How To Convince People To Buy From You – in 3 easy steps!

Howto Get people to buy from you

If you have ever tried to make a sale either face to face or online you would know that it is very difficult to get someone to buy a new product or buy into your new opportunity. Most especially when you are meeting the person for the first time.

So how do you convince people to buy from you?

How do you get them interested in your product or opportunity?

How do you help them see things from your perspective?

How to differentiate your audience and know which sales pitch would work best?

These are some problems the tips you are about to get would help you make more in your business.


Every one you come across is “risk averse” – even myself, due to the multitude of products and opportunity (both real and fake) that has saturated the market place> you could recall a time you have lost money or bought a product that did not deliver as promised, so now you have become a skeptic to every new opportunity that comes your way, this is especially through if you are in the affiliate marketing niche where you re overwhelmed with so much information which is sometimes 99% bullshit and 1% real gold.
So how do you convince your “prospective customers” to make that purchase? How do you get them as excited as you were when you saw the opportunity and bought into it. How do you convince someone that this is the right thing to do,

There are very basic mistakes you make when trying to convince your customers or people you have made contact with to buy from you, These basic mistakes are not your fault and is very easy to overlook if you don’t know them. you know that very old wise saying ” Ignorance is bliss” – well, after you get to the end of this post, you won’t be ignorant anymore but you would be blissful because now you know what the very successful marketers do and how to correct your sales pitch!



When i started my affiliate marketing journey, it took me so long to determine how i was going to go about it, i knew i wanted to become an affiliate marketer as every time i was short on cash, i quickly tried to make some quick money online and always fell on my face. I did not know what i was doing! so i quit! yes, I have quit as an affiliate for so many reasons, till I finally ran out of excuses and decided to give it my all diligently!

I “stumbled” upon a great affiliate Program, 6 months ago and at the time i was still skeptical, is this it? is this how i finally become an affiliate for real and maybe start earning from it, i was being “risk averse” as i did not want to lose money or time like i had done in the past.

This particular affiliate program had a 7 days FREE TRIAL where you had almost every resource for free without you having to put in your credit card details ( I usually forget to cancel when i sign up for free items that require a credit card detail and end up being charged before i cancel if it is not for me! I have been burnt a few too many times 🙁 )

I had read a great review that evoked all the necessary emotions in me that and pushed me to take action.

I signed up and 3 days into the training i knew i had finally hit Gold! This was it for me! This is the one perfect opportunity I have been waiting for. I made the payment and that has been one of the best decision i have made because i have learned so much and met so many amazing people and discovered some great ways to earn while i Learn.

At the time, i had a friend who had also lost a lot of money trying to make money online. i figured he was the first person i should market this to, show him the opportunity. I was super excited! i was two weeks in to my own training and was moving along nicely, most of the “technobabble” i had come across about how to become an affiliate that scared me now looked so easy to do and understand.

On a splendid Saturday morning, i called up my friend, and told him i was coming over. i had tried to convince him on the phone but I could feel he wasn’t still convinced and had lots of questions so

Well, i got to his place and after a few chit chat we got down to the business part of my coming.

I explained in details all the technical part of how he could set up a website, get it SEO certified, How he Could Create “Content”, About how to get traffic to his sites, track visitors with “google analytic” and i was so concerned with sounding “professional” and in my excitement I made it more difficult than it needed to be and i am certain you have at one point tried or still trying to get people to Use a product you recommend by using “technobabble”.

I had set up this meeting as a done deal so you can imagine my disappointment and how badly i felt after doing all that and trying to sell him, opening an account and realizing that was the last time he logged on and e never took action!

I did this two other times with other Friends and I felt so bad i almost gave up! this was 6 months ago.

I have had more failures than success trying to market anything this way, trying to impress whoever into making a purchase.

I never knew what i was doing wrong, till I did! and that made the whole difference of how i market to people

I am certain you have been in situations where you have a great product or opportunity and even for free people wouldn’t buy into it, today i would be going into the very key details you need to help you become better at sales, as an affiliate marketer or selling your product

Three Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Sales Pitch!

Your sales pitch determines how successful your chances are at convincing someone to buy from you. It does not matter what the product is!

You and I have been convinced to buy a product that we were unsure of, but ended up buying because of how good a sales pitch was.

These tips would help you better market your products or opportunity.

1) Know Your Audience:

great sales pitch

You should know who you are trying to sell,

Russell Brunson‘s in one of his Videos talks about “Hot Traffic”, “Warm Traffic” and “Cold Traffic” when it comes to your audience.

Loosely put, “Cold traffic” refers to those who know nothing about the product or opportunity you are marketing, an example of cold traffic in the affiliate niche would be anyone who has not heard about affiliate marketing before but wants to make money online.

“Warm traffic” refers to anyone who has heard of the term “affiliate marketing” knows that people are making money online as affiliate marketers, but has no idea how to become one or know that you can help

while “Hot traffic” refers to people who know about affiliate marketing, know they can make money online with it, are interested, know about your offer or your Unique affiliate program but are risk averse and need a little nudge and clarification to make the jump.

Understanding where your potential customer is in this audience hierarchy can be the key difference in making that sale or getting that person to sign up.

The Sales Pitch you would Use for someone in the Hot Traffic would be different from someone who is in the cold traffic as they both have different fears and skepticism.

2) Ignore the technobabble, Tap into Emotions: the healthy affiliate

Anytime you are about to talk to someone about an opportunity, write a product review etc, think to yourself, what made you buy in the past?

You have to know your audience well enough to do this. You cannot sell with the technobabble to someone in the cold traffic section by going into every detail of a product! you need them to ease into it!

If you tried to sell a healthy new fruit shake by convincing people of all the ingredients in it, how many people do you think would buy? just a few! Just how i tried to sell my friend on the technical aspects of Affiliate marketing and all it entails, rather than make it simple, i over complicated it and he could only see the amount of work he would have to do!

But if on the other hand you told a Story of what made you buy, the emotions behind why you Use this health Drink and why it works, you would see how interested your prospective buyers would be!

You could market the Health Drink better by saying why you started using it! Use a story that is relate able. I am not saying you should lie but really think deep about what made you start using that product!

Understanding this principle works like magic. So when next you try to make a sale, keep the technobabble at home!

You are smart and know the details yes! but your buyer doesn’t need to know all that unless they ask! then you owe it to them to explain further

3) Keep it simple

You should always keep it simple! breaking down your offer or opportunity to make it easy is the neat bow that ties these all up! The minute i see an offer or opportunity for the first time that looks or sounds difficult i stop! so do a lot of people,

so take the time to dumb your offer down so it is understood!

Now that you know some great tips to improve your Sales pitch! go out and make that Money!

15 thoughts on “How To Convince People To Buy From You – in 3 easy steps!”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for these great resources. This article will help especially for the marketer who is struggling to get enough sales. I myself have learned a lot today from this article. In my view, as a marketer, we should always have the intention to help people(our customer), if we help them by solving their problem, we will get automatically sales.

  2. Nice post!

    The part about the technobabble is so true. When you’ve been immersed in the marketing world for a long
    time you kind of forget that a lot of people don’t know any of the terms we use.

    The less confusion, the better!

  3. Exactly, knowing the audience allows you to bring them what they need. And when you bring answers to the problem of your audience, you know that you will sell. It is a way for you to guarantee your sales, you do not need to guess because you know. I think that is why market research and surveys from your audience or consumers are very important. It is what we need to do from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Great blog post here on how to get people to patronise your work. I think the tips are really great and I am currently at the level you were in when you introduced your friends to affiliate marketing. I do not think I need to introduce anyone to it yet simply because I have not started earning yet just trainings… I believe that if people can see how you’re truly Making money out of a business or the profit of a product, they’ll definitely buy into it. Thanks again, I’ll be sure to work on myself using your tips.

  5. Wow! This is rather a very great article from you and I found it to be very helpful. Seriously, I have been closed to being called a failure as a blogger and an affiliate marketer. Everything just seemed to work against me especially when I can’t record sales and I kept wasting lots of money on various campaigns and contents. The tips listed here are simple but very powerful to me, considering the fact that the goal of an affiliate is to help others by offering solutions to their problems. This is great for me and I will surely try them out. Thanks for this great info


    • Hey Rodarrick, 

      I can imagine how it feels putting your all into a business and not seeing result, but keep at it and keep learning and those things that have been working against you is bound to work for you! 

      Keep Pushing!

  6. Affiliate marketing is not an easy thing and you should know what you are doing if you want to be successful at it. It takes time, determination and lots and lots of work so anyone who thinks can make money online fast better look elsewhere. There are many variable that can determine a successful affiliate website but a very crucial one is to know your audience as it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get it will be for nothing if you don’t find the key for conversions. It will remain untapped potential.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story and your own personal experiences with sales. I can only imagine how crushed you must have felt after spending the time to share what you considered to be an excellent opportunity with a friend and having them pass it up.

    Your 3 steps to making a sale make a lot of sense to me. I will begin incorporating these steps into my own online affiliate marketing business. I appreciate the advice! Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks for the tips on getting people to buy from you… I am running an affiliate marketing blog and truth is that I am a horrible salesman. I’ve never liked sales and I’ve never liked being sold to.

    But I have to learn because I am getting no sales.

    After reading your article, I realized that I have a problem with tapping into the emotions of my audience. I have to start working form there.

  9. This is some ground breaking stuff for me. I’ve never known how to sell and the fact of the matter is, the wealthiest people in the world started in sales, so I always wanted to start but was too scared to try! This article hits home and I love all these tips.

    I’ll be tapping into emotions as much as possible because it seems this is one of the most important things. Thanks a lot, will be back for more of your stuff!


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