How To Make Money Passively Online with your interests – A beginners Inside Guide

Do you want to Make Money Passively Online (passive income)?

Of course you do why else are you here.

But you have questions.

Who wouldn’t? – with every “guru” out there promising you the world only for you to realise it is all lies.

But you have seen and read about others making money online so you know deep down in your soul that it is possible.

But how?

I felt the same way so I know how you feel about it.

I had questions like you do now.

  • How can you make money passively online so you had time to do other things?
  • What “coding” skills would you need – to build a website? 
  • What skills can you learn easily in your spare time?
  • Are you too Old to start ? – If you have another 5 years to live on earth? – You’re not.
  • You have an 8-5 Job – what time would you get to do this on the side?
  • You do not have enough Money to start – so You would need something that is low barrier, cheap to start up?
  • You are not an expert in any niche ? – so why would anyone listen?
  • Where is the best Place to start as a Beginner?
  • You have been Scammed Before. 
  • There is no One to show you what works?

In this article You will be getting answers to these questions and a Bonus for you at the Very end if you want to Start Earning Passive Income Online doin something you enjoy.


Despite the many truths and lies you must have heard and read on this topic,

I would show you That Making Money Passively Online is Alive and Active and a lot of people like you are doing it and succeeding at it.

You are free to ask me anything about these Opportunities Below and I would be more than happy to answer you personally.

What is Passive Income Online?

How To Make Money Passively OnlinePassive Income online refers to any money you earn from the internet whether you are actively working or not.

So basically, You could earn money online from work you already did while you are:

  • Asleep
  • Hanging out with Friends
  • Spending time with your Friends and Family
  • While you are spending(lol)
  • Working on another Project
  • In a Class
  • Or Doing whatever brings you Joy, Freedom and Satisfaction.

In business, the “financial experts” refers to these as “Leveraged Income” but every other internet marketer refers to it as “Passive Income”

The big difference for the argument? 

Leveraged Income – You do the work once and you get paid repeatedly for doing the work – An example is earning money (affiliate commissions) from a blog post you wrote once over a period of weeks, months and years.

Passive income –  is receiving income from assets you have created or purchased. an example is creating a course or product that works once you have made initial investment ( An affiliate blog, rental property or investing)

This doesn’t just happen on its own however as to generate Passive or Leveraged income online. You need to have done the work beforehand (Set up the Business) and you can continually earn passively from it years after you have put in the work required of you!

With Passive Income, any investments you make today, can continue to earn you money five, ten years into the future.

As opposed to getting earned income once every month, from your typical 8-to-5 job which happens only when you work.

With Passive income, you earn after doing the work needed of you but the reward is usually bigger compared to that from a typical 8 to 5.

A quick google search would show you that,

there are probably hundreds if not a thousand of ways to earn passive income online even though most of those ways are empty promises like make $30,0000 in 30 days easy. bla blah blah,

This does not mean people are not making these sums in those days, but it usually takes more time and much effort before those results begin to show.

And those results would never show if you don’t start building something for yourself.

Benefits of Passive/Leveraged Income Online

benefits of passive income online

There are many benefits to Earning Passive income online but i would be going over the key ones

1) Your can Earn 24/7 and while getting better at an interest you choose : One of the key benefits to having a Passive income is that you can to earn money online 24/7.

You do the job once – write an article, refer a product and anyone that comes across your posts any time of the day can make a purchase from your recommendations.

When you have just one source of income like – a Job where you are always thinking about the next paycheck and hardly have time for yourself, you spend your little time, alone, in fear of how long till your next paycheck, you do not have much of a social life as everything costs money, you fall Into different bouts of emotional, financial and health distress setting in.

How do i now this?- because I lived it and i know exactly how you feel.

This was what led me to start looking for how to earn passively online and it has made a lot of difference in my life.

You also get something to do when you are bored, working on an “interest” that is  productive and can make you money online passively.

“According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, boredom can be defined as ” the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest “.

Boredom is not when you have nothing to do but rather when the options available to you do not appeal to you.

Inevitably you procrastinate on those unappealing tasks and with procrastinators the motto with change is always “WHEN” rather than “RIGHT NOW”.

What if you could channel those times of looking at shoes you cant afford to buy online and learning more and writing about different shoes?

Get people who share in your interest to your website and earn money by recommending the “best shoes” and make a commision on not just the shoes but other items that they buy.


Ever been “Bored”?

I believe you have something you love to do(read, watch, learn more about) – you can build an interest around this.

You can learn high income skills, earn money passively and enjoy your interest.

Passive income allows you to spend more time with your loved ones if you decide you want quit your job.

While some might spend their free time trolling online, switching from one tv show to another or just complaining about everything you can use the time to learn more about your interest and build a business that would make you passive income online.

You can think of some pretty amazing stuff you could do with extra money and the skills you would learn to monetise.

2) Unbelievable Earning Potential – You eat what you kill!

Unlike Active Income where your earning Potential Is determined by a boss, with passive Income there are no earning limitations or limits.

This means that you are in charge of the result you get! you can earn as little as $10 a month or as much as $10,000 a month depending on YOU!

It all depends on the amount of Work, effort and Dedication you are willing to put in and it doesn’t happen automatically.

You can patiently work on a side income and build it over years.

You would be amazed at how much you can do just spending two hours daily.

3) Live Wherever and Travel the World!

If you have a dreams of traveling the world and enjoying the different cultures, cuisines and people, Passive Income is one way to achieve this goal.

If you Follow my Friend and Mentor Roope’s YouTube Channel, You would notice He has been Traveling all around the World while Making Money online.

Being Able to Earn Passively Online is how he went for 0 to making over $3000 in a single day!

If you love to explore new places, new people and engage with new Faces! This is perfect for you!

4) You get to Serve the Most People:

Working a 9-5 job or an active job most times restricts you to the amount of people you can Help.

Any Business Opportunity Online Opens up new Opportunities for you to reach a wider Audience.

In The past, You could only offer help or market yourself to your immediate circle but the Internet has changed all that and given you the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

However, You could earn Large Passive Income online Even If you are Providing Value for just few people who would pay highly ( High Ticket Items) It happens but not as much as providing for a greater audience.

5) Flexibility

What is Flexibility to you?

To me, Flexibility is the ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want and not have to worry about it,

This means I can work late knowing I could sleep in, I can decide to take a holiday when i have to, visit a new city, and not have to answer to anyone as my time belongs to me. This is something you cannot get with a regular 9-5 job.

Passive Income Online – Is it for Everyone?

Yes, Passive Income Online is for everyone,

If you read These amazing testimonials, You would find different People from different age brackets with similar or worse situations than you who have made $10,000/month in passive income online

Passive Income Online – Am I too Old to start?

No! You can start anytime and be a success if you decide to start earning Passively online.

People who are making huge Successes Online cut across all ages and it doesn’t matter where you start from or when you start, what matters most is that You decide to start.




Passive Income Online – I have a Job(No Time)?

I started earning money online passively while working an  8 – 6 job every day and even on Saturdays, and you can do it too. It is a side hobbie something you do in your free time.

That is why it is important your build any passive income make money online opportunity around something you like doing that can serve a lot of people.

You can think of some fun activities you do that takes your time,

I like to read – novels, self help books and i enjoy the idea of making money online and paid ads, so now I spend some of my free time doing.

I reduced the amount of time I spent on Social Media and dedicated an hour a day, It takes time and practice. Most importantly it takes consistency,

Start by carving out an Hour each day or 30 minutes. Whatever works for you.

Just start!

Passive Income Online – I do not have enough Money to start?

So many people have been held back by this very same reason, and it held me back for 4 years.

I tried to do it on my own and quit.

It is wrong to dwell on ” I wish I took action then but I was not opportuned to the free opportunity that finally propelled me into the massive actions I have been taking and how much I have improved as a result!

For Absolutely NOTHING! No Credit Card Required, You can have a Free Account and start your own Journey to generating passive income online.

Passive Income Online – I am not an expert?

No one starts out an expert in anything.

You learned to walk/run because you trained for it by crawling, falling over and over again till you learned to run,

You learned to Drive by watching other Successful more accomplished drivers to teach you or maybe like me you tried to do things on your own and Crashed the car the first time! still did not stop you or I from Learning how to Drive.

So the expert you see today, started as clueless as you are about to.

Passive Income Online – How Long Before you can start earning?

Depends On What strategy you pick and how long you put into learning and practicing but you could get results from 1-12 months before your first income arrives

How much Can You Earn ?

The earning potential is Limitless as the Most successful people earning online Make Millions from it – but you should set your sights on goals easier to reach and build your way up..

Passive Income Online – Where is the best Place to start as a Beginner?

When it comes to Passive Income Online, There are different Strategies that have remained popular and grown tremendously throughout the years.

You must have come across most of them

– Affiliate Marketing

– YouTube Videos

– Website Ads

– Social Media Marketing

– Investing ( Dividends + Capital Gains )

– Trading

As you can see, there are Lots of ways to earn Passive income online and I would be sharing MY #1 Recommendation with you and the best Resources

#1 Recommendation: Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to make money passively online if you are starting with little or no money.

If you do not know what this business model is about, simply put, it means that as an affiliate marketer you earn money by promoting others peoples products.

You already do that when you recommend products you use to your friends or tell a friend about a good book you read or the amazing perfume vendor you recommend to a colleague.

This business Model is best for beginners and I like it for the following reasons:

= Easy Startup – You do not need an overhead spend or to own any product you market

= NO Investment Capital Unlike Most brick and Mortal (Physical Businesses), You do not need any start up capital to get going

= You would not just earn but also help people in earning money

= There is an awesome Step-by-step training that takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need to make money online with Affiliate marketing.

= Limitless Earning Opportunity

= Multiple income streams as you can promote (and do) whatever you want

passive Income online for beginners affiliate marketing


Where you can start Making money online Passively as a Beginner ?

If You’re starting out, you might not have the money to invest in my own education. so you have to pick just one platfrom where you can learn everything and have all the help you need.

I was lucky enough to see one that offered a free trial and on the 3rd day I realised this is what i have been looking for.

If you want to take this journey, I advice you do the same, This removes the risk of getting “stuck” on the “I don’t have enough money” excuse or “I’ll start when i have enough money” .

The platform that gave me this opportunity to build an online business where i can make money passively online from is..
My #1 Recommended Strategy For Beginners waning to earn Passively Online is Wealthy Affiliate Because:
  • It is FREE to get Started! ( No Credit Card required ) – On a side note, You should be wary when subscribing for free stuffs where your card details are required till you are sure of the product and that you want to buy. I have registered for Products free trial that i ended up not buying but got charged because i forgot to cancel my subscription, Some Programs count on the fact that you will not cancel ( again i learned the hard way) and you would get charged.
  • Step-by-step training and assignments to make you succeed
  • You are not alone as you would have my 1-on-1 Support to succeed
  • +1,700,000 active community members help you to make money online
  • Thousands of members have gone from $0 to earning a full-time income.

However, If you like the Life you are living and don’t need to make money passively online, it is Okay.

But if you want to change, You have to do something differently!

I would be in the comment sections to answer any and every Question You have!


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