MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. – Why “Mindset” Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Napoleon Hill - Quote on Mindset

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

-Napoleon Hill.

This is by no means a motivational post and I write solely to tell you how you can consciously change YOUR MINDSET.  As Humans we are very unique but our mind is capable of the same. i.e “whatever we say it can”

Taking “ACTION” and deciding to start today to change your Mindset would surely bear fruits. How do I know this? because I am currently undertaking the same journey and even though I have seen the “Light” I would be the first to tell you that changing your mindset is not an easy process, because you are learning a new HABIT and habits good or bad are learned over time.

I would love you to undertake this journey knowing that “Life is a marathon and not a sprint” and there is no such thing as an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS in LIFE, MONEY or even LOVE. if you want the best in these, you have to be willing to put in the work.

MINDSET is loosely defined as “a person’s way of thinking and their opinions“. Therefore, your MINDSET is Your own Unique way of thinking, how you perceive your world: and how you perceive your World usually determines How your world is likely to be.

Growth Mindset

What is Your Opinion About yourself?, WHAT IS YOUR MINDSET? ( take a few minutes to think and then write out what you think about yourself, be as honest as possible it is a personal journey )

Your Opinion On Love, Money, Rich people, Religion etc.

Pick the relevant ones that affect you and write down your thoughts on each. Now take a minute and visualize and you would notice that most of your thoughts and opinions have actively in one way or another been affecting your choices in life…don’t be about the “highlights” when you carry out this exercise but the daily everyday activities and life patterns.

if at the end of this exercise you feel what you have written down makes you feel good about yourself, congratulations my friend I am happy for you but you could always aim higher.

If you do not like what you see however, take a minute but don’t feel sorry for yourself because if you are willing to work, day by day ( counting the days you would fail or be too down from life’s’ challenges) you can COMPLETELY change your opinion of Yourself and Your Life would be better as a result. If you are willing to put into practice the few pointers I would be showing you from Napoleons evergreen Words.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matter is how may times you get back up.( still not a motivational post ).

As you try to build a fortune for yourself, you would want to give yourself the best chances of success and it all starts with a mental resolve to do BETTER, be BETTER.

One thing you should know is that there are no limits to whatsoever your mind can CONCEIVE and imagination costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!.

It is absolutely FREE!! the richest people you know, can think of the same luxuries you can think of too for the same price! NOTHING!

Money back guaranteed
Mindset is everything

You could imagine yourself having the best time of your life right now doing what you love and it would not cost you A THING! this is what I have termed the ” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ” part of fine-tuning your mindset.

Let me explain how the ” Money Back Guarantee” works for Products and services so you get a better view.

You probably have seen a lot of “blue sky” sales pitch on different services and products promising you the very best and although they expect you to make payments purchasing the product/services at a later date they would be giving you FREE and somewhat limited access to the product or service believing that the value created from the experience for whatever amount of days would be so enticing and Good that you would want to pay for it. some might require your credit card details and others might not.

This is a very good way to Gauge the confidence product has in itself. I am just giving you a brief overview or how the “Money back guarantee” works or doesn’t work! depending on who you ask. .

So why have I termed the 1st step ” TO CONCEIVE” as your “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” ? – because if at the end of this post after you put them into practice, you do not see results you can build upon, you would at least feel good about yourself if the only thing you can change are your thoughts. What you think about, How you visualize your life, your money goals, financial dreams. e.t.c you would acquire a more vivid imagination.

so back to our “quote”… when you have trained your mind to think on the successes you want, it begins to develop a ripple effect. think of it like this, no matter what happens externally, you CHOOSE how you react to it internally.

This would form the bases of you mastering your Mindset, telling it what to do, your thought process, what you think about. If you want to be successful? How do you go about it? you want to be happy? BE HAPPY. Need more money? what do you need to do to make more money, to live this dream life you have conjured up for yourself. This leads to the next step in conditioning your mind – BELIEVE!


Do you believe in Yourself

If you do not, well there is no one who can do that for you sadly. think of it like this? there is someone who has had it worse than you and now has it better than yourself, the internet is rife with inspirational stories you can tap into. If these individuals that believed are to be in your situation, ask yourself, what do you see them doing differently?

Allow me introduce you to the power of your mind.

Ever heard of the word “Placebo Phenomenon” , some medical journals have defined this as A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation (BELIEVE) that it will be helpful.

This is mostly used in controlled drug trials before it is released to the public. The key thing here is BELIEVE – that you are getting better. The more religious ones amongst us call it Faith!

In whatever form you decide to take your tonic,  proof exists that the power of the mind is more powerful than we could ever harness and you have this power in you, dormant and waiting to be unleashed.

So if you condition your MINDSET and you truly believe it, you subconsciously start seeing little positive changes and start developing healthier habits.

if you see yourself as a millionaire, living your dreams, you can condition yourself to walk like one, train yourself to do think you, work like one, read like one, it really is a process where you do not have to re invent the will cause it works.

Do you believe you can become you a millionaire?

The last part of Napoleon’s word is ACHIEVE!

you only arrive here if you decide now to consciously monitor your thought process, what comes in doesn’t matter but what stays does and the great thing about this is that YOU are in charge and get to decide.  You really have nothing to lose!

I would appreciate feed backs about the post on the comment section and I would love to hear your thoughts or any other tips and life hacks.

Till next time…



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