How To Market With Twitter – become an influencer in any niche in Four Easy Steps!

How To Market With Twitter - Twitter 1.0 - Free CourseTwitter 1.0.

How To Market on the internet With Twitter – Twitter Ninja!

As an Online business owner – either in e-commerce or affiliate marketing, the life blood of your business depends on connecting with new people daily to generate leads or make sales.

You need people to SEE, HEAR AND CONNECT WITH you or Your Product or Your Brand!

But how do you do this when you are just starting out? how do you go from “newbie to influencer” in your chosen niche without having to spend your money paying someone else to market your product for you? and most importantly, how do you gather a following of people in your niche who are already buying similar products to yours who you can advertise to and make sales to?

You have an incredible offer or product or message that you need to share with the world, but you are not gifted in the act of going “viral”, you do not have enough social media presence where you can market your product etc

These are some major problems that i faced starting out my blog, i had built my website and had it SEO worthy with no coding capabilities thanks to this Awesome Community I am a part of.

In trying to promote my content i started looking at how i could get a following on social media (Twitter to be precise) and  not just of “anybody” (as most “influencers” do) but “of people who are willing to buy” or whose interest aligns with mine ( which very few “influencer$” have mastered the art ).

Some “Influencers” stumbled upon this secret and have used it to grow their following, some intentionally, others by chance but still, if you take notice, you would discover that there are “influencer$” yes the “$” sign is not a typo and there are “influencers” – large following just for the hell of it ( to seek validation maybe).

The different between both influencers is while some have a huge number of followers and have learnt the act or creating “viral” tweets that blow and place adverts there, others do the “follow for a follow back” and with a follower or 10k plus never get any engagement or generate sales. which is tragic!

when I see the number of followers a twitter accounts has, as an online marketer what comes to my mind immediately is Traffic! how much traffic i can generate to my website or funnels or product if i had this audience, How many people an i help, how many sales can i get by tapping into a particular audience etc.

Lets do the maths, How many sales would you make if i had four thousand followers every week on twitter and these are not just empty account but customers that would be interested in what i was selling.

Following Pareto 80/20 principle, if 20percemt of those 4k followers should buy your product or service, that is about 800 sales per week!, doesn’t sound like much but when you are starting out it is free audience.

When i took this course, i didn’t implement it for a month as i still did not feel it was something i would be able to. I have a personal twitter account of over 2 years  and i have a folloing of  260 as at the time of this post, so i did not believe the twitter training would work but as i went through the lesson which is super easy to follow as you are shown steps by steps, i opened a twitter account solely for my business and decided to try it out. See if the training really worked and the results i have been getting has been mind blowing,

In less than a month of half heartedly implementing what i have learnt in this course without having to pay anyone a dime, i have more than a 1000 followers and most of them are in my niche. Half heatedly in the sense that i wasn’t doing what i was supposed to daily, i was following 60% of the training and getting more results than anticipated.

What’s more, i got to connect with new people in my niche, even important influencers in my niche who i got to talking to and i even got a bonus of meeting a mentor who has given me access to some great training materials that’s worth so much.

The trainings are so easy to follow  because Marc not only trains but shares the training materials with you so it is as easy as copy and paste!

I am not a social media person and as i rarely get time to engage but when i got into affiliate marketing, i realized i had to start leveraging this social platforms and that is how i stumbled now this lesson i want to share with you as it has done so much for me and i am hoping when you go through and decide to take action now it, it does so much for you as well. It is up to you to decide if you want to grow your business and if you do not.

Why would you want to market your product on twitter?

Instagram and Facebook are huge social media platforms and they keep growing but so has twitter, twitter has more active users who engage and has fewer restrictions when it comes to meeting new people. However, here are some infograghics now twitter usage statistics

  • 500 millions tweets are sent round the world each day at 5787 tweets per second!
  • 326 million people use twitter every month
  • 9% more people are using twitter now a daily basis
  • 24% of US adults use Twitter- Of those adults, Twitter users tend to skew urban, educated, and higher-income.
  • 75% of Business-2-Business(B2B) businesses market now Twitter & 65% of B2C businesses are marketing there. That means Twitter outranks YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapshot.
  • Twitter posted a 50% increase in ad engagements between October 2017 and 2018
  • Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads during live events – More effective at “stimulating mental engagement,” to be precise. (And 9 percent better at memory encoding). This is according to a NeuroInsight study that also found people spend 4 percent more time now Twitter during a live event than they would normally.
  • 40% of users say they’ve made a purchase because of an influencer’s tweet.

stats according to hoot suites

I did not know about these numbers and these are just statistics and don’t matter to me or maybe they do a little bit but i didn’t know all these before i took the course and started seeing results instantly

Name: TWITTER 1.0

Website: www.brandingyouniversity.com

Price: Currently FREE

Owners: Marc M. Lalonde

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

TWITTER 1.0 Overview

A general overview of what the product is.

  • Welcome to Twitter 1.0
  • Twitter 1.0 Introduction and Overview

⭐️ Module 1: Your Perfect Twitter Profile

⭐️ Module 2: Getting New Daily Followers

⭐️ Module 3: Your Tweeting Strategy

  • Tweet Sheet Download

⭐️ Module 4: Connecting with New Prospects

  • DM (Direct Message) Scripts

⭐️ Conclusion

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1) It is easy to follow through and get result.

2) It is transparent and as such you know everything that was used in the training. now hidden “gems”

3) It is completely FREE for now!! I will not be surprised if Marc decided to make this a paid course and charge $197 for it. It is that amazing

4) You get to meet and connect with more amazing people in your niche who you can provide help to and who would do the same for you.

The Bad:

1) you have to be dedicated and be ready to start interacting with a lot more people, this isn’t such a bad thing but it takes some time getting used to have people come to you for direction

2) It is time-consuming having to do it all manually, but this whole process can be automated. Marc’s thinks of everything doesn’t he! so if you want this automated you can purchase it here at a great discount ( Limited time Offer so if you are jumping in, do not wait till tomorrow)

16 thoughts on “How To Market With Twitter – become an influencer in any niche in Four Easy Steps!”

  1. Other than being time consuming there are so many good and valid reasons to market effectively on Twitter. You have done an excellent job of presenting the ways to go about this in the most efficient way. Thanks so much for these valuable ideas.

  2. Thanks Chiadika, I have a twitter account but I never knew what to do with it or how beneficial it could be to me until I read your post. I am very interested in this course. More so that it’s still free. What do you mean by automated and how does this automated version work. I would like to know because I will not have the time to do it manually. 

    • Hello Juliet! i am glad you are interested in taking this course and you would reap great rewards doing it. 

      Automation simply means you do in bulk most of the daily steps you would manually do one by one, You can have automated messaged of your choice sent to anyone who follows you back immediately.

      You can Use automation to “hijack” twitter followers of any influencer in your niche also. 

  3. It has been my intention to get moving with Twitter for sometime, this is probably the kick that I needed, couple it some training that I have just been asked to do, then realise that I must do it, so it will be on the to do pad when I complete this.

    Found your review to be most helpful, full of very interesting facts, love the way that you have laid out the modules, they make so  much sense.  In fact could just take a little look later.

    Many thanks for this excellent article,


  4. Well, this seems like a worthy bit of some bucks but I must say, it would be very challenging and hectic to get things running and on the right path. Considering the fact that I have to engage them manually and be 200% active is rather not so funny. But I really wish I would be able to do it especially since I’m guaranteed of a sure success if I followed the guide well. My twitter page is growing pretty well already, I will chip in more efforts.

  5. Thank you so much for providing this truly invaluable information!  I knew that I should be using Twitter to drive business to my site but, frankly, it just seemed like too much effort.  Going through even the stats you gave it makes total sense and it made me realize how much I am missing out on.

    I am truly impressed with the level of automation provided although I’m sure that effort is also required.  However, everything worth doing is going to take some effort!  I know that I will be trying out this training.

    Just to confirm, you mentioned that this training is FREE?!?!  Is it just a trial period or is it totally free?

    Again, thank you for such a great article!

  6. What a great find and it is something I’ll definitely be looking into once I’ve finished with the online training I’m doing at the moment. 

    My social media skills and usage are seriously lacking and this is something I need to work very hard at to keep up with the game, never mind stay ahead of it. 

    It’s great that there is a free membership too.

    I get very frustrated with Facebook because even when you’ve engaged with someone and they’ve consented to you sending them information on your business, or even if they’ve asked you for it first, Facebook often treat it as spam. In that respect, Twitter could be the way forward as they seem a bit more sensible. 

    This course looks like the next thing on my ‘to do’ list – thanks for the great info!



    • You are right about facebook Richard! I have had similar problems and heard alot of people complain about it too. 

      You are welcome and i hope it serves you greatly as it has done for me!

  7. This course really sounds interesting but very challenging for someone like me.

    I have a twitter account I used to operate for a while with a few hundred followers, but time and pressure made it difficult to keep up with it.

    I like the idea of automation, but I didn’t really get exactly how it works.

    If I buy into the use of automation, does that mean everything will be handled for me?

    I mean will that also take care of the aspect of following and follow back and send out my tweets too?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • before buying into the automation, you would have to go through the manual process of setting up your perfect twitter profile to look as professional as possible from Module one.

      the automation would take the aspect of following and unfollowing those that do not follow you back after a certain number of days. 

      the automation will help send out all your tweets which you can program in less than 15 minutes and set how many tweets you want sent out and what time and the tweets are sent out.

      I hope that was helpful

  8. This was indeed a timely find. After reading an article recently Ii was introduced to a program that ‘had a look’ at your site and gave recommendations in regard to which areas could do with improvement. Always good when that happens, sort of. One of my major failings, with consistent scores of zero out of ten, was social media. So it is  now my task to look into ways I can improve that current trend. 

    I have a personal Twitter account but have never really utilised it. If I remember, I will ‘tweet’ one of my posts and that’s if I actually remind myself to do it. Otherwise it just sits there unused. I think I have about twenty followers. There is room for vast improvement and it looks like Twitter 1.0 might be the way to do it. I am concerned at the time factor but I will have a proper appraisal and go from there. Automation might be the way to go depending on cost.  

    Still, if we don’t try these things, then we only have ourselves to blame when we have no success.


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