Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Scam? – The Experts Have their say

When You hear the name Paparazzi Jewelry for the first time, It sounds great doesn’t it!

It grabs your interest right from the start and once You hear you could make money selling “Paparazzi Jewelry” for as low as $5 Dollars.

Like You, I decided to dive right in and do my due diligence uncovering this not so hidden “Gem” and what it entails and I am pleased you are smart enough to do the same.


Welcome to My Paparazzi Jewelry Review

I am sure you heard all the “Possibilities” and Benefits of This New way to make money online and Congratulations for doing your due diligence and researching the topic before you dive in

You are 2 Clicks Away from Training, Support, Websites and Success Online!

Just so you are not led astray, I will not be reviewing the actual “Jewelry” But the Business Model for this company.

As the Company only advertises the business Model and not their product!

As Always, I am dedicated to helping you Tools and Resources to help you make Passive income online or Full time depending on you.

How To Make Passive Income Online In 2019 – A beginners Inside Guide

That said, This review would tackle The most frequently asked questions you should consider before you take the giant step, This questions from my research includes:

  • An Overview of PAPARAZI JEWELRY ( The Business Model)
  • What is paparazzi jewelry
  • How does the Business Model work?
  • How to make Money with this model?
  • Is it an MLM
  • Is paparazzi jewelry hypoallergenic?
  • Final Thoughts


Company Name: Paparazzi Jewelry

Company Website: www.paparazziaccessories.com

Founded: 2013

Founders: Chana Reeve & Misty Kirby (you can read more on the founders in this section)

Business Model : Multi-Level Networking Company ( MLM )

Price Points: $5 per piece; $179 to $1,000 ( Retail Value )

Best fit for those: fascinated with the idea of earning an income by selling cheaply manufactured & trendy pieces of jewelry to prospective clients in a designated geographical location who are very good at making Face to Face Sales

Summary: Paparazzi Jewelry has been around for 6 years, Operating as a network marketing company. It was founded in 2013 by 2 sisters, Misty and Chana living in Colorado, as a small business. The business has grown as much as 900% within a span of 6 months and their brand became one of the most popular brands in the Trendy fashion and accessories niche.

The Business Bureau’s (BBB) records, shows that although paparazzi jewelry is not yet accredited after 5 years in the MLM industry, they have earned an outstanding rating of A+.


What Is Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi Jewelry is an online store that sells custom jewelery.

Paparazzi Jewelry and Hair Accessories are Known collectively as PAPARAZI JEWELRY,

It is a 6-year-old network marketing company offering cheaply manufactured pieces of jewelry and other accessories at a cost of $5 or less (with some exceptions).

Founded in 2013 by sisters, Chana Reeve & Misty Kirby, this Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) company started as a small business until they saw a 900% growth within a short span of 6 months.

The Business Model : MLM? IS this not the Same as a Pyramid Scheme?

Whiile Paparazzi Jewelry is indeed an MLM Company ( Which is very legal ) and might share some similarity with the Dreaded and Now Illegal Pyramid Scheme it is not a Pyramid Scheme. The difference being that:

An MLM Company Makes money from their ability to sell their products in bulk to Wholesalers(Like You) at a good discount and helps the Customers now Resell to a wider audience.

This works best if the MLM company has a strong Brand and training/ product durability and trust which To an extent Paparazzi Jewelry has been able to garner in the past 6 years.

Today, Paparazzi Jewelry is one of the leading network marketing companies in the trendy fashion and accessories niche similar to Origami Owl and Jewels by Park Lane .

How Does Paparazzi Jewelry Work as an MLM?

This business model works by promising you can set up shop and start earning in 3 easy steps!

Paparazi Jewelry 2019 review - Is paprazi Jewelry a Scam

All you have to do is

1) Find a consultant in your area that will help you set up Shop and

2) Buy one of their Starter Party “kits” from their website,

3) You sell the various items in your kit and Depending on How Good you are at sales, you can make Your investment back plus profit

Seems legit and Easy right? Well..

” What many do not realize is that this twist in the business model makes you – the aspiring consultant – the actual customer of the company and not the business owner.”

– Christian Lee.

Getting Started With Paparazzi Jewelry

As advertised on their website, it takes you Just three easy steps to set up and start “earning” with Paparazzi Jewelry.

Paparazi Jewelry review

1) Find a Consutant (By area Code, Zip code or Consultant name, Or consultnt Number), you need to find a consultant in your Area who would help you get set up! as the business model does not allow you to deal directly with the company.

Paparazi Jewelry Review - The healthy affiliate

2) Pick A Starter Kit of your choice : This is the second step in becoming a consultant with Papparazi jewelry and at this point you officially become The “Customer” .

You select from the available kit options, what package to start your business with.

Packages come in 3 different price points ranging from $99 to $499

is paparazi Jewelry a scam?

Starter kits and price points

In addition to any of your order, Paparazzi Jewelry would provide you with a few promotional materials that will help you promote Your products better.

3)Start the Party: After you make payment for your chosen kit, You need to wait for your shipment to arrive!

At this stage, You are Officially now Customer + Joint business owner with paparazzi jewelry who have made their profit already.

Awesome isnt it? I think not.

Now all you have to do is “Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to come and claim first dibs on your newest arrivals during your Launch Party”

I do not know about you but it is harder to sell things to my friends or neighbours as they would want to get a discount even on a discount!

How Much Can You Earn With Papparazi Jewelry?

Becoming a consultant with paprai Jewelry is the only way to earn. But once you are one, There are several ways you can get compensated for the hard work you put in.

  1. Personal Volume (PV)
  2. Retail Profit (35% to 45% commission)
  3. Show Rebate (for 1000 PV and up)
  4. Business Building Bonus (BBB) (earn 15% by personally adding sponsor or enroll a downline)
  5. Unilevel Bonus (5% to 10% compensation rates)
  6. Generation Bonus (for Executive Director and higher ranks)
  7. Legacy Bonus (earn an additional 1% to 2% volume generated in)
  8. Infinity Bonus (additional 0.5% on volume generated by your team)
  9. Cash Bonus (earn as much as Luxe Jetsetter – $25,000; Impressionista – $50,000)


Can You Make Money With Paparazzi Jewelry(The Business Model)

Yes you can!

Depending on how good you are as a sales person, you can make your initial investment and profit but you need to consider the following red flags Before you Jump In

  • Like Most Brick and Mortar business you are stuck selling to one geographical Location Unlike better business models where you can sell to customers anywhere
  • You are stuck with selling one particular type of product so the possibility to generate a different stream of income does not work with this business model
  • Selling $5 jewelry can be profitable but when you do the maths on the amount of time, energy and resource you leave you with a tiny profit margin which is okay.

How To Convince People To Buy From You – in 3 easy steps!


One Question i encountered while researching this Product is?

“If it is so Profitable, Why does The company not sell it themselves?”

That is a good question you should ask yourself also, because if the product is as great as described, it is only fair, as Every Business is in Business to make profit and I Know you are too!


Word On The Street on Paparazzi Jewelry.

Like I said earlier, This Business Model has lot of red Flags But Paparazzi Jewelry Amazingly has no Single Complaint on BBB

A Quick Visit to their Facebook Page would show you that they have had 200,000 likes

However, Upon Further research, You would see that current consultants of Paparazzi Jewelry face the problem of underpayment in contrast to the company’s promise to make them Money

Other Recorded Complaints About Paparazzi Jewelry Includes

  • 50% Tax

Each piece of Jewelry costs less than $5 but not lower than $2 per piece. meaning there is 50% tax implemented to a cheaply made Trinket

  • Uplines Coerce Downlines

Most consultants’ complaints on Glass door tackled the higher-ups’ forcing their down lines to meet the daily quota.

  • No Recorded BBB Complaints

Some consultants revealed that Paparazzi Jewelry doesn’t respond to BBB and to their consultants. Especially if it involves finances.

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Broken Pieces In Starter Kit

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Scam(or Legit way to earn?)

While i am personally not a fan of this business model(MLM) and do not recommend it, I Can tell you that Paparazzi Jewelry, IS most definitely not a scam.

Why am I not a fan?

This Business Model (MLM) takes away all the benefits of “affiliate marketing (Which is a Great way to earn passive income)” and does not provide any other benefit in exchange.

Simply Put, Unless you are willing to Grind none stop, This is not for you!

Therefore It is No-No from me.

But If you feel suited to the MLM route then by all means have a go at it! as I have provided you with the resources to Boost Your Chances to be Successful at it.

Better Alternative Business Models To Make Money Online

On the Other hand if you want other viable options to earn Passive Income Online, Then i have a few options and resources for you

Most amazing is that It is ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR YOU to Start With any of these and You can Earn Massively too

1) Become an Affiliate:

This is the easiest way to make passive income online and the best way for you to be your own boss.

Affiliate marketing as a business model makes sense because it takes nothing for you to get started and you could turn a passion into a lucrative way t make money online.

Below I would show you the benefit Affiliate Marketing has as a business model Over MLM

The Case : Affiliate Marketing vs MLM?

One Key difference between these two money making models is that with affiliate marketing, you do not have to pay to become an affiliate as it is absolutely FREE,

You do not need to Buy the product ( Yes this is very true) or Own the product or even Use the product to make a nice profit Selling it.

Simply Put, If Paparazzi Jewelry adopted the affiliate marketing Business model, They would pay you to direct traffic (people) to their own product, make the sale and give you a percentage of the Sale.

A Good example would be:

Affiliate Marketing: You send interested buyers through your blog/facebook ad/link with to Paparazzi Jewelry online Store, If any of those clients buy, you get a commission off that sale. In this case you do not house the product and there is no “Overhead risk” of buying the product and keeping it.

But Structured as an MLM You have to buy the products and resell them at a profit doing a series of workshop and home jewelry parties, thats likely not to end in sales at times.

As You can see it; This Business Model is nothing more than having to pay to promote a company! That is not even Yours!

It is cool to think that since the jewellery is cheap, Selling it would be easy and you could recoup your investments pretty quickly.

Well, If it was so easy why is everyone not getting rich selling these amazin trinklets??

My honest answer is that If these $5 jewelries are doing well enough to make you a decent income, The company would want to sell directly to their client as that guarantees more profit for them and use affiliates to point customers to their store!


Still Want to sell jewellery?

If You are attached to selling Jewelry and have an eye for good product you can Become an affiliate selling it! without having to buy the Product!

You can start Your very own jewellery blog and sell products from the many jewelry affiliate programs that exist already.

Here is a comprehensive resource on How To Make Money Selling Jewelry As An Affiliate.

2. Already an Entrepreneur or Small Busniess Owner? Become Your Own Brand


Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner?

Do you have a product or service that you are offering your customers or clients?

And if so, are you Branding YOURSELF ONLINE?

Or are you constantly looking for new prospects to approach or to talk to?

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Instead of constantly hunting people down… Now, people are hunting can hunt you down.

You can become a Brand and Learn all about Branding Yourself Here

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Notable Mention


As always, It is my Pleasure to answer any Questions on these topics and on any Resource Provided here that you are not Sure about in the comments Sections.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry Recommended? No.

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