Secret Society Of Millionaires Review – The Mob(E)nsion!


Secret Society Of Millionaires Review

My Review of Secret Society Of Millionaires

If you re reading this, you must have stumbled upon the product and you are taking your time to do your due diligence before you Sign up. I want to Congratulate you for making such a wise decision. So let us dive in Headfirst and see what really This Secret Society Of Millionaires is all about and If they deliver on their Product and Promises.

Online Marketers are getting better at finding a name to get you hooked, and with a name like Secret Society Of millionaires, who wouldn’t want to sign up and be among?

Most especially If you want to make money like we all are.

So is there really a Secret Society of Millionaires ( not an Illuminati post ) ?

This Products make it look like you are getting in with a group of financially Great entrepreneurs with hidden secrets that make them millions.

So if this all Scam or a Legit way to make money online, because you and I know that there are many scams online nowadays and that is why you are taking your time to do your due diligence before being signed up to any programs.

PS: I am not an associate or affiliated with Secret Society Of Millionaires in any form so i wold not be trying to sell or pitch you anything but rather show you very concrete reasons why this product is an absolute sham!


Company Name : Secret Society of Millionaires

Company Founder : Jason Alton

Business Model : Multi-Level Networking Company ( MLM ) (MOBE Scam) Although it is marketed as an affiliate Business Model

Price Points : $49 + Upsells

Best Fit For Those : who wants to lose a lot of money

Summary : This Product is marketed to you as an affiliate Marketing Product but the minute you pull out your credit card details and subscribe, you are pulled into the sales funnel of Pyramid Scheme Known an MOBE.

Once you in this Funnel, You are now required to pay Thousands of Dollars before you can start earning. It Pulls you in slowly and once you are hooked! you would keep making payment in the hope of making profit but this is not so! This is a very Good Reason to avoid this product at all cost. But Just so you need more conviction read the rest of this post and also you might find something worth investing it!

Personal Recommendation : Hell No!

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This review would answer the following Frequently Asked Questions When it comes to Secret Society Of Millionaires

What Secret Society of Millionaire is?

What Really Goes on Inside Secret Society Of Millionaires?

IS Secret Society Of Millionaires a MOBE Extension?

Who IS Secret Society Of Millionaires For

Disgusting Truths About Secret Society Of Millionares

Is Secret Society Of Millionaires a Scam?

How Can You MAke Money Online

What Is Secret Society Of Millionaires?

Secret Society Of Millionaires (SSOM) – ( Again kudos to whoever is responsible for coming up with this “hook” of a title) is marketed as a “simple” 21 step Affiliate Programs that teaches you all you need to know about affiliate marketing.

The sales pitch begins immediately you hit the landing page, where a sales video of The Founder Jason Alton who will be telling you how he’s going to teach you how you can quit your job, work from home and access a secret automated system that’ll see you generating a ton of money online in no time.

Sounds Perfect right?

Well lets See,

As you continue to watch the video, he would tell you how he has made thousands of dollars and continues to on a steady basis without really going into how he make it. He also completely ignores saying what the program is really all about.

The Video is geared towards helping you make an emotional buy by showing you all the gilts and glamour you could get by putting little to no effort and only for $49?!

Even I was tempted while i was doing this research

However, Like all scams you are in for a heart wrenching feeling the minute you pay for the program!

Because this is where they really get you hooked!

Read On.

What Really Goes on Inside Secret Society Of Millionaires

Secret Society Of Millionaire is marketed and sold as an Affiliate Training Program For $49 only!

But in Truth, This is only Used as a low ticket bait used to lead you into a high ticket item purchase of a product within the Program which is called Mobe ( My Own Business Education )

Jerry’s Review On MOBE is The Best I came across while Doing My Research

You would be given a PDF That Covers the basics of affiliate marketing but you won’t be earning any Money yet through that. This is just to prepare you for what is to come!

This is Where it turns into an MLM

To Earn requires you to bring in more members Who you can Resell MOBE to

So every training you would be getting would be on how you can competently resell MOBE to more unsuspecting Buyers

But wait?

There’s more

MOBE has a business Model that is “”PAY TO PLAY”

This means that you have to own the Product Before you are able to promote it and you won’t be able to sell the product as a referral alone( as most true affiliate programs allow you to)

So now you are closer to making thousands of Dollars online, but you need to buy those very expensive products first!

Here are a few MOBE membership Levels that you would be required to purchase and resell

Secret Society Of Millionares MOBA Membership

While it is true that to make money you need to sometimes spend money, The Affiliate Marketing Business Model does not work like that

Rather you are paid by the commissions made when anyone signs up, purchases a program that you referred them to by the unique code attached to your referral URL

You do not need to own or Use the product!

That is the number one catch of Affiliate Marketing.

But With The Secret Society Of Millionaires you have to

  • Register for $49 just to have access to the training resources
  • Join a High Ticket item Funnel for MOBE
  • Make a MOBE membership purchase in order or you to be able to sell and earn from it

IS Secret Society Of Millionaires a MOBE Extension?

Yes It is, and if you are still in the dark as to what Mobe is

Here is a brief answer for you

What is Mobe?

Secret Society Of Millionaire Moba Logo

MOBE is a step-by-step work-from-home training program that teaches you how to start your digital business from home.

However, it is also worth pointing out that MOBE has been shut down by the FTC for being a pyramid scheme.

Who Is Secret Society Of Millionaires For

Any one looking to lose lots of money or get Dragged into an MLM Funnel

Secret Society Of Millionaires(SSOM) and My Online Business Education(MOBE) are both scam programs that you should avoid at all cost as there are far better programs out there that can give you the financial Freedom you require

To Get Started on A Program Where You can Learn/Earn Legitimately online you can check out this step by step method for Free

it wouldn’t cost you $49 Dollars or your credit card Info as Registration Is Absolutely FREE

Join Other Legitimate Millionaires ( depends on the currency 😉 ) and Build a lasting Online Business Enterprise for yourself.

Disgusting Truths About Secret Society Of Millionares

1) There are no Coaches or Mentors For you!

Somewhere in his sales pitch, Jason Alton Mentions that you would be getting a millionaire mentor/coach who would be guiding you through this whole process but in truth you would be talking to another sales representative trying to make a sale and earn a commission and after you are drained, because trust me, you would pay every cent you own trying to make back a little of your money.

2) Fake Testimonials / Sales pitch

Starting from the sales video at the beginning you would know that all is not right with this company and as always i like to look at testimonials and what other are saying about a product

Turns out that the video testimonials Used by Secret Society Of Millionaires to showcase and garner Social Proof of their members who’ve “succeeded” in making money online is nothing but duplititous

These are all paid actors paid to read a script online from a network known as Fiverr

3 ) Owners Identity: Who is Jason Alton

secret society of millionaires

Remeber Jason Alton? Yes, turns out he is nothing but a made up name and the photo attached to the sales video is actually gotten from shutterstock

Secret Society Of Millionaire Review

Scam Products usually hide behind a fake owner or spokesperson so they remain in complete anonymous.

There is nothing Good about this product or the company and i advise you stay far away from it as possible

Is Secret Society Of Millionaires a Scam?

One word

YES! Most Definitely it is!

Worst still is the fact that the Scam they’re trying to funnel you into has been shut down by the FTC.


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