueprint course by this same guy, when he opened a test group for that and the price was a third of what it is right now.

I also started investing in myself by always looking for coaches, mentors and learning from the Community.

Not Only did that teach me the value of Mentors(people who have made all the mistakes you are trying to make again) but also the value of coaches, investing in knowledge and most importantly taking action on the knowledge acquired.

In under a year I have gone from hating my day job to learning new high income skills, just from the value I got from a 5-minute mentorship program, it gave me the push needed to start investing in myself and in under a year i have learned to:

– create a website (i run 2 websites)

– help people start making passive income online

– meet new and amazing people who are on the same journey as me

– create and run my own dropshipping store

– love and enjoy my Day Job ( no more anxiety as i now have multiple streams of income)

– freelance for small businesses and get paid for providing value.

PS: I learned all these other investing in other courses and getting some amazing FREE value also.(i got result from implementing the knowledge I acquired)

and I am still investing in myself as you read.

Don’t worry this story makes sense in a bit.

The Man who started me on this journey in the “Garage Man” a.k.a Tai Lopez and it is funny the amount of negative hate and comments he gets on his YouTube videos, but like Gary V says

” Anyone who throws hate at you has it worse”

Who is tai Lopez

Tai Lopez- 12 Foundations of success

If You are Familiar With Tai Lopez (or ever used YouTube – you should have come across one of his ads- He is everywhere), you know that His story begins with him living in a trailer home, his dad in prison, and living with a single mother who never made more than $20k a month.

He chose to seek mentorship with $47 in his bank account and met a farmer and businessman named Joel Salton.

In addition to running his own wealth management agency, nightclubs, increasing online businesses such as Mentorbox, interviewing high net worth individuals such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Russell Brunson, Neil Patel and so many others.

In 2018, he realeased this amazing Course called “12 Foundations: What They Should’ve Taught Us In School About Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness!” This Course like his other courses has seen some amazing positives reviews and results.

This course is an update on his current 67 STEP Program which you can Join FREE NOW for 3 days.67 steps- tai Lopez

Number Of People who have registered for the course since its inception
You can watch testimonials of real members here

What Are the 12 Foundations?

The 12 foundations : What They Should’ve Taught Us In School About Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness!” is a program designed to educate you on twelve most important things Tai has learned from traveling the world, learning from mentors,  and his own personal experiences on Wealth, health and Love and Happiness.

This is a roapmap for you own wealth and being successful, happy and healthy

The 12 foundations cover these crucial topics in your life on:

  • How to Pick Your Career
  • How to Pick Your Social Circle
  • How to Your Daily Routine
  • Self-Selection Bias
  • Persuasion
  • The Balanced Life

These lessons are delivered in 30-60 minutes episodes which can be watched all in one day or at your own pace.

each video is filled with lessons from his personal experiences, mentors and actionable advice for you to follow.

Imagine having the knowledge gained from millions of dollars of testing and researching at your fingertips. Think about how much further ahead in life you’d be from leveraging the lessons of other successful people — instead of stressing out making avoidable mistakes.

Right now you have that option. Tai’s 12 Foundations program shares in-depth insights about what he has learned from the brightest minds and most-successful entrepreneurs in history. Each video holds nothing back.

Take action now and you’ll get core, life-improving lessons about success, launching a business, marketing, real estate investing, growing your social circle, and getting in shape.

Click Here to Join Tai’s 12 Foundations For Success


When you purchase the The 12 Foundations you get:

  • 12 Foundations Guided Online Program ($497)
  • Twice-A-Month Live Video Calls With Cutting Edge Tips ($497)
  • New Private Facebook Community Built For This Program Exclusively! ($397)
  • Everyday Price: $1,391

Your Price Today however is: $69.00 (Black friday)

Whats More…

Money back guaranteed


I would love to know if you have ever purchased any programs from Tai and if you got value from it.

PS: Click Here to Join Tai’s 12 Foundations For Success



10 thoughts on “How To Build Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness – Tai Lopez 12 Foundations”

  1. Mentorship is a very important aspect of any success line that many people did not know about sometimes it could be someone close to you or someone you see once in a while or even someone you have never met at all but you both maintain constant communication with a common aim of achieving greatness just like what is obtainable in the online mentorship today, it is important for every one to always secure the four pillars of life as described in this article which are wealth, health, love and happiness as it is the bases upon very other good things and life style depends.

  2. Wealth, health, love and happiness are the real essential need of life because if miss out from this your life may become miserable and then your passion and achievement you will become so useless to yourself on the inside, for any good success to come your way you someone to mentor you in achieving greatness 

  3. Hey Jude,

    That is quite a deal with the 12 Foundations. I think anybody who is serious about self 

    development and growth should jump on this one time opportunity before it expires.

    I have a question for you: How does one who is starting in the online industry goes about selecting  a Mentor ?

    Thank you.

    • Selecting Mentors can be in many different forms.

      It could be from books, an authority in your niche who’s videos, adios, books speak to you, basically you want to search out people who’s stories resemble yours in a way.

      Truth is, no matter what your situation is in life, someone has lived worse and survived it, it is left for you to find those “someones” 

      But I recommend Books. Books are a great place to start looking for mentors

  4. Hi, life definitely can be challenging, and we all have to go through different types of hardships and challenges. Through all of the “unfairness” of life we are expected to deal with incredibly difficult life situations and just keep a positive attitude.

    I remember watching a Navy Seal Commander during an interview saying “life is unfair, get over it”. I have never forgotten that.

    Yet it is never the life situation that makes you happy or unhappy, but what you choose to think about it.

    Unhappiness mostly comes from not being able to get what we want. We compare ourselves unfairly to others who have what we want, and then we feel unhappy.

    Never give up on your goals and fight through the “unfairness” of life and eventually you will get there.


  5. Hello!
    How interesting is the program of Tai Lopez How to build health, wealth, love and happiness.They are also attractive to me for example how to choose your career, I have a son that I would like to help. 

    When I was young I was wrong with the chosen career, I am an Industrial Engineer and I never practiced the profession. I will sign up for free for now to know better what it is and all the topics covered. 

    Thank you very much!

    • You are welcome Claudio.

      I started out the course and the first lesson on how to build a career made so much sense I did not know how I missed it.

      It is something you should definitely share with your son and he would be glad for it.

      The lessons not only teach but tell you how you can go about making a change

  6. In my own opinion, those people saying that you won’t be happy even if you have so much money are misled to believe that there’s something bad about having enough money. But that’s flawed especially if you know that money is just a tool for anyone’s purpose in life, if that person is good then money becomes a tool for doing good, and can also be used for bad purposes. One just needs to know how to handle money and how to use it for good.

    About Tai Lopez, I have heard a lot of good things about him but haven’t dig deeper beyond that. Maybe it’s now time for me to learn more about him and his courses, and honestly, I am quite intrigued by the idea that someone with only $47 in bank account was able to turn around and actually become wealthy. Thank you for mentioning him in this article, I will now be checking his lessons. It’s good to know that they’re offering huge discounts this coming Black Friday Sale but I’d like to make sure as I hate monthly recurring payments, do they charge monthly recurring payments or are we good with just a one-time investment?

    • Hello Gomer, 

      I quite agree with you that money is just a tool for anyone’s purpose in life.

      On the programs, There is no monthly recurring fee, i just started the course myself.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to The 12 Foundations.  I was not aware of this program until now.

    It’s funny, I don’t know why I didn’t think of something like this.  After all, I can’t count how many times I’ve wished that I knew then what I know now, LOL.

    Your experience has intrigued me and I think I’m going to give this program a test run to see if it’s for me.

    Thanks again,



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