Review: The New 72IG – It’s Better THAN Ever Before!

Quick Summary

Review of: The New 72 Hour Income Generator (72IG) Implementation Training Program

Founder: Toyin Omotosho

Product Format: Videos, Pdfs, Swipe Files, Community

Product Type: Worldclass Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Rating: 8/10

Price : ₦55,000 / $151 (Use this link and pay $123(save $27) N45,000 – ₦10,000)

Founded: 2018, (New Version) Ist Quarter of 2020

Support: Yes ( Facebook, Telegram )

Community: Yes

Free Trial: No

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes (90 Days Money Back) T & C’s

Best For: People who want to make money online selling digital products they do not own nor create on Expertnaire or any other Affiliate Marketing network ( ClickBank, JVZoo, Commission Junction)

Summary: The New 72-Hour Income Generator(72IG) is one of Nigeria’s best Affiliate Marketing Training that teaches anyone how to create a profitable online business that can generate at least ₦750,000 (Seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira) a month even with ZERO Technical know-how. It’s a step-by-step method on how to start a profitable online business from ANYWHERE in the world. All that’s requires is Laptop (or Smartphone), a good internet connection, and a commitment to learn and implement FAST.

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The New 72IG Training Program Affiliate review 2021

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“If You Lock Me In a Hut For 7 Days And All I Have Is a laptop, internet, and ATM card…This is Exactly What I Will Do To Start Making At Least N750K  a Month…Even If The Economy Went To The Dogs.” – Toyin Omotosin

Lots of people just like you are sharing testimonials of how “The New 72IG Implementation Training Program” is helping them earn upwards of ₦450,000( $1,2000 at 363 exchange rate) a month.

Now, imagine how that amount of money can change your life for good, but first, you’d want to know everything about this program to decide if it is the right fit for you. 

Maybe you’ve been burnt before, bought a course that was all HYPE and NO BITE, this review would answer every question you have

PS: There are Affiliate Links on this post. I’d earn a “tiny” commission if you make a decision to buy anything from any of these links at NO EXTRA cost to you. ( You’d get crazy value and answers to every question you have whether you decide to buy or not)

What Is the New 72IG All About?

The new 72IG Implementation Training Program is an Affiliate Marketing Course that shows you How to Make Money Online selling digital products you don’t own.

Its Owner – Toyin Omotosoa well-known Nigerian Internet Marketer and owner of the website and Newsletter Letters From Toyin. He’s been successfully promoting digital products on Clickbank and is giving you everything that he has used for his own success (Similar to what Legendary Marketers Dave Sharpe is doing)

I can tell you that this program is more “done for You” than most. But you would need to apply yourself. It comes with lots of exclusive bonuses such as

  • Email Swipes
  • Templates
  • Sales and Presale Written Copy

Basically, you are getting a plug-and-play system to start making money selling digital products on Expertanaire(An Affiliate Network similar to Clickbank, JVzoo, and Commission Junction)

Once you understand how it works, you can apply this method to sell products you don’t own

What you would be getting from this course is the core basics of Affiliate marketing and more…

That is

  • How to choose the hottest selling digital products on the platforms(Expertnaire nd other Affiliate Networks)
  • How to get people interested in buying the digital products to the products page
  • How to do Market research, run ads, email automation
  • How to make Sales
  • How to Sell With Whatsapp
  • Regularly upgraded and ready-to-use templates
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook Ads

and so much more as you would soon see.

About Toyin

Toyin is a successful internet marketer from Nigeria with proven results. Formerly known for promoting Clickbank Digital Products.

He’s considered one of Nigeria’s best-paid direct response marketers, a multi-faceted entrepreneur, public speaker, and author ( with books like – How to become a life-breathing cash machine, How to make quick crazy cash, Where the money is, and how to get it ).

Toyin has been in the internet marketing space since 2006, while he has done a couple of businesses over time, his strength lies in Affiliate Marketing and selling Information products.

Through his newsletter – Letters From Toyin and Twitter account which are both very active, Toyin shares what works for him and offers invaluable insights on sales and marketing.

He is the creator of “Expertnaire” which is the most successful affiliate network in Nigeria. Expertnaire is Nigeria’s biggest affiliate Network and costs 10,000 Naira ( $28 ) to register for one full year. 

Toyin is hands-on in his business and practices what he teaches.

Who is the New 72IG Implementation Training Program For?

The problem with the “How to make money online” niche is that, as a hot subject, there are lots of “scam” programs that promise much but deliver little. By doing your due diligence, You have all your answers before “investing” in any of these programs.

That said, to save you time(because it is limited), this program is not for you if you are

  1.  Looking for a get rich quick scheme: I know the appeal for instant gratification is what drives you and me as humans but the appeal is also why there are lots of get rich quick scams people lose money to – Anything worthwhile takes time and effort to  build
  2. You want it NOW: If you are impatient and short on time, this program is not for you as depending on your experiences levels and ability to act fast, the result might be slow to come
  3. You are not ready to pay for the “tools” you need to make it work: yes, you’d need to pay for the tools to make it work. If you are not looking to invest in yourself, you are not going to make any money with this program
  4. You HATE learning: learning is important, what is in this program can only transform you if you are OPEN to learning. If you already know it all and CANNOT follow the instructions. This program is not for you
  5. You are scared of making mistakes: You’re getting the best templates and every information to make this work for you.
  6. You cannot follow through: By acting on what you have learned. this is a requirement if you ever want to request your money back

Who is this program for then?

  • You can follow and implement instruction: Most people buy courses and never go through them. I have a few courses that I have not gone through. I would not see results for those courses.
  • You have the money to invest: Asides from money to pay for the course, you would need money to invest in ads and other resources
  • You are a newbie: the program comes with lots of swipes and templates that an absolute beginner can use to shorten his time to success
  • You want to make passive income online without the stress of creating products: With so many good courses out there, you can make a killing financially by promoting the right ones the right way

What You Would Be Getting Inside the Course

72 Hour Income Generator training Program 2021

                      Click the Image to Register and Save N10,000

You are going to be getting more than enough help with this program as it comes with

  • The New 72IG Implementation Training Program – Valued at ₦2.5million ( two point five million Naira)
  • The Ist 72IG training course – Valued at ₦30,000
  • 1-year affiliate account n Expertnaire – Valued at ₦10,000
  • Webpage Builder & PreDesigned Templates –  FREE
  • Email Marketing Templates – Valued at ₦250,000
  • FREE Done For You Affiliate Campaigns for 7 of the hottest selling Products on Expertnaire – Value ₦350,000
  • Support – Access to the FB 72IG Support Group – FREE
  • 50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program ( Other Affiliates get 30% for promoting this same course )
  • 2-in-1 Exclusive Bonus – Valued at ₦15,000

You would be getting ₦3,140,000 worth of information to help you succeed. Compared to what you pay today, it is a “drop in the bucket”

The program is broken down into 12 days for easy consumptions. Here’s what you get

72IG training Program Review 2021 - All you need to know

Day 1 Videos Show you how to

  1. Set up your foundations
  2. Productivity tips
  3. Day 1 Resources – You also get these mouth-watering resources
  • Join the FB group,
  • Join the Affiliate Expertnaire Support,
  • Expertnaire Video Tutorial
  • Get your first 2-5 sales without spending money on ads (Download) – This Successfully Covers the cost of the program if you make 2 sales. 
  • Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (Download)
  • How to get Virtual Cards on Get Barter (Download)

Day 2 Videos

  1. How to pick a promising product to market
  2. Product and market research
  3. Day 2 Resources –
  • (Download) The Research Worksheet

Day 3 Videos

  1. Kickstarting your sales process
  2. Day  resources:
  • Angles/headline formula and Samples Swipe ( Download)
  • Facebook Opening Statement Formulas/Samples Swipe (Download)
  • Framing and positioning examples Swipe (Download)
  • Conclusion and Call to Action Templates (Download)
  • Samples of pre-sell and Sampler Articles – All of these are on google drive and you get every update from Toyin as soon as he gets new marketing insights and ideas


Day 4 Videos

  1. Kickstarting the sales process (Part 2)
  2. How to Engineer your Lead magnet, opt-in page, and thank you page
  3. Day 4 Resources:
  • David Ogilvy’s Adverts(Download)
  • Ogilvy’s Presell Formula(Download)
  • Optin Page Template(Download)

Day 5 Videos

  1. Getting your domain name, web hosting, and page builder ready
  2. How to install WordPress and thrive architect on your domain
  3. Learn how to use AWeber autoresponder
  4. Quickly design your presell, opt-in, and thank you pages using Thrive Architect
  5. Day 5 resources:
  • Downloadable Templates for Presell Pages, Optin Pages, Thank You Pages that work with Thrive Architect Plugin
  • Thrive Architect Plugin Download
  • WordPress Thrive Architect Installation Service ( N2,500 per domain)

Day 6 Videos

  1. How to use Trojan emails to drive sales
  2. Day 6 resources:
  • Trojan Email Marketing Download

Day 7 Videos

  1. Introduction to Facebook advertising
  2. How to bulletproof yourself against Facebook bans
  3. The “get my ad account back” protocol (what to do if Facebook bans your account)
  4. Day 7 resources:
  • Download the Disapproved ( what to avoid on FB)
  • Terms and Policy Template Download
  • Fb Ad account Appeal Template
  • Day 7 vs 3 Slide

Day 8 Videos

  1. How to use Canva
  2. Setting the foundations for your FB campaigns
  3. Setting up tracking for your advert campaigns (how to install a Facebook “Pixel” plugin for your tracking)
  4. Doing your Facebook advert homework
  5. Facebook and image display training
  6. Setting up your conversion ads on Facebook
  7. The 72IG math
  8. Day 8 Resources:
  • Exceptional Facebook Ads (PDF Download)
  • Complete FaceBook targeting FB Blueprint
  • List of Blocked Words For your FB Page
  • Warming up your FB Ad Account – PDF
  • Video Animation Training (Download)

Day 9 Videos

  1. How to generate a lookalike audience that will bring you sales using a buyers custom audience
  2. URL redirect tutorial
  3. Question & Answers on the 72IG system
  4. Day 9 resources:
  • Updated travel Matters Content Page Template (Only Works With Thrive Architect)
  • How to redirect your affiliate link
  • 72IG Q n A on Zoom (Wednesday and Thursday)

Day 10 Video

  1. How to analyze the data from your ad campaign

Day 11 Video

  1. How to troubleshoot a 72IG funnel

Day 12 Video

  1. Instagram ads training

The Pros and Cons of the 72IG

The Good

What I like about this program is that:

1. It has every piece of information you need to be a success even if you are new to affiliate marketing. You get a system that is already working and just implement it with little “tweaks” here and there

2. You have access to the expertanaire affiliate Network and access to 40+ digital products to choose from:(statistics show that most successful affiliate marketers focus on only 1 – 10 products)

3. Lots of support : a private Facebook page of over 3.8k member to date, telegram

4. Life-time access once you pay: You get every upgrade for free. Once you are in, You are in.

5. I love that there is a refund policy: this balances out the fact that there are no free trials…

6. You would be learning from someone who is doing what he says

7. it is cheaper compared to other genuine affiliate courses out there ( For comparison – Legendary Marketers Dave Sharp has a similar program that is $2500 upwards)

8.You get lots of done-for-you templates from top internet marketers in Nigeria.

9. 90 Days Money-back Guarantee: Terms and Conditions for this are on the sales page

The Bad:

1. it takes about 6 hours plus to watch all the videos. The average length of the videos is about 20minutes each and there are 18 videos in total.

 2.No recurring commissions for this product: (if you are promoting it as an affiliate) compared to what you’d get for promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Paying for the training is not the only investment you would make. This is fair and should not be a disadvantage as any internet marketer worth his salt knows that you spend money on “tools” – Such as a website, Website page builders, an Email autoresponder, to get the best results

4. No upsells on this product if you are promoting it as an affiliate.

5. You will spend money on ads if you want to get the best possible result in a short amount of time

6. No SEO training to generate free traffic from blogs

7. It would take a newbie more than a month to see substantial



  • Olagoke Dotun made ₦15 million within 12 months.
  • Sola Matthew made ₦456,000 in 35 days using WhatsApp promotional strategies.
  • Seun Johnson has earned a commission of over ₦1 million within 2 months.
  • Onome Maureen has made over N6 million earned with Expertnaire over 12 months.
  • Chukwu Stephen has  made over ₦1.2m using the 72IG model
  • Ademiluyi Adegboyega has made over ₦3.5million promoting affiliate programs using the 72IG model.

Depending on where you are, these figures are possible t0 hit but would take time and everyday effort.

My Recommendation

in my 3 years in the affiliate marketing space, This is the best affiliate program by a Nigerian I have seen.

Similar to what Dave Sharpe is doing with Legendary marketer which is also known as “duplicate dave” because he shares his methods, copy, and templates for insiders, Toyin’s program – 72ig program can also be called “duplicate Toyin” – as it is is a premium course on how anyone(no matter your skill level) can make money online using methods and materials that have worked for him

Toyin is not all hype as he helps by setting realistic goals for students of 72ig. He’d tell you that failure is a possibility if you expect to DO NOTHING but expect EVERYTHING.

So if you’re looking for a business opportunity that puts an extra 6-figure income in your pocket, then you should consider this program.

​What kind of experiences do you have with the 72IG program or other similar high ticket programs?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

6 thoughts on “Review: The New 72IG – It’s Better THAN Ever Before!”

  1. Hi and thanks for this. It looks like a very professional and complete package, though there were a few points in your review about the training that I found a little curious. I was surprised that there is no training at all on SEO. I would have thought that SEO is one of the main cornerstones of affiliate marketing. I also thought that 6 hours of videos is actually not very much. Just doing a quick bit of mental arithmetic, I think Wealthy Affiliate must have at least 12 hours of video and probably much more for either of the basic courses and that isn’t to even start of the massive archives of supplementary video training. I am also a little dubious about MFY packages. If people are only making very minor tweaks to the content then it would be all too easy for everyone’s sites and messages to look like clones. Anyway, having said that I’m sure it is a good product that achieves its goals. Best regards, Andy 

    • Hey Andy

      You are right about SEO. The main focus of this training is more on paid traffic and email marketing.

      While Wealthy Affiliate is more on SEO, This program does not tech that at all. it is perfect for those looking for instant result in a shorter time(SEO takes longer to build)

      And the Done For You.. is more template than copy and paste… but you’re right that it is a good template and achieves it’s goals

  2. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article on the new 72IG review. I think it is a great program for making money at the comfort of your and achieve financial freedom much quicker than being someone’s employee. I like mostly because it offers world-class training and has a money-back guarantee. In my opinion, I think the new 72IG is worth a try. Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing it further too.

  3. Hi Jude
    Thanks for sharing your review on the new 72 hours Income Generator. This is basically affiliate marketing training program where Toyin explain in detail all the aspects of affiliate marketing .if someone gives enough time to learn the curve and very sincere to do the practical on the knowledge Gate he sure bound to succeed. I think we can give it a try once to taste the success of our self.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  4. Thanks for bringing us this great review on 72IG.

    It is always good to be able to read about opportunities that actually work, as there are so many scams out there.

    It is good that the training is at a level that even someone new to the business can understand and implement.

    The only issue that I would have is that if everything is already done for you, then everyone will be using the same landing pages etc, so it won’t be long before customers get to see it several times and be totally put off.

    I suppose if you get into it early enough, you can make money before it gets too overused.  At which stage hopefully they will refresh everything.

    • yes Geoff

      you do have a point on the “done for you”

      But it is just templates and in the program. you are shown how to modify it to your taste. 

      As with most affiliate marketing where people promote the “hottest” best product

      You want to be different in your marketing.


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