How To Make Money Online Working at home – Learn To (Do) MAKE MONEY ONLINE Like A Professional

Hello Friend :),

I have seen a lot of searches of people asking the age long question of “How to make Money online, Working at home”.

Is it real?

does it work?

expectations? such as. How long would It take for you to earn.

How much time do you really need to invest.

These and more questions would be answered by the time you read to the end of this post.

The reality is that in other to sell a product or service most “answers” on THIS QUESTION “How to make money online working from home” presents you with just the glamour and glitz of making money from the comfort of your home and even fewer would do you the respect of telling you what would be expected of you.

In this post, i would be brutally honest and by telling you what would determine your success or failure if indeed you want to make money online working at home.

This might sound unkind but I believe that by knowing what is expected of you, you would not fall by the wayside when you start seeing the challenges that you must encounter, because there would be lots of them. However, the rewards are real and far outweighs the challenges when you begin to get results.

i would also be giving you some tips on what to avoid and how to keep your spirits up as the initial excitements wears off and this is where your patience and persistence would be tested. I am not writing to scare you but to give you a realistic expectation of what to expect so what when you see the miracles happening in the life of others you can be sure to know that they passed through some of these struggles as well.

The Journey.

The internet is filled with so much information on “how to make money online working from home.”

However, there are too many Myths and unrealistic expectations that comes with the answers You would usually find and this leads to a lot of honest people being duped, scammed or not knowing if the business of making money online is what they should go into. I have been all of these “people” and maybe you have too but now i can show you what to expect and where and how to get help because you would need a lot of it as you build.
If you are reading this, you obviously want to earn money online and While most people are set on the destination, very few truths are told about what the journey truly entails.
First off, the real question should be?

Can you make Money Online?

YES. Most definitely, the internet is the market of the future and we are in the future.

The internet has made it easier faster possible to create multiple sources of income

You can read “My Top 9 Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners”

There are many advantages to making money online from the comfort of your home, They include:
– You become your own boss

– You work on your own time

– You are definitely going to begin making more money(if you do this right)

– A better quality of life

– Financial freedom to help our friends and family

– Fulfillment from helping other
– You acquired new and invaluable skills
– The bling$$$ and Cha Ching$ you dig?? :),

or what ever motivates you

there are so many stories of successful people who are making money online working from home but there are more people who have lost a lot of money trying to make money from home.”

read that again
Ironic right?

I have been both persons and I want to share with you all i did wrong. I do not regret the Money Lost as much as i regret the time as i can and will never get that back.

However, this should be an encouragement for you that you can start now and reduce your time to SUCCESS.
Expectations Vs The Realities of making money Online

  • First One thing about making money online is just like every legitimate business, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme as work is required, This is not an overnight thing.(even though you can make a very huge sum overnight after you have paid your dues in invested time like Jerry here who earned $40k in one night. Here is his story)
  • Secondly, You do not have to be an Expert to start. Do you remember how you learned to walk? it took time and practice, lots of encouragements from your parents, you stumbled a lot, but you Learned to walk and now run, as with every habit: good or bad, it takes repetition, practice and a will to never give up. Most importantly i must add, it requires not just help but the right type of help.
  • Thirdly, the worst myth you can buy into is that you can not do it. Well with this, no one can help you i am sorry, i said i was going to be brutally honest. Studies have shown that it is easier to learn while you are below 25 and change your life completely but after the age of 25, change is mostly enforced through some sort of “trauma” so where are you on the “change scale”? because “if you believe you cannot, you most definitely are right.” Success online or in any business starts with your MINDSET

You would require the following to Ease Your Journey into the world of making money online from the comfort of you home. PAY very close attention and promise me you would make Use of what you are about to learn to help fuel your hunger and passion. The very first thing you should ask yourself before you start on this journey, This to me is the most important and you would soon see why

  • YOUR WHY?Why do you want to make money? what motivates you? Answering this question honestly before you start your journey is the best decision you can make.

The motivation of starting something new(Your Online Business) wears off after a few days/weeks or even after the first month and then you begin to question if this is the right business for you. However, remembering YOUR WHY? helps keeps the fire burning.

You would need these to stay committed and consistent as It will be one major key facet required for your success. You must want to succeed as much as you want to breath. You can accomplish this task by taking a sheet of paper and write down WHY you want to make money online, To really achieve results with this, go somewhere quiet where you’re distraction free and allow yourself 10-15 minutes to really go deep and discover your true WHY

ask yourself the following questions and write your answers down.

– If I have a successful online business what would that do for me?
– If I’m able to have and achieve (replace with the answer from above), what will that show me about myself, or allow me to do, be or have?”

you can go deeper with more questions about your life, where you are now and where you see yourself 5-10years from now. How do you want to live the rest of your life? Who else are you doing these for? WHY YOU MUST SUCCEED?

Fifty Cent – “get rich or die trying”

BREAKING NEWS: Death is a certainty my friend, so what are you going to do with you life? be average? not have enough? ask yourself those tough questions like why do i need to earn more?

Scientists have proven that pain is to be a better motivator than pleasure that is why so many stories about people that make it online reads like a miracle where they made a decision to better there life when they are at their lowest, their WHY for success is more haunting than those with a semi comfortable life who live just to survive and i am hoping that you my friend are not one of those and even if you are, be honest with yourself, you can achieve more. Would you not like to see how far you can go life?

I would love to read some of you why’s in the comment section. πŸ™‚

  • DISCIPLINE Discipline

You would need to be disciplined

Time is your most invaluable asset when it comes to making money online ans while one to the rewards is you get to work your hours and when you want, it first you would need to learn a lot and that would require some dedication and discipline to always show up every day to build your online business. you only have 24 hours and if you do have a day job, i would not advise you quit as you would need the funds to make investments in your journey to starting up YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS.


    Studies have Shown that the average human being has a focus of 5 seconds while a gold fish has a focus of 6 seconds!!!.

    This shows you how unfocused we are becoming as a species. Learning to be focused on the tasks required of you without distractions is a major skill required if you want to make it online as there are so many distractions that would take away your time and focus.

    Most people fail because of this. They open a webinar on Their laptops and are scrolling through Facebook at the same time on their phones.

    This is not wise as you lose on both end. You should practice the at of being BORED and experience the benefits as you journey along.


      Do you remember how you learned to drive a car? You had someone who was already an expert at the wheel with you, teaching you. Most people do not make money online and end up frustrated because they believe It was not just enough reading a book Only.

      Reading is one part of the journey but to cut your learning curve and to make sure your are learning the right thing(remember we do not have eternity here on earth), you will need Mentorship and of like-minded individuals with varying degrees of success headed in the same direction as you.

      This is where 99.9percent of newbies to making money online working at home fail as they are told that they can read a book or follow a formula and figure it out by themselves.

      This is not actually the case, as you can have all the tools and not know how to use them.

      I have learned more in three months by being part of this Amazing University and attending Free Sunday Webinars FOR FREE than i have in the past 5 years of making excuses. 

      • TAKE ACTION ON WHAT YOU LEARNMake Money Online Working at Home

      DIVE IN

      You have to take action and you have to do it now,

      Procrastination stole 5 good years from me my friend :(,

      Like the saying goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree in NOW”

      so Friend,

      If you do choose to accept this mission, there would be hard days but those days are the planting seasons and there would be fruitful days when you would be glad you put in the hard work.

      It is left for you to decide? What do you want to make of the rest of your life here on earth?

      Be mediocre?

      Definitely not me!

      Till Next time. STAY AWESOME


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      1. This is such a great article I have read over today. I think this will be helpful to me. As I spend a lot of time doing nothing, I can invest my free times working at home online. In this way, I can income an amount of money which would be really helpful for me. You have encouraged me a lot. In your article, you have written down that anyone need not be an expert to income from online. I am not an expert but now I have got enough motivation from your article. It is possible for me to invest more time in this sector. I would like to join any of the online websites through which I can income.
        Will “Wealthy Affiliate” be good for me?
        Thank you.
        With regards
        Tushar πŸ™‚

        • Hello Tushar, thanks for reading through. Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start if you need my recommendation and one key benefit from wealthy affiliate is the amount of support you get once you are signed on. 

      2. This really hit home, I myself needed to find something that would keep me home with my family, but I didn’t know how, until I found out that online marketing was a way of doing it. Now I was scared of being scammed but I went ahead and saw Wealthy Affiliate! This was a great place for me to learn and grow. I recommend that WA to everybody!!!

      3. Hi Chiadika,

        Wow! What an excellent article you have written about “How to make Money online, Working at home”

        Really this is a wonderful article.I love this article very much.Firstly I was scared about this money making way from online working at home.I was looking for a proper guideline.After reading your article I have gained all the necessary information of this money making way.And all my confusions are gone.This is an awesome inspiring article.This will be very much helpful for the people.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thanks for sharing this article with us.

      4. Hey Chiadika,

        I have benefited greatly by reading your motivational reviews, as well as learning a lot about online income. Some of my friends earn online. When I heard the news of affiliate marketing and business, I searched about it on the Internet. It is true, honest ways cannot be rich overnight. Now I am also working on affiliate marketing. Thank you for your wonderful review.
        Best Regards,

      5. Wow….awesome post! I can’t deny that it was a fun ride to journey through the imagination of the writer.

        Truly, way more people lose money online, than money online. This is so because, there are a lot of fraud online, and gurus who sell ebooks or programs that don’t work.

        To be successful online, one needs to posses the right knowledge, and tons of dedication, which I have resolved to put into my business because, I don’t want to exit as a mediocre.

      6. This is an honest evaluation of an average online money seeker. Most times we crave for the result without a corresponding input and preparations. Sometimes we are wrongly or insufficiently motivated.

        In my case its not lack of motivation but lack of focus and perseverance to hold on until  fruition. Thanks for the unusual truth.


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