My Story & Why I Started An Online Business

My story and why i started an online business

The last thing i ever saw myself doing growing up was starting an online business and i am sure only a very few people born in the 90’s in a 3rd world country did also.

The “dream” is go to school, get a traditional education, get a job, get some sort of traditional education, good grades, if you are lucky enough and have sponsors maybe you get a Masters degree, get a job and you are set for life.

I followed the part as best as i could down to having a Masters and getting a job.

So why then did I want to start an online business? Read on

Like i told you, I believed those same dreams and lived it for a while but still i discovered that although it worked for those that advised me (parents, teachers, traditional educational systems) on being the best route to success, the world has shifted so much it no longer works.


A little Background on me
Before I go on, a little Background into my Life so you get a glimpse of who i am, I am 27 years old, Nigerian, I have a Bsc in Geography and regional planning and an Msc degree in Geographic Information Systems(GIS) – Both from federal Universities and Currently work as a GIS analyst in a GIS Firm and so life should be great right? I mean, I have a Monthly Income and live well above the poverty rate in my Country.

This was the life I thought I wanted(because that was all i knew) but somehow I still felt empty and I battled depression and abused drugs all through 2018(1 year into my dream job). when I should have been growing I was stuck. I fell into a deep depression that all the highs, sexual thrills and just plain reckless living was either going to kill me or ruin my future.

MY “WHY”- The Push – Why I started an Online Business

Despite having a job and earning a monthly income, I never had enough money no matter how i tried to live on less, I was working harder and harder but my income remained the same, in the first year on my job, my health suffered a lot from how much i was trying to do and still there was no hope, i couldnt think of doing any other thing than what i had gone to school for the better part of 2 decades

I fell into depression thinking about what I had to change? Go back to school ? get another Degree(Maybe something more relevant thins time- but who had the time and most importantly who was going to sponsor me?) I was tired of the routine my life had become and knew something had to change, i wanted the effort i put in to yield results for me, i loved my job but it was getting harder and harder waking up in the morning to the same old routines.

Over the years i saw a lot of friends and co worker get fired or let go for one reason or the other and the fear of not having a job was the biggest deciding factor on why i decided to try something else.

I woke up the next day, and on my way to work I told myself, I was not going to continue living like this, if I wanted new things to happen in my life I needed to make a change, I started looking for new ways to change my life, my routine because i was in a bad routine of work, social media, and my ones precious comfort zone was not helping me at all, I had reached “my peak”  and i did not like the view at all.

The “Wristwatch trick” that changed my life – Start Small

To make the kind of change i needed in mindset as i realized i had learned a lot of bad habit that would be hard to break i decided to start with something very easy like you should if you are looking at making a change in your life.


This change started very little, I stopped wearing my wristwatch on my left hand and started wearing it on my right hand.

Next was the books I was reading, I have always loved to read and learn new things, I particularly love to read novels, poetry, bestsellers but never self-help nor business book as being trained for an “employee mindset” life all through school, I didn’t think it was necessary and I was very okay showing of my oratory skills, writing short stories or chasing girls with sad heartbreaking poetry ( the internet still has some of my work – don’t try to find them)

I started reading self-help books, previously I had read the richest man in Babylon and also “think and grow rich” but I had read them like novels, something to talk about when with friends and not what I was going to put to practice bt this time i read them differently.

Reading these books with a new view and perspective changed my mind and after I read the “Eat that Frog” A little self-help book by Brian Tracy I started taking action on any new knowledge acquired. I realized it was not just okay to read and understand but to put into practice what I had learned.

MY WHY 2.0 – Why I have stayed consistent(somewhat)

Everyone needs a why to do something, and One reason why i have stayed consistent in building my  online business is

  • I don’t want to work for someone all my life
  • I have made major strides and improved my personal life
  • I still crave the freedom to travel anywhere in the world
  • My Mum has always been supportive of all my dreams and i would like to reward her faith in me
  • passive income  can help my immediate family
  • my quality of life has improved and not just materialistic things
  • I see now that i can grow, and learning new things every day makes me want to see my limits

These reasons spurred me to start my online business and they have kept me going. But have i had off days when i could do nothing? days i procrastinated? Days i felt i should quit? yes I have. However it was worse when i had nothing to wake up to.

What Changed My Life

I stumbled upon a review, This review was for an awesome affiliate training program while i was very skeptical considering how much i had lost to trying to make money online, i decided t give this a try for one reason and one reason only, There been a 7-day FREE trial and i decided if i gave it two days and it sucked i would quit right away till i found something else.

At this point I had

  • No technical skills whatsoever
  • i didn’t know how to build or design a website
  • i didn’t understand all the affiliate “jargon” like “SEO” “Landing Page” “PPC” “Keyword Research”
  • I had no idea how things worked
  • I had no direction whatsoever

The only thing i had was a laptop, crappy internet and a willingness to learn.

I signed up free, got in and started the training, This was all in 2018 December.

Since then

  • I have built two websites for myself(one shopify store and this one)
  • I have learned valuable freelance skills that i can charge and make money off of ( I just signed up someone to do Facebook Marketing for his real estate company)
  • I have learned and developed new habits( meditation, Reading more, listening to audio books that are educative)
  • I manage my time much better
  • I networked and connected with people around the world
  • I have more confidence in myself and in my abilities
  • My mind has been opened to awesome possibilities and opportunities to generate passive income like never before.

The effect this has had on my day job had been amazing

  • I come to work happier ( I still do my 8-5 – I still love it now that I have passive income)
  • I have productive things to look forward to and do
  • I am learning something new and amazing every day
  • I am not as afraid of losing my job like i used to be

I am still learning and growing but now i know where i am headed and what i have to do continuously to keep growing.

Areas I am working on

what is holding you back from really exploding your online business?

Some things that have previously held me back which i am working hard on now is

  • Taking every failure to heart ( I seem to take too long bouncing back but i am handling this better}
  • My speed of implementation : I seem to take too long(firt i am scared i cant do it, then i realise i can, and when i finally do it, i always want it to be perfect) –
  • I used to be scared of negative feedbacks but now i look forward to hearing them

There are no affiliate links in this post as i just wanted to share a little bit of my story and why i started an online business with you.

I would love to read your reasons

  • For starting an online business? .
  • or what’s holding you from starting an online business yourself.

I would be in the comment sections.

5 thoughts on “My Story & Why I Started An Online Business”

  1. Hi! I am very interested in what you have written here. I would love to start an online business, but there is one thing holding me back. Time. I have two part-time jobs and two kids. Sometimes I can find the time, but other times I am exhausted or unmotivated. 

    I feel like an online business is a full-time job, but there is no way I can give up my two part-time jobs. I’m going to bookmark your page as I think about this more. I’m not looking for a get rich quick project, but I fear that I just don’t have the time to put into an online business to be successful.

    Thank you so much for getting me thinking seriously about this. 

    • Hey Bonnie, 

      I can totally relate as i do have a full time day job still and it was hard at first starting. I don’t have kids yet so i imagine your full time jobs pay the bills and help. 

      I found that however, setting aside 30  minutes  a day or 1 hour can be a great place to start. 

      You are correct that an online business is a full time job but with time it gets better. I would love to help you in anyway i can, do reach out 

  2. Starting an online business in our current world of affairs certainly makes sense.  I have done a lot of offline marketing in the past both by phone and face to face.  

    Having a strong “why” to which you are committed is certainly important.  A proper mindset is essential to carry one through the ups and downs of any business.

    Whatever it takes to stay motivated is important to have.  A coach, good books, and supportive friends and colleagues are all essential to one’s success.  Thanks so much for this inspiring post.

  3. To be honest, I am inspired and motivated by this post. Really great to see how you implemented the little changes in your life till you are able to make it bigger. I am stuck in the part of my life where I do not know how to take the next step. I don’t know if it would be the next right step or not. I also suck at reading. I dont motivate myself. In simple terms, I just live everyday as it comes with no proper planning or dedication to it. Please, I would be really glad if you can be my friend and help me to get started in life. Please help me and be my mentor. I’d look forward to your reply

    • Hello Rodarrick, 

      I totally understand as i was in the same situation only a few months ago, I spent my days fully aware i was doing less as i was not planning. I would love to be your friend and help, You can always send me a message t my mail and i would reach out and see how i can help you on your journey to become the awesome person you can


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