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Hey there

This is Jude C. Ifeanyi and I want to say thank you for requesting for a copy of my FREE GUIDE where I explain 4 proven Steps to generating 350k-700k monthly Using a website and an email List.

Selling Digital Products Your Don't own or create​​

The download link for this VALUE filled Guide has been sent to the email address you provided.

But before you check it out


You are!

You just took your first step towards making 6-figures with an online  business selling digital products you don't own or create if you are willing to put in the work and implement on what you learn

But before you rush over to your email box, I want to ask you a question

Are You happy With How Much You Are Making Right Now to Foot Your Bills?... Considering How Hard you Work?

Out of the Several business models I've tried online since 2018, this business model you are about to learn has the lowest barrier to entry( you don't need much to get started) but it can cost you

- Time

- Dedication

- A laptop and a good internet connection

 and It is the fastest model you can use to start generating more an extra N350,000 or more to your monthly income.

I said N350,000 because that is the minimum amount that you should be generating on a monthly basis using this system(It's all explained in the guide)

The best part is that it does not require a lot of money or time.

If you are interested, I have created a guide and a follow up email series with daily tasks that would help you start building immediately

Would you Succed?

It is left to you.. lots of people quit at the beginning but if you can cross the 90 day perid, You'd be glad

This would work for you if 

  • You want reliable and legitimate way to make money online( No scams ).
  • You have a Strong "WHY" ( why do you want to make money )
  • You are ready to put in the "work" and take action implementing what you have learned .
  • You want to make some extra money online part-time.
  • Your current job is not paying or the bills so you want other streams of income.
  • You want the freedom to make money online, working whenever you want and at your own time.
  • You are able to follow simple steps ( You do not need to reinvent the wheel just follow the proven methods that work).
  • You want real support from real people to make money online(I'd be here to guide you).
  • You want to increase your quality of life

That said, this course is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a "get-rich-quick-scheme".
  • You are a quitter and would give up if you face the first setback.
  • You you are not willing to take any action.
  • You are not commited
  • You are not teachable ( yeah it happens, i used to be unteachable as i felt i knew it all- this is the surest way to not learn)

While i'd love this course to be for everyone, sadly it is not for everyone.


It's only for those who are committed, ready to learn, disciplined ( this is learnable ) and teachable.

if you are still reading i believe you can do this.(and i would show you why and how in the coming days)

This would open you to a "new way of life" because that's what happened to me when I followed these steps.

No Skills? - No problems

"Every pro was once an Amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now"-Robin Sharma

When I got started, I was a complete newbie with no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to make some money online as i felt that would solve all my problems at the time.

I had completed two degrees ( Bsc and MSc) was working a day job and still was not satisfied with my quality of life, income or habits.

I've never seen myself as someone who would own a business online much less learn any money making skills  not taught in the four walls of a traditional school.

As a matter of fact, I used to laugh and turn my nose up at people trying to make money online as I felt it is the easiest way to lose money with all the scams out there. ( this is why I took so long to start - it still is the quickest way to lose money if you are not careful).

Would this be as life-changing for you as well?

Of course it will, I remember waking up to anxiety attacks, applying for jobs and being scared of what will happen if I lost my job. I had no savings, I had just the one skill i learnt in my 6 years in the University ( BSc + MSc ) and the only side hustle i had was writing research papers.

I was a skeptic and felt incapable of achieving any of my set objectives.

I know you can do this too by Following the directions below to start your first lesson and get rolling immediately below.

By following my emails every single day, you can even change your life.

After you have finished this 7-day course, you would have accomplished the following things:

• You've built the foundation for your success online. (Day 1!)
• You've learned the Proven 4-step formula for success online. (More about this on Day 2)
• You've seen the PROOF this really works. (More about this on Day 6)
• You've learned actionable tips to make progress faster. (Every day)
• And More! ( Bonus on how to fight procrastination, and build good mental habits)

You can ask me questions anytime but keep in mind that I am a busy person and I might take awhile to respond but I most definitely will.

I will be more than happy to help you to succeed but it requires that you are committed as well and following through. If you are not willing to take any action, you are just wasting your time and this is not for you.

So, if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to let me know because I'm here to help you.

“The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, The second best time is now”

Now is the time for you to take your first step!

Start your 7-day course here now and transform your life completely

You'll hear the rest of my own story within the first lesson and get to know me better.

I'm a simple guy from Nigeria who has a big desire of helping ordinary people to succeed.

I've received a lot of blessings in my life and I want to be a big blessing to you as I love to teach.

At your command!

Talk soon,

Jude C. Ifeanyi

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Make sure to check out your inbox daily.

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