I’m Starting A 30 Day Challenge… To Save My Business!

30 days Challenge

I’m Starting A 30-Day Free Traffic Bootcamp Launch to save my business and here’s Why I’m Committed!

How many times have you made bold claims of starting something before you quit?, remember your new year resolution to stay of junk foods this year and how you quit on the 3rd week of January after that one cheat day?

How about the other time you tried to start exercising every day and after the initial excitement of getting pumped up you miss one day because you were not “feeling” like it and the very next day a different reason come and finally you just quit and fall back to old routines?

Oh this is the best one, remember when You said you were going to write two evergreen content every week but after two weeks you lost focus?

You are not getting enough traffic to content you spent hours writing so you begin to doubt the process. This has happened to me and that is why i love getting training on how to generate free traffic.

As such, this challenge by Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer could not have come at a better time for me(and for you).

The Life blood of online marketing or making passive income online comes down to being consistent in what you are doing, taking daily actions because then and only then would you see results.

It is a business and should be treated as such and of late i have neglected my business for two reasons that this FREE training would help me solve.

1) How to generate evergreen content regularly

2) How to generate FREE traffic to my evergreen content

the only way to do this is through consistency and developing new routines

Those are two i intend to work on over the next 30 days.

Why I am Starting This challenge.

One area i have been inconsistent with has been the amount of content i create and i see this as a great opportunity for me to develop those muscles and make it a part of my routine so that i can continually spit out new content every day.

For some months now i have been inconsistent with contents that i create, but now i want to go full throttle, I intend to follow through and take consistent actions and stay committed.

I am starting 5 days late but it doesn’t matter, I want to hold myself accountable to this as you can if you decide to join me and save your business.

This challenge would be hard for me, but i am looking forward to it.

My expectations

For the next 30 days, I expect to create one new piece of content every day for the next 30 days either in video or written format.

I have a YouTube channel over 3 months old with no single video as i have a fear of being in front of a camera, but i intend to be better at that at the end of this challenge.

I would be facing a lot of fears i have previously on content creation and hopefully the next 30 days would be a great avenue for feedback from you and hopefully you and i get to learn and grow from this.

I am taking control of my life. i want to be responsible for everything that happens.

Tai Lopez says “too many people want the good things of life but they don’t deserve it”, So i want to deserve all i get and the only way to go about it is to grow.

I want to push myself and see how far i can go.

Would this be challenging? Definitely!

Can I pull t off? We’ll See

How i Intend to achieve result

Well the only way i have learned to achieve results is to fail at something new every day.

So for the next 30 days i intend to “fail” at something new in other to get better at it. I will carve out at least “one hour” each day to create content and not just content but valuable and helpful content( I still shudder at the thought of making my first YouTube video but i am out of excuses)

You can be a part of This Opportunity

This is not a review of Legendary Marketer( a review is in the works), but i took on the 15-day challenge after it was recommended to me by Roope Kiuttu( who is a very successful affiliate marketer) and since then i have been a huge fan of Dave Sharpe as he really knows his stuff.

So i wasn’t going to miss out on a FREE bootcamp affiliate training when he offered one, and it came right on time as i am mentally prepared for the task to come.

Being a part of this challenge would definitely help you write better content get FREE TRAFFIC so get on now, while it is still free!

PS: There are prizes to be won at the end of this bootcamp, even thought that is not the motivating factor for me. or is it?

Join me in This FREE Traffic Legendary Bootcamp Challenge Now.

I would love to hear your thoughts.



16 thoughts on “I’m Starting A 30 Day Challenge… To Save My Business!”

  1. I like your honesty in this post about not keeping up to your own expectations. The solution you have come up with is to hold a 30 Day Bootcamp where you will be publishing one article or video post daily. By inviting others to join you in this challenge you are committing yourself to follow through on this decision. 

    Now you will have to be accountable not only to yourself but also to those who join your Bootcamp. This is an intriguing idea and it stands a great chance of working out. 

    Your pop up form got to me and I registered even though I am only reviewing this post. That shows how effective it is. I wish you much success with this Bootcamp and your business in general.


  2. Thank you for this great article. It seems like you are trying to get really pumped up about your online business so you feel like you are going somewhere. I hope that this 30-day challenge that you are doing will help you to have that feeling and help your business to develop faster.

    Perhaps I will follow along with your 30-day challenge and learn something new as well. On the one hand, your online business is a long-term thing. The results come in the long term. But that comes from each small step you take on a day-to-day basis. So if you just see what it is just for today that you can do to take another small step in moving your online business forward, then eventually those small steps will add up.

    I wish you the best with your online business. Have a great day!

  3. I am just like you as I also have a fear of video. I know it would help my business, but I keep putting it off for some reason. I found your post very motivational. I accept the challenge of getting out new content daily. I will for sure put out written content, but I’m not sure how many videos I’m willing to do. My goal is going to be one video a week. So this way by the end of the month I will have 4 videos out. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • That’s the spirit Wendy. I intend to do at least 4 videos myself this month or more, once the first videos goes out, i know we would feel more comfortable doing more

  4. Very interesting concept! Like you, I too have put off creating more valuable content.

    Seeing as how I do most of my work from my badass Android LG K 30.

    And who is “Dave Sharpe?” if I may ask. I’m truly into finding new FREE ways to drive traffic to my website.

    I would be very interested in “I’m Starting A 30 Day Challenge… To Save My Business!”

    I think I am going to sign-up for the FREE training.

    To Your Success,


    • Dave Sharpe is an amazing online entrepreneur and owner of legendary marketer. His brand of teaching is honest and to the core. A quick youtube search would give you most of his great free content

  5. Very interesting concept! Like you, I too have put off creating more valuable content.

    Seeing as how I do most of my work from my badass Android LG K 30.

    And who is “Dave Sharpe?” if I may ask. I’m truly into finding new FREE ways to drive traffic to my website.

    I would be very interested in “I’m Starting A 30 Day Challenge… To Save My Business!”

    I think I am going to sign-up for the FREE training.

    To Your Success,


  6. Oh god! I loved this article so much because i can honestly associate with it. I also made a YouTube channel some weeks ago and I wanted to create content without showing my face but, I know that’s not going to work so it’s just there waiting for me to do something. I’ve been trying to write articles every day and I have been doing it since I signed up like a week ago (I think) it gets harder because you run out of ideas but after research and talking with people you get your struck back on. 

    • I can totally understand the youtube fear. I dont want to show my face but i know i have to. However, you could start with just your screen and voice recording, I am doing that now with camtasia

  7. Thanks so much for sharing details on this 30 Day Bootcamp Challenge; this is just what I needed to give myself a swift kick in the pants! I have been letting life get in the way of my content creation and I know it is time to get on board or get out of the boat! 

    I know I will have some difficulties creating a new piece of content every single day but I intend to do my best to stay on track. In the past I tended to research 2 or 3 articles at one time and then sit down to write them. At this pace, if I really worked hard and kept on track, I could get these 2 or 3 articles completed and published in about 3 to 4 days. Taking on this challenge will force me to create more material at a faster pace. Wishing luck to us both!  

  8. It is like you are directly addressing me with your questions. I have gone back on all the things you have mentioned, be it with my diet or my online business. I know David Sharpe is a serious entrepreneur and I am glad that he has come up with this 30 day challenge. I too love to make use of free traffic as opposed to paid ones. This kind of shows me how I am doing on a genuine effort. You are not alone in the fear of creating you tube videos. I cannot even plan on that. You article has come at a great time. Thank you for the information about the challenge. Will too start on it immediately. All the best in your  endeavours. 

  9. I can relate to starting a diet and having a cheat day, loving the cheat day a little too much and then turning it into a cheat week and then month, lol.

    I need to jump on this content challenge asap. I am consistent with my content posting but I am not frequent enough. I create 1 article every 5 days on average but I want to step it up to at least an article every other day. That’s the goal and I’m going to start right now, so thanks a lot for refreshing me on what I need to get done.


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