How To Sell Your Own Products Online For Free in 3 Simple Steps (FREE WEBSITE)

Hey There, Before you go any further. I am going t be completely honest with you,

I have never created a product to sell,How To Sell Your Own Products Online For Free in 3 Simple Steps

But one thing i do know how to do and have continued to train myself over the years in on “How To Sell ”

I make money by selling other peoples product ( Physical & Digital ) online as suck at face to face sales even though i am tryong y best to work on it.

You on the other hand have the gift of creating amazingly unique Products and be looking for a way to sell your product as a Brand and be behind the scene without much funfare and “celebrity” life style,

It is totally possible in this day and age and i would be showing you how you can achieve that.

Over the past couple of months I have been marketing and selling (as an affiliate) different products and personally helping people do the same to great success, not by being a genius or inventing something new and shimy. No sir!

But my remodelling “Success” or what other successful businesses arre doing and replicating the same formula.

Why should you waste time reinventing a wheel that works?

Your creativity would come as you are unique in your own way and your uniqueness might be the growth that sparks of your own exponential success.

In this day, Selling You product Online has never been so easy as there are millions of people just like YOU who are doing it every single day, People of all ages, different background and even those with less than you have changed their story by using the same tried and trusted formula to sell, brand and market themselves.

But what if you are like me and you do not know how to create a Product?

How To Sell Your Own Products Online For Free in 3 Simple Steps

There is an even better market for you as i have come to realise as you can sell other peoples products with no overhead cost and still make lots of money from doing just that.

No overhead, just by being a link between the owner of the product and the buyer thereby making a nice commision

This business model is best for people looking to start selling any product online without capital.




Why is everyone selling their products online nowadays?

Even brick and mortar businesses are beginning to sell their products online or create a way to sell their products online.

When you have a great product that can help better the life, living conditions or solve a problem for someone, it doesnt help that in this modern day, you audience would be just those around you.

Why should you be limited to just a geographic location when your product can be bought by anyone,


You products might not be physical as digital products too (ebooks, digital courses) are selling like crazy. So you could sell that particular skill you are good at also as a product if you believe it helps solve a problem

Anywhere in the world right now there are peole who would pay the cost to have your amazing products/Services shipped over seas and Valleys to them without having to meet you.

as anytime we have a problem the first place we look for answers is online

there no need to spend money investing on billboards anymore or paying to advertise on newspapers.

so how do you cut out the “middle man” who in this case is your geographic limitation and connect with an ENGAGED audience that already has their credit card out and are looking to buy your Product?

You can.

That is the opportunity the Internet provides you, and I am personally going to show you how to do these without spending time wasting your money on adverts or billboards just to get a bunch of people too busy looking at their phones to care a bit.

You are here for the sole purpose of learning how to sell your product online to a larger audience , YOU want to get exposure to your Unique Product,Talent etc and you want to earn money selling yourself ( get your mind out the gutter).

While I know you have a great product and i wont sell it for you(Unless of course you want me to ), but what i would show you how in THREE simple steps how you can take to get exposure to your Product/talent and then I am going to give you some insight into how YOU can sell online.

THREE Simple Steps to Selling Your Products Online

Step 1: Give Your Product a Home online (A Website/blog/socialmedia)

Just how you would have a store for your brick and mortar business, selling your products online requires you to have a “store” online. In this case, Your “store” or the home for your product could either be a website or a blog.

here is the beauty of an online “Store” or website. while your brick and mortar business has to close and open at a particular time, your online store is open 24/7, 365 days of the year so you could be making a sale even while you are asleep.

A website/blog also allows you to engage people in your product, get and give feedbacks on your products in general (whatever you interests may be), and in doing so you can build yourself as an authoritative brand in your area of expertise online.

and while people trust people they can see, creating a brand has the same effect, as coca cola is trusted around the world even though it is not a person.

A website usually costs $14 dollars on average for a year minus the price to host but You can actually get some really awesome websites completely FREE (plus hosting) these days through services like SiteRubix.com.

In less than 10 minutes, you can have a website that looks like this or even better, get it up and running and start selling your products/Brand to the world without having any coding or technical experience.

Its that Simple!

You can create a fully functioning website NOW, and get it up and running for free.

Websites created on the SiteRubix.com platform are fully functional website which gives you the added bonus of granting access to Wealthy Affiliate,

Wealthy Affilliate is a community that will train you and help you Sell your amazing products online while providing all the resources you need to succeed in one place.

You can go ahead and Build your very first websites in 3 easy steps now!

1) chose a domain name

2) Insert in the Siterubix website tool builder to below to see it it is available

3) Take her for a spin

Or you can go directly to the SiteRubix.com website and start building your AWESOME website

Step 2: Getting Traffic to Your Online Store(Website/Blog)

Website Traffic

You can have the best website/Blog/Socia Media presence in the world but without getting people to see it, you have little or no chance of selling your products online.

Just how in a a brick a mortar business is positioned in a strategic location to get more people to see and notice you and you might go as far as taking magazine spaces to advertise your businesss, similar principles apply online, but online it costs less money and brings you greater reward and you can reach a larger audience

there are different ways to get traffic(People) to your website.

1) Paid advertisements which is similar to a billboard or an advert space in a magazine but done right online you have the ability to target people who are actually looking for the particular product you are selling, and with the power or faceboook pixel and look alike audience, you are given a greater reach to who see your product! You can get trained on these at Wealthy Affiliate,

2) Free Organinc traffic : which is free as Search Engines(Gooogle, Bing, Yahoo) show your product and brand to the world as they get to know your store(website) better and better and you begin to rank high in search results(SERP)

You can learn and utilise any of these two methods to generate traffic to your website as without traffic (people), you have no business. and Wealthy Affiliate would teach you how to effectively do this.

The Internet is built to get you and your product exposure Online!

Statistic Alert: There are more than 7 BILLION people in the world with 1/3 of that population with access to the internet so you have more than 2 billion possible customers. surely this puts the odds mightily in your favour

This shows the sort of potential your product would have online.

Your product will get amazing exposure online in a way that no Store no matter how strategivcally positioned would ever offer you.

“Your website is going to be your foundation for selling, your traffic is going to be the audience that buys” – Kyle Carson

How do you You get training on getting traffic to your online store?

Setting-up YOU FREE website from Step 1, grants you access to Wealthy Affiliate. This is my recommended community where you are going to get this trainings and so much more (included with your website).

However if you already have a webiste and want to leran the two different ways to generate traffic( free to get going – No credit card details required), you can sign-up directly to the WealthyAffiliate.com website.

Step 3: Keeping Your Online Art Business Progressing (Getting Help When You Need it)

Imagine having the most successful experts within the online world at your service whenever you need help.

That is what Wealthy Affiliate provides you as you get a chance to meet, network and even ask help from very successful marketers in the onine world who have done it all and are breaking records while also reaching out to help you.

I have gotten help from very successful Wealthy Affiliate members like Roope Kiuttu who has an Email Marketing course out now, Normally i would be paying thousands of dollars as his time is important to him.

These and some amazing perks awaits you in the Onine world if you decide to grow your business exponentially.

If you have help 24/7/365 with your online business, everything from getting traffic to your website, to building your actual site, if you need help there will be someone there within the community to lend you a hand.

Got Questions About Selling Your product/Brand?Services Online?

If uyou have ever considered starting a bussiness online but didnt i would love to know why?

in the comment area below. Tell me something that has stopped you. I am here to help you out and I would love nothing more than to help you get up and running with the online world and help you create a successful (and profitable) campaign for selling your product online.

I look forward to helping you on YOUR Journey to Selling Yourself successfully Online!




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