The Hidden Secrets To Making Money Online? – 4 Ninja steps you can start with now!

Making Money online for beginnersWhen it comes to “Making Money Online” most especially when you are just starting out in the Scary online world, you are going to be hit with an overdose of information, why?

The question “How the heck can i make money online?” has so many truthful answers and so many wrong ones ( scams and “gurus” who dont practice what they preach) too.

Just like making money offline has so many paths, so does making money online. if you would give me a few minutes of your time ( only if you are going to take action on what you read), I would explain to you the process and the necessary foundation you need to get you online business off the ground.

I would spare you the Bullshit (pardon my language) and be totally honest with you because i have been where you are and i know how frustrating my first few tries online was.

When most people start out wanting to make money online, they  are looking for the quickest way and that would require less effort and them not having to do any work at all, they end up either being scammed or having a genuine way but not willing to do the work. but you are not most people and i believe you are different. that said,

PS: If you are not going to put in the work, or you are looking for a quick way to make money without doing the required work decided of you, “Stop reading Now!”, “This is not for you!”, however, if you are tired and crave to be financially independent by learning skills that can help you build a profitable online business by all means you are already ahead!

Now that’s out of the way, The First Ninja Secret to making money online is

  • Building The Foundation Of your Online Business – Website or Forum.

To succeed online building a long term business, you need your own website! it is as easy as that!

WebsiteA lot of people try for shortcuts and loop holes by spamming Facebook, twitter, Instagram, with links or trying to sell etc

the problem with these are while they can get you results faster in the short term, you can get blocked.kicked-out or banned if you do not play by their rules of these platforms.

You would need those avenues to drive traffic to your website but having your own website is the equivalent of a strong foundation for what you are building ( A profitable online business).

Having a solid foundation sets you apart and it has become amazingly easy to set this up as there are platforms that would help you build an amazing website in 30 seconds or less!

Setting your online foundation from the start will help you to build something substantial and profitable in the long run.


“OK, Now that my amazing website is up and running what next?” – The next step to being profitable is to start Creating Helpful Content. Not just content but Valuable Content is King. Content is King

Content is what would bring people (traffic) to you website, either through ( SEO) and by sharing your content across other platforms.

so this step actually requires two things of you.

  1. Creating Good quality helpful content that would be indexed by search engines like google and Bing
  2. sharing your content across social media platforms(pinterest, twitter, Instagram,Youtube, forums related to your niche)

Content is the best way to build a relationship with your website visitors that would eventually convert to revenue once they start getting value, knowing and trusting you or your Brand.

Your content can take a variety of formats, from texts, to video and audio forms.

Your content should also “show” and not “tell”, most valuable content that works are content s that teach people how to solve a probem they already have(How Tos), how to earn more, testimonials and success stories(honest ones), honest opinionated reviews of products(both digital and physical)

Search engines ( Google, Bing, Pinterest etc) like websites that create valuable and helpful content and so do PEOPLE.

Quality ever green Content would help you achieve more.


with your foundation set for success and you’re building (content wise) ready and gaining traffic following up from the second step. you need as many people to see it which is also known as “website traffic”. These readers are your potential customers and consumers so you have to find them.Website traffic

Getting people to your site first and foremost requires good quality content which you get by

  1. writing good and valuable content
  2. creating engaging videos
  3. getting your content ranked on google(SEO)
  4. any form of paid traffic
  5. ads

these skills i had no idea how to do but i learned them from this Awesome Community and you can Get started as well for $0. It is my best recommendation for you to start your online business education if you want to change your finances.

So if anything here sounds strange believe me, you can learn all about it if you Start Now. Some few months ago i did not have any idea what SEO meant( i did not even know the meaning of acronym) but now i freelance and get paid creating SEO content and much more!

If you decide to join i would be waiting on the inside to help you build your own successful business online. You can start by creating a FREE ACCOUNT HERE and you can send me a message if you need my help.


This is the best part for you and the fun part is. there are a lot of ways ( a lot ) to generate passive income (money!) from a website that has traffic. Here are some amazing ways you can make money with this.

Make money online as a beginner in Nigeria

  1. Sell Advertising to other website owners – other website owners would pay you to place adverts on your site.
  2. Selling products as an affiliate– you get to make money off other peoples products sold on your site(and there is a shit ton of affiliate products you can promote in any niche or market)
  3. Selling Amazon Product– you can be earning while you sleep if one of your site visitors visits amazon from your website and goes on a crazy shopping spree. That’s a lot of passive income.
  4. You can start selling your own products because if your site visitors like and trust your content, they would most certainly be interested in whatever you decide to sell or market to them.
  5. You could make a killing(money wise) if you decide to sell your website. People sell their websites for as much as $10,000 ( even just domain names e.g “www.(the right name).com” could earn your as much as $500,000                        In 2015, the domain name “360.com” sold for a whooping $17million dollars.
  6. Google Adsense ( putting ads on your website)

these are just a few possibilities of the 100’s of ways you can monetize a site. And you can learn how to do all that in one place here.

If you are just looking for passive income or want this to be a full time job that pays the bills and gets you to live your best life, you can do it.  It all depends on YOU!


When I started out online, I thought I could do it alone, I was a know-it-all back then, and it cost me not just time and energy but money.

I would get super anxious as nothing i did was working and i did not know what i was doing wrong. i quit a couple of times for good measure and spent four years away.

I got into situations i could have avoided, stayed stuck when all i needed to do was ask for “help” from the right person and be pointed in the right direction. The day i started using my “community” everything changed for me.

This path has been walked by others successfully and you need the right type of guidance if you really intend on doing this right.

There are SO many scams out there, for every genuine platform that would teach you how to make money online, there are 1000 “fake gurus” whose only income comes from selling “BS” that they never practice, I wasted time and money on this and if at this point you have, i feel for you but your pain ends here! I guarantee it

If you have not well, you’re reading this at the perfect time and i guarantee if you put in the required work (there is no such thing as easy money) you can do it.

I consider myself a very lazy person and if i can learn and continue to learn the discipline of building a successful online business then absolutely anyone can do it too.

so Get Started Now!

PS: So, now that you understand the hidden secrets of how making money online works, what other fear is stopping you from making a decision now?

PSS:Remember “the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now”

And if you ever need a hand with anything or are confused about the process of “earning” online, let me know.

My name is I.Chiadika (thehealthyAfffiliate), leave me a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

6 thoughts on “The Hidden Secrets To Making Money Online? – 4 Ninja steps you can start with now!”

  1. Your 4 ninja tips are on point. I remembered when I first started doing my research on how to make money online. I was bombarded with all the informations and do not know which one to follow or who to trust. And yess all the gurus who do do what they preach a d take advantage of newbies are unacceptable.

    What I am doing now is just get the training. I aim for weekly that I learn new stuff. I do not give up on my site or niche (it has been 1 1/2 year) because I know that it takes time to build traffic on SEO. Lastly, I also join a network group for both affiliate niche and my site niche, just to get the latest information that I can utilize to my site. 

    My advice for anyone is just do it, take it slow and steady 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Some great tips on how to start making money online here. I 100% agree that content is king and getting fresh and high quality content on your site is the way forward.

    I’m glad that you’ve mentioned sharing your content on social media, as that is something I’ve started doing religiously. I currently use Pinterest and twitter and want to start sharing on youtube, would you advise that as being a good next step; or do you think some of the other social media platforms you mentioned are better for initial growth?

    • Hi Nate, 

      Any platform you use is great just master one and when its going great you can test out another. You want to be able to reach(and help) as many people as possible. 

  3. Thanks for the awesome post!  I love how you were able to break it down to four simple steps!  Those four steps are truly what is needed to get your online business going.  One thing I love about online business is that it can focus on your passion, and it is a relatively cheap way to start a business!

  4. I love this The Healthy Affiliate Website! It is nicely organized and very informative! I’ve learned a lot of useful and valuable Information for my own online Business and Website. The Healthy Affiliate is definitely the place to go if you want to learn how to actually become successful online! I can only Recommend it to everyone out there trying to get Rich online!


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