Making Money Online – ( simple but not easy )

I would like to start you up with these words ” Making Money Online is simple but not easy”

Over the years I have been opportune to try my hands at different make money online schemes, from the MLM to the PDF books and I have burnt my hands trying ” to get-rich-quick” and well, I have lost money, so in this post I would be showing you some few pointers and money making “baits” you should be wary off. I could have done a scam review on one particular product but seeing how many scam products exists, I would be writing in the hopes that when you come across any of these red flags you run away. lol

However, it is not all bad news because there are people making money online LEGITIMATELY. But it requires the right knowledge, the right effort, the right mindset and of course the right community.

There are two ends of the spectrum to making money online. You are bound to meet or have met these different types of people:

1) the Cynical pessimist who believes it cannot be done. They do not believe in their dreams and potentials and are always quick to point out the mistakes or dangers in every opportunity, you should have met people like this who think it is impossible to make a lot of money legitimately and that is incorrect because there are millions of people who have and would continue to make money legitimately. There are many genuine “rags-to-riches” stories that are legit. In the US these set of people are those seen as “new money.” no inheritance, no lottery winners. Just people like you and I who had a dream and followed it. Do you think they listened to every nay Sayers they came across?

2) on the other side of the spectrum is the “blue sky sales expert”: these set of people who are going to try to sell you a product that says try these 3 easy steps and just like that you go from rags-to-riches. These set of people would use any means possible to convince you to buy a product and most likely would use exaggerated stories of success to get into your wallet.

Both these sets of people are wrong, You have to be balanced. So for the rest of your life whenever someone sounds too much on one side of the spectrum or the other, alarm bells should start going off in your head, when they get too cynical or too depressing, too pessimistic, ignore them and when they get where they say it is too easy. RUN! you want to be in the middle ground.

The middle ground is ” it is simple to make money but it is not easy”

How to tell a scam product at first glance

if you have ever typed these keywords ” how to make money online” or ” how to make money online for free” or any variation where your sole aim was to get good information about how to make money online you would come up with a lot of result. These results all claim to have a product that can help you solve your problems but I can tell you from experience that as much as 90percent of these results are falsified repackaged products with only one aim ” MAKING MONEY OFF YOU”

You can see there are 4.3 million search results with available information on how you can make Money online.

Sadly you find that people lose more money than they make online. I have lost money online in my search and I am sure you have or know someone who has or have heard stories. Most, if not all of us have been victims of our ignorance, greed or desperation. Whatsoever reason why you have fallen a victim to any of these scams, it does not matter. Here I would be reviewing some tell-tale signs that should make you think twice before you click on that banner, advert or link.

Are there Legitimate ways to make money online?

yes they are.

It is not all bad news though because just as there are scams there are some genuine ways to also make money online.

This phrase that should guide you when you start looking for money making opportunities online.

“Making money online is simple but not easy”

simple because it is a skill and like all skills it is learn able.

Not easy because to learn a new habit or skill requires consistency and grit at first and these are not easy attributes.

Let me show you some red flags to avoid.


when you see headlines like ” How I Earned 65,000,000 dollars to Buy a Car of My Dreams in Just Four Months [Detailed instruction] ” this is one of the worst adverts you would come across if you do not have a good ad blocker. Posts and pages like these usually tell a grass to grace story of a student or middle income earner in your country and how using very simple steps they made it big in just a month or less. Binary option traders are culpable of this the most. These stories are click bait traps meant to bait the novice into binary option.( I would be writing a review on binary options and if it is safe for you). They fail to tell you the risks involved, Most times with the whole information available you most likely will not click but seeing only the end products would have you believing. Most of these posts don’t allow comments and even those that do only allow positive comment. Maybe with the right amount of training you could make it with binary options as lot of people claim to do but there is a reason why it is regulated or out rightly outlawed in advanced nations. If you want to take a risk with headline reviews like this. Do your due diligence by researching the company reviews online.


when you see pictures like these, you should know that anything you meet at the end of the accompanying link is more likely to take money from you than Help you make money. The stories are never straight forward and I do not believe that victor Moses the football player who plays for Chelsea FC on a salary of 65000pounds a week would be teaching you how to make 18,000 WITHOUT WORKING HARD. Big mansions, a fancy Lamborghini, or someone sitting on the beach with a laptop in their hand are also some blue sky sales technique, chances are the product is a complete scam. Avoid at all measures.

3) A PDF with all the secrets hidden inside: how many times have you tried to look for a key information online, to learn a particular skill and you see a lot of do it yourself book with the seller doing the “blue sky” sales pitch where he promises you that all you need to do is but book xyz and follow steps 123 and within xy days you would start seeing results.? The deal gets sweetened when you are told that it sells for 10,000 but if you take action now you can get it for half that price and you would see a counter with 2 days and 23 hours which continues to countdown and even after a week when you log in again to the same sales pages, the counter has been extended. Agreed there are real genuine company who do sales for first timers or new signups but very rarely do they extend their time limit do not fall for this type of scam.

Some very notable red flags include any of the following for products with

  • A Video “Only” Sales PageA Video “Only” Sales Page
  • No Way to Contact on their Website
  • Outrageous Claims of Success

like I said before it is not all gloom. There are genuine products online that are guaranteed to teach you the simple steps that would enable you earn with time but it won’t be an easy process because you would very much have to work for it.

Products that offer free trials and allows you go through it and have an infield experience are usually products that I would recommend you try. As only reputable products who are sure of what they offer would allow you a ” taste and see” kind of deal.

I would recommend a product with lot of good reviews online, a proven track record, good technical support and for you to have the right mindset.

You can check out my review of Wealth Affiliate which is one genuine online making community that offers free trials before you are asked to commit.

Also, you can read on how to adjust your mindset if you want to make money online you need to build not just your knowledge on money making but your person because here is the simple truth, it is easy to make money online, easier if your mind believes it and easiest when you just want to help people succeed.

Till next time.

Affiliate hacks.

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