How To Wake Up Early In The Morning – And Stay awake!

How To Wake Up In The Morning - And Stay Awake!

“Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle… when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

~ Author Unknown

You must have heard this quote or a similar quote relating to waking up early and doing more with your day, But you and I know how difficult it is to develop this habit.

In fact, You do not have a problem waking up early, as an alarm clock can do that but it is waking up when your alarm rings and not hitting the snooze button for that extra 5 minutes that usually turns into 1 extra hour.

Typically it goes like this:

You wake up to the sound of your alarm as it goes off,

Just when your sleep is getting very interesting and you feel around with your hand till you can reach your phone and hit snooze button.

You want another 5 minutes of sleep and you would get up and get ready you say to yourself.

You sleep past the second alarm and when you wake up again, You’re almost late!!!

now comes the panic rush out of bed, bath, brush and hurrying to catch up with your day.

You moan about how pissed you are at yourself and say you’d do better tomorrow.

It is another day you don’t start right and you go through your mornings in a rush and maybe go for your first meeting of the day late or almost.

Tomorrow you’d try again but tomorrow, it is the same exact scenario.

If this seems like you, then it’s okay. Because every I suffer from the same syndrome – The Snooze Button of hell!.

The “extra 5 minutes” syndrome. Whatever you like to call it.

I love my mornings now because I have discovered that I am more productive and can focus on the tasks i need to do when i wake up early ( no snooze buttons) and just get my day started off right.

Anytime I start my day right, I usually have a splendid and more productive day.

And I realized I had to be more consistent, so I started reading about the benefits of waking up early and trying new hacks that would help me stay awake once I hear my alarm.

As a matter of fact, I have found some ways to make sure I get out of bed in the morning once I hear my alarm ring and reading about sleep cycles and realizing that the “extra” five minutes – 30 minutes of sleep i enjoy so much is actually useless and unproductive.

I studied myself and now I have an idea of what works and I want to share this hack with you if you are interested in learning, growing and.becoming more successful.

What in it for you?

Before you go to bed, you set your alarm because you have plans you would want to accomplish.

10 benefits of waking up early

Maybe you have read about morning routines being a key to your productivity, especially if you are trying to work out more, be more productive, have a side hustle you are invested in while having a full time job.

These few hacks would help you not only wake up when you want to but also make sure you stay awake and you are not tempted to hit the snooze button.

Top 3 hacks to being a better morning person

1) Your tomorrow starts today – Make a Plan.


The very first thing you should know is that your tomorrow starts today, meaning if you want to have a great morning tomorrow, it usually starts with how you prepare for it the night before.

One key thing to do a night before is to make a “plan”. Seems easy but yet only about 1% of the population actually does this.

I learned this from taking an online course on productivity and while it seemed difficult at first, I found out that it helped as my mind already had things lined up for tomorrow that is exciting to me so i have to wake up and stay awake.

Planing my morning goes something like this. Wake up 5.15am, Pray, Meditate, Exercise, Mantra and I write.

This is the biggest part of my mornings and after that i go to my day job where i am more productive as i am already fired up and have my day started.

So when you plan your day you should put tasks that gets you excited to get out of bed, having this in front of your mind is an extra motivation, as you mind has something to look forward to.

2) Sleep early:

Sleep Early” Early to bed, early to rise

Makes a man, healthy and wise “ – Benjamin Franklin

The adult human body needs about 6 -7 hours of sleep to be productive and while it is counter-intuitive to what many self help “gurus” preach, I recently learned from research that the most productive people sleep between 6-7 hours a day and your peak productivity is improved when you have enough rest as this would enable you stay fresh.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, discovered that some people have a gene that enables them to function well on 6 hours of sleep a night.

This gene, however, is very rare, appearing in less than 3% of the population. For the other 97% of us, six hours doesn’t come close to cutting it.

Average Sleep Needs by Age
Age Hours Needed May be appropriate
Newborn to 3 months old 14 – 17 hrs 11 – 19 hrs
4 to 11 months old 12 – 15 hrs 10 – 18 hrs
1 to 2 years old 11 – 14 hrs 9 – 16 hrs
3 to 5 years old 10 – 13 hrs 8 – 14 hrs
6 to 13 years old 9 – 11 hrs 7 – 12 hrs
14 to 17 years old 8 – 10 hrs 7 – 11 hrs
Young adults (18 to 25 years old) 7 – 9 hrs 6 – 11 hrs
Adults (26 to 64 years old) 7 – 9 hrs 6 – 10 hrs
Older adults (65+) 7 – 8 hrs 5 – 9 hrs
Source: National Sleep Foundation

You can read more on some interesting myths and facts about sleep here

3. Drink a full glass of water: Drinking a full glass of water

When I wake up in the morning, I am usually not that excited to get out of bed because i want that “extra” 5 minutes of sleep,

Even though I know that five minutes can turn to 30 minutes or an hour, I am usually in a hurry to go back to bed.

So i started drinking one full glass of water once I woke up and this helped me Stay Awake.

Before going to bed, i have a full glass of water waiting for me on the table and when I wake up my first thoughts are to have a glass of room temp water.

This is not only healthy but wakes up your whole body.

When I drink water I feel refreshed and can stay awake.

Every other morning routine follows from here so while I do not write it down in my plans, my mornings usually go like this : water – pray – meditate – exercise – mantra – write or shoot a YouTube video and then i get ready for my day job.

Days i start like this are usually my most productive days and i happen to get more done.

These 3 simple tips would help you get more out of your day and one thing you should know is that an extra 15minutes does nothing for you that’s helpful but rather makes you feel lethargic.

I am challenging you today to do this for a week and see if you notice any changes in your morning routines.

I would love to hear any other tips and tricks you use to stay awake in the morning and if you are a night owl, I would love to know how you stay productive if you do.

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6 thoughts on “How To Wake Up Early In The Morning – And Stay awake!”

  1. Sometimes i do think that it is laziness that will keep some one on the bed even after waking up. The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is very satisfying. The build of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Jude

    This is an excellent article. It is also very informative. I agree with you that working up early in the morning is very important as it helps us to easily carry out and accomplish our daily plans. In addition to that, it helps us to be more productive. Researches shows that most successful people start the day very early in the morning. Thank you for sharing. Best regards


  3. Thank you for your article. It is very present for me. I found it difficult to wake up an early as 4 or 5 am, even though I know the benefits, (thank you, you shared as well these two amazing videos).I have couple of issues, First is that I have problems to go to bed before or at 10 pm!!! And there it all starts, because then I am not able to wake up so early if I am late at bed. Second thing I am concerned about is, don’t you think that we are natural in either way? I heard that there are 2 types of persons, one early bird and one night owl. But they are not being created that way because of their habits, but from nature. Do you agree on that? In overall, would you recommend something to help to get to bed earlier? 

    • hello Julius

      On going to bed before 10pm, i find that hard to do also, but on days i have been able to, what helps me is to stop my screen time(phone, laptops, tv) at 9 pm, take a cold shower and be in bed by 9.30 pm. 

      I have also heard the 2 types of people gist, I considered myself a night owl at first as i could work all night and still be a little productive during the day ( but never as productive as when i get a full 7-8 hours ) but i do agree with you as i know people who work better at night.

      I hope this helps..

  4. I’m definitely a lark, not an owl. I always have more energy and motivation in the morning compared with the afternoon or evening. Here are a few tips for not hitting the snooze button: if the alarm is on your phone, set it without a snooze function! Or, put your phone out of arm’s reach so that you actually have to get out of bed to switch the alarm off. Or, get a cat – they will wake you up when they’re hungry, and won’t let you go back to sleep (well, mine doesn’t anyway). 

    • Hi Teri 🙂

      I love your tip on setting an alarm without a snooze function, I have not thought of that.

      I usually put my phones faraway, but sometimes its too far away and i would sleep through my alarm so i have a “safe distance” now.

      Lol, I’d love to get a cat, but i am more of a dog person. 

      I am glad your cat is helping you with your mornings.


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