Is Enthusiasm An Emotion? – 7 steps to create Instant Enthusiasm

Is Enthusiasm An Emotion? - 7 steps to create Instant EnthusiasmIs enthusiasm and emotion? and if it is, how can you create instant enthusiasm to help drive you forward in anything you do?

Why do you even need enthusiasm in the first place?

In this post, You would learn not just about the definition of Enthusiasm, but also the benefits of having enthusiasm in anything you do.

How enthusiasm is a requirement for success but most importantly how to generate instant Enthusiasm on demand.

As defined by Mariam Webster, Enthusiasm is a Strong Excitement or feeling.

It is that emotion which gives you the drive to focus solely on achieving a goal or something you are passionate about.

Enthusiasm is a feeling and most times is a key factor for your success or failure in any task.

You can do better at anything you set your mind to when you are “enthusiastic” about the work or the outcome that would be gained from doing the work.

But If enthusiasm is so important to our success why is it that it is sometime hard to generate?

Why do you find it hard to be enthusiastic about things you one time felt passionate about?

Enthusiasm can make a real different not just in the work you do, but in how you do it. It is the passion, drive and energy from doing work you enjoy.

Growing up, i was always enthusiastic about playing football, heck i had dreams of playing in the World cup as i always loved to play football. I’d play in the rain, when it was hot, while is secondary school, I played with friends at night when the schools’ searchlight was on.

I got in trouble with my parents for playing football way past my curfew(and on days i was told not to), I was never tired of playing football no matter the consequences.( I had to be very ill to not play football if the opportunity arises)

One time when i was in boarding school, and it was raining during “games”, some students and myself had to go play football in the classroom.

Playing soccer with friends

Unfortunately(or fortunately) We were all caught by our principal and after explaining the dangers and destruction of playing soccer in a classroom with glass windows, we were punished the next day to play football from morning- 8am ( while other students were in class learning) till 5pm in the evening the next day to teach us a lesson.

Although this was a punishment in itself, we all enjoyed ourselves as playing football was the most enthusiastic activity you could do in an all boys catholic secondary school at the time.

The principal promised to make us all cut grass the next day for the same duration and we dreaded that as cutting grass was not something any of us was very enthusiastic about.

So while I always had the energy and drive to play football all day, even though it was a punishment, none of us would have lasted two hours if he had kept his word and made us cut grass all day.

How come I was able to do one thing that required physical exertion all day, but could not last two hours doing another activity that required physical exertion – Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm really is a powerful Force

I am sure you can write down 3 to 4 things you are enthusiastic about, it could be scrolling on social media, watching Netflix or reading your favorite book.

You also have some goals and productive activities in your life that you want to accomplish but cannot seem to do it because you just lack the passion or enthusiasm.

For example, you know that starting an online business would help you achieve you goals of passive income and financial freedom but the fear of failure robs you of the enthusiasm to Get Started so you procrastinate or worse still stay stuck in your comfort zone just getting by daily

However, if you decide to do something that is beneficial for you, you can trick your body (in a good way) to not just generate instant enthusiasm but also make it possible for you to be enthusiastic again about things that really natter to you and can help you grow and achieve your dreams.

Enthusiasm is a key Factor for Your Success


The major difference between someone who is stuck in a rot or career and someone who excels in that career is ENTHUSIASM.

Take a look around you, see the people who absolutely enjoy what they do in life and those who do not, you would realize that one key difference that sets them world apart is how enthusiastic they are about the work they do.

if you had to hire two professionals with the same skill levels to do a job for you, you would get better result from hiring someone who is enthusiastic as the enthusiasm gives them more energy to do what needs to be done, but the other person who is not enthusiastic would keep counting down the clock before they are done( most especially in corporate environment)

it doesn’t matter what needs to be done, enthusiasm plays a key role.

When i started my day job, i was always enthusiastic, I was being paid on the basis of work done and while I love my work I was enthusiastic because I knew I was earning more by doing more.

So I’d work not just at the office but when i got home, after dinner, i would bring our my laptop and continue to work

I didn’t know it at the time but i was driven by the enthusiasm to work for money and practicing what i spent years and lots of money on school felt good to me so i always had constant energy.

All that changed when the work was no more on contract but on a salary basis, I started to feel lethargic, i was no more enjoying the job, my mind was allover the place and i was always looking at ways to make more money but i couldn’t.

This reduced my productivity drastically that even my boss had to comment on it.

When I started my journey to generate passive income online, I was very enthusiastic, I was seeing the result of others online and I started with full vigor, if people could make $10,000 a month then it was definitely something i could do myself.

However, this didn’t turn our, as each and every failure robbed me a little of my enthusiasm, and i started dwelling not on the future i wanted to create but on the difficulties and set backs I was experiencing.

Enthusiasm drives happiness and energy, It also increases your creativity and productivity.

Okay dude, I’ve heard you yapper all about enthusiasm how can generate it on demand?

before i give you some quick fixes to generate instant enthusiasm on the spot, let me share with you a number of benefits of having enthusiasm in anything you are doing.

Benefits of Enthusiasm

benefits of enthusiasm

  • Enthusiasm would help you believe in your mission and get you more creativity and productivity
  • Enthusiasm is a good remedy to fight procrastination and self doubt
  • Enthusiasm give your sustained energy to do what you have to do when you have to do it
  • Enthusiasm in transferable as you can inspire others to become doers when they see you being energetic ( watch any of Grant Cardones talks)
  • It helps you generate self-confidence in your ability and helps you feel good about yourself
  • Enthusiasm would help you stay focused even when you encounter failiure
  • the ability to generate enthusiasm in the job you do would not go unnoticed and can be the difference between success and failure

7 steps to create instant enthusiasm ( to be triggered on demand)

7 steps to create instant enthusiasm ( to be triggered on demand)

There are times you need to be enthusiastic and it is not just happening and it could be for a number of various reasons.

Here are seven easy to do things that can give you instant enthusiasm before a task, an interview or meeting an important person.

i have been practicing this and it works wonders.

I learned this from Marc. Lalonde who is an amazing online marketer and 7 figure earners.

1) Make happy faces; I found this ridiculous at first but it works and there is a science to this madness that I can’t go into right now. Obviously making happy faces (even when you are not can help you trick hour brain into feeling happy ) another trick is biting a pencil and making a happy face in front of a mirror ( ridiculous i know but hey it works)

2) laugh our loud : why stop at just making happy faces? come on, go ahead and laugh it all our, laugh at the ridiculous faces you are making, those rich laughter that emanates from deep withing your belly, ( i find it best to do this in private ).

3) Positive reminisce : No matter how bad your life is, you must have had very moments of genuine happiness and most times you can get caught up in all the bad things in the world and this affects you negatively, so think of one positive memory when you were truly happy, you can even write it down so you can also recall it and think about it.

i find that doing this gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of how good i felt and this drive is enough to get any task started.

we spend too much time thinking of all the bad instead f focusing on the good that comes our way.

4) Music of your choice : Music does a lot of wonders and music you enjoy ( and can sing or hum along to) does great in boosting your enthusiasm. Play a music you enjoy ( i find rap songs to be very uplifting for me)

5) Clap it up; come on put those hands together, and clap it up! feel the energy that comes form clapping it up and doing a little wiggle with your body if you must, this would help put you in that enthusiastic state of euphoria,

6) Dance: don’t just stop at clapping but dance to your music of choice, you can even do this in your car on your way to wherever you need to be ( but please keep you eyes on the road). It does not matter how bad a dancer you are ( i am worse- lol) you are not dancing for a price anyway so just let your body feel the “groove”

7) Remember you Purpose : This is the “key” to all this, why did you start / what is your “why” think of why you need to do the task in front of you and the reward you would get from accomplishing the task.

This would help you not quit. When you start something, you are driven as you can envision the outcome but with every little setback you tend to lose sight of it, but by remembering why you got started can be a great way to regenerate that instant confidence you started with

Remember it all starts in the mind and with you.

I would love to hear some activities you are enthusiastic about and ways you have used to generate enthusiasm in times you had to.

I would be in the comment section.

Till next time! Stay Awesome!

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  1. Thank you for the great tips on getting your enthusiasm back!

    I always tell people a old Chinese proverb, which I shortened here: “If you want to be happy for a day, go fishing. If you want to be happy for a year win the lottery.If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, love your work.” That “love your work” definitely means being enthusiastic about what you do, because you spend so many hours during a day doing that. And it is much easier to get you enthusiasm back, than looking for other work these days!

  2. Great and amazing article that has taught quite alot more I never knew. I love the fact that talk more on the difference between someone who is stuck in a rot or career and someone who excels in that career is ENTHUSIASM. This has given more understanding that they are difference between people who enjoy everyday of their lives and the one key difference that change everything is Enthusiastic on the business they go through. Thank you sharing such an helpful article 

  3. Hello there! I love this article, most people successful people we celebrate today wouldn’t have been that successful without enthusiasm because enthusiasm alone can be the driving force that can help one shed his indifferent attitude. Also, once a person become enthusiastic, he cannot remain quiet without taking action.

    Thanks for taking out time to write on this vital topic.

  4. Wow. This article is very useful and I want to say that I even had a similar experience recently.
    I was called for an interview for a new job, and I was very excited. Because of this, I could not show my enthusiasm because I was worried and at the same time without any courage that I would go through this interview, and the employer always looked at me doubtfully. Reading your article I can say that these 7 steps are really very beneficial in such situation and could help me in the future. Make happy faces always works, and at the same time transmit to the people around you your energy and positivism. Hope to see more article like this. Good luck! 

    • Thanks Nimrod,

      I’m sorry you could not show your enthusiasm at your job  interview.

      I hope you do get the job, and if you do not, there would be a lot of opportunity in the future.

      You would most definitely be seeing a lot more articles like this from this website in the future as i love to share what i learn about.


  5. Yes enthusiasm is a emotion as its intense enjoyment, interest, or approval on something….enthusiasm is one of the critical characteristics that defines the leader that gets superior results from their people.Over the years I discovered that you cannot sustain a genuine, consistent, driving, passionate and motivated energy in the long term unless you are doing something you love, something you feel passionate about, something you believe in and of the ways to stay enthusiasts

    Another way to stay enthusiasts is by plug in to someone else,Alternatively call someone you know who is reliably passionate and plug in for a recharge.  Just talking with someone energetic will get you going faster.

    thanks along for sharing



    • Thanks for contributing to this david.

      I love your tip on plugin to someone else who has lots of energy, 

      Calling someone reliable for a recharge is awesome as enthusiasm is transferable.

  6. Lol, I like the way your principal took the punishment; like you right pointed out enthusiasm  is an essential tool for success. I started my hands on poultry farming because I knew I was always excited to pick eggs and this excitement as kept the farm even in the midst of challenges.
    Like you pointed out enthusiasm gives sustainable energy, I have seen this energy in my business in the midst of all odds.

    • Lol.

      I enjoyed the “fun part of the punishment” 

      My mom runs a poultry and i enjoyed picking eggs as well as eating ( never enjoyed the cleaning up and feeding of the birds though).

      I am glad you can see this energy in your business as well

  7. Thank you for this list. As a self-employed person who works on their own from home, it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated which saps away at enthusiasm and productivity. So I really enjoyed your list of suggestions for creating some enthusiasm. I would add “reach out to someone positive” as another way that works well.

  8. Hallo there Jude, 

    Thanks a lot for offering the valuable tips for boosting enthusiasm. Personally, I have been using my favourite music and it really goes a long way for me.

    What I do is, take 3 of my most favourite songs, listen to them while visualizing what I want to achieve and see the whole process of achievement as I close my eyes. I also create the mental picture of the kind of effort I have to put in.

    By the time I am getting done with the 3 songs, my level of enthusiasm is high. I am going to try the weird happy face in front of the mirror and see how it works for me. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    • You’re welcome Dave.

      Thanks for sharing your own tips on boosting enthusiasm by listening to 3 songs.

      Do let me know how the weird faces in front of a mirror works for you. 


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