Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement [ Book Review ]

Tired of the bullshit you are told about personal development?

but every single day one new book or product is out there selling you dreams you know deep down to be false so you work halfheartedly while you wait on luck?

And the unrealistic views you are sold about making 6 figures in 6 months with every “how to make money online” product you come across?

what if one book could cut through the BS and tell you how it really is? – What you have to do and what to expect in the next 5 years?

Welcome to Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement by Ayodeji Awosika.

This has to be the best and most realistic self-help book I have read in 2020 and while it is only just March, the recent happenings around the world ( the pandemic ) and various happening makes it look like the world is coming to an end.

But this is the perfect time to read a book like this. Real help gives you a very realistic view of how the world works and how you can take advantage of this for yourself i.e your personal growth.

I listened to the audio version of the book with Audible and while it was painful at times ( the hard truths) I know now what is in front of me and how i can move and evolve with everything life throws my way.

This book gives you a clear insight on how the world works and what you can do to get better for yourself.

It is filled with valuable insights and tips to help you get genuine results for your life and change your life.

But unlike most self-help books that promise you ” How to make it in 6 weeks” using the author as a case studies and in this era of Sell Sell Sell by marketers and Buy Buy Buy by you trying to Change your life

You start to disbelieve that you can make it, you think if you model a certain individual to the very point of knowing their morning routine you can get the same results.

Of course, you can be rich but you could either by richer than or poorer than the person whose results you are trying to model because the circumstances that affects your lifes are different.

You can decide to model Bill gates to invent the next Microsoft but every factor in his life cannot be mirrored by you.

When you get into the Self Help industry it is because you want things to change for you and for the better but most times we come with unrealistic views.

I can sight myself as an example, when I read a review on making money online, it sounded so easy and the amounts – 10,000/months and the results of people who have been trying to better themselves for years made it seem doable for me in weeks.

I gave myself a 3-month goal to achieve it or leave it and that is what most of us do. That is why you can see so many failed businesses and people who give up on their dreams.

We have set unrealistic goals and feel we deserve it! – Do You?

Ask yourself this honest question, have you done enough, have you put in the work? have you done your due diligence?

I felt so down after the 3 months of half-hearted trials and not achieving half as much or even 1 percent of what i wanted to achieve. I looked at the lessons and programs and I would have given up if I had not tried every other sure thing and failed at it ( failure here is subjective – i failed to be consistent )

But here I am, 13 months in and still plugging away and learning how to improve my life – and i can finally see it is possible if i do the uncomfortable work.

So having a book not just lay out the black and white of this situation made it even more compelling for me and if you want to achieve real growth in your life, this book should be a must read for you also

I know what is expected of me and I want to show you that if there is any book you can read during this time it is this book.

The world is not coming to an end(even though it feels like it) and things are not as bad as you think they are. They are actually better once you know how the world works without the bullshit! ( pardon my french).

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About the Author

Ayodeji AwosikaReal Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement was written by Ayodeji Awosika, A well know writer on Medium.com ( actually how I started following his writings)

Ayodeji Awosika is a self-taught 3-time author, TEDx speaker, and a top writer on medium.com with over 50,000 followers. His writings have helps thousands of readers per year with wisdom and insights to change their life.

Ayodeji’s writings on medium are honest and straight to the point and resonates well with me so i started following most of his writings.

He has authored two books previously :

The Destiny Formula – Find Your Purpose. Overcome Your Fear Over Failure. Use Your Natural Talents and Strengths to Build a Successful Life


You 2.0 – Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become A Brand New You

He has also spoken at a TedX conference and been featured on top publications like the Business Insider and Huffington Post.

For 5 years, Ayodeji has continuously pursued his passion for writing and as a result been able to build a side income around his passion and triple his income.

These all seem impressive for someone in his 30s until you realize that at 24, Ayodeji was a college dropout, living in a 10 x 10 dorms, working for 12 hours a day at an electronic factory and in his words ” When I wasn’t at work, I was getting incredible stoned, wasted off my ass or a combination of both”

This is coupled with Ayodeji having gotten into a ton of trouble, doing drugs and even making it to jail and spending over $70,000 on a student loan for a degree he didn’t complete.

His personal story reads of a life that has potential but had been thrown away.

Ayodeji’s Counter Secret to changing his Life is one you should follow too – cause I am.

On his bio page, he says things that didn’t work for him and wouldn’t work for you as well

viz are :

– Wishing things are different – thinking of things you should have or could have done

– Rationalizing your situation

” I never changed a damn thing until I first surrendered to my current reality. ” – Ayodeji Awosika

You should adopt his mentality if you want REAL CHANGE.

You can read more about Ayo here

Book Overview

Bibliographic information

Title Real Help: An Honest Guide to Self-Improvement
Author Ayodeji Awosika
Publisher Independently Published, Jan 2020
ISBN 1675236887, 9781675236888
Length 248 pages

This book that tells you what you need to know without any of the BS!, not what you want to hear.

This book that tells you how the world actually works, not how you think it should work. ( which is something we all desperately want to believe)

If you are tired of being sold the lie of “ You can succeed no matter what!”? by people who want you to buy buy buy because it is easy then you are stuck in a fantasy

I felt very inadequate buying into those false beliefs also but not anymore.

You and I live in the Real world – A world we want to be fair but which would never be fair at least not now.

This book tells you the honest truth that to succeed in the real world, you have to understand how to be optimistic and pragmatic at the same time.

With Real Help, you’ll get a no-holds-barred field guide to improving your life with the circumstances you’ve been given. It will help you build a tailor-made path to a successful life based on your definition of the word.

This book won’t guarantee any of the following:

You’ll make millions of dollars

You’ll build a life-changing business that helps you quit your job overnight

You’ll find perfect, peace, happiness, and contentment

It will, however, teach you everything you need to know to help you

  • Discover your life purpose (without needing an “exact match”)
  • Develop the mental toughness you need to thrive in an unfair world
  • Start your first passion project or side business (without needing to be an expert)
  • Dramatically increase your odds of living a successful life (even though this can’t be guaranteed)
  • Build life-changing habits and execute them on auto-pilot (even if you’ve tried and failed before)

What Others Are Saying About This Book

After i finished the book, I wanted to know what others thought of the book and this would help give you an insight.

There are many positive reviews and the only negative review i could find.

But it was expected because Ayo really touched a nerve with his writing and the Truth would hurt some people. That is how the world works.

  • Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement - Book review

Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement

Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement

Real Help : An Honest Guide To Self Improvement


This book is absolutely amazing and would touch a lot of nerves. But i can tell you from my personal experience and from the facts Ayodeji talks not just to make a sale, that this would be the most honest self-help book you would read in 2020.

The other self-help book that made this sort of impression on me is Mark Manson’s the subtle art of not giving a fuck which i read for the first time in 2019.

Amazon is doing a promotion right now because of the pandemic and if there was ever a time to read and start working on your self it is now so the book is going for $0.99.

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  2. Hey there, 

    Thank you for this very real review. 

    I had been interested in reading another self improvement kind of book but really know where to start — which are legit and which are a waste of my time? I have actually read the book by Mark Manson and it is pretty motivating for me. That is probably the only self-improvement book I have ever read also lol. But because I liked it, I want more, just don’t know what! You’ve convinced my to give this book a go, it seems real with no BS, which is exactly what I like!

    Thank you!


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