What are keywords in Search Engines – How To Lose Money With “KEYWORDS”

Hey there, Using my “Secret Spy Tool”, I realized that most people have been asking “What are keywords in search engines?” and although this no longer sounds alien to me, I still remember when it was complete “jargon” because i lacked understanding of the concept and how it was going to help me grow my business.

My “Secret Spy Tool” tells me that there are not enough answer to this question online and the very few answers that exist just tell and do not show people the what they really need to know concerning keywords.

So in this post I would be breaking it down to the simplest forms and if this term is still alien to you after you read this post then i would be very disappointed in myself and so would my “secret spy tool” because we both honestly want to help you.

We do not want you disappointed so how about we dive in and i show you how best to Understand Keywords, How it makes sense, How it can be useful to you and maybe, just maybe introduce you to my Secret Spy Tool. 🙂

What is a “keyword”

keywords/ˈkiːwəːd/ noun

1. A word or concept of great significance.

2. A word which acts as the key to a cipher or code.
3. A word that is a key: such as a significant word from a title or document used especially as an index to content

4. A word exemplifying the meaning or value of a letter or symbol

This are the definitions of a keyword according to Mariam Webster Dictionary.

but i know this is not the keyword definition you want but for a better understanding let us take it step by step as it helps.

What is a “search engine”

A search engine is a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to “keywords” or “characters” specified by You,

It is used especially for finding a particular site(s) or some type of information on the World Wide Web.

This works when a you enters “keywords” or “key phrases” into a search engine and receive a list of Web content results in the form of websites, images, videos or other online data.

Who Uses Search Engines?

the world population is estimated at an amazing 7,753,483,209 as at march 31, 2019 – and of this number, internet users are estimated to be at 4,346,561,853 Worldwide.

80-90% of these internet Users actively use search engines daily and you are part of this amazing statistic.

Search engines helps us by providing the right information in front of us by utilizing those pesky “keywords” and “key phrases” you type in.

Why does this Work?

There are over 1.6 billion websites and counting as at the time i wrote this- and counting because a new website pops up just about every second, you can go take a look here and see how many websites exists and this number would continue to grow and grow and grow as more businesses begin to realize and put into use the power of the internet to grow their business.

Due to the outrageous amount of websites and “content”-information that exists, finding information on a particular subject can only be achieved through the use of search engines by utilizing the keywords you are using.

If You wanted to do a quick search on “How to make money online” typing this into the search engine of your choosing would utilize the keywords for my search which is “how” “money” and “online”.

Using those “key phrases” you listed out, the search engine does a deep dive through the 1 billion plus websites and their content that is if the websites content is “indexed”.

This allows the search engine to provides you with the closest match for the information you have requested.

Most search engines would display results of paid adverts( if any – e.g google ad words) relating to your search and after that populate the rest of the result page with more free content – i.e individual website that do not pay but have the information relating to your search request. The search engines also compares your “keywords” and compares it against other searches similar to yours, it also stores your searches and keeps adding new and new websites and content to its database to daily serve you.

So now we know that without search engines, Finding information online would feel like finding a needle in a haystack or worse.

So search engines help point you in the right direction.

Not all search engines work the same as some are more powerful than others, some are more popular, some have restrictions to the information they can get you and some have no rules when supplying you with results.

There are some very famous search engines and some fairly new up comers, below is a list of 10 top search engines that are used around the world. For an in depth review of what these search engines are about and what their rules, you can read up on them and more search engine here

Top Ten Search Engines

1. Google

search engine optimisation - Perth - Scotland

2. Bing

SEO | Perth | Web Design | Bing | PPC

3. Yahoo

yahoo | SEO | Perth | Scotland

4. Baidu

Baidu - SEO - Perth - PPC

5. AOL

6. Ask.com

ask | inspire | web design | perth

7. DuckDuckGo


duck duck go - Inspire IT Services | Perth

8 Yandex

yandex - perth - seo - web design

9. Lycos

lycos | perth | SEO | Web design

10. Chacha.com

You are getting very close to being introduced to my “little spy friend”

Keywords and Search Engines – Using it to grow your online business

Now that you have an understanding of keywords and search engines, i know the dots are beginning to connect especially if you have an online business, want to start an online business or want to be put in front of all these potential customers that use search engines and might be looking for something related to your business?

how do you want to get in front of all these potential customers?

how do you get you website, businesses and your brand in front of all these people?

well there are two ways to do this,

The first is Knowing how to get your website indexed by search engines so that your content is regularly indexed in their database and you can get help on doing that by being part of this Amazing University and you can even start for FREE!!!

Secondly is by having your own “little Spy Tool”.

Your “Secret Spy Tool” tells you what is being looked for in your niche.

It tells you of the competition you would face and would help you find relevance or “rank” high on the search engines which is the ultimate goal as there is this saying that goes ” the best place to never be found is on page two of any search engine result”

I can hear your fears and i hear you asking  “What if i am just starting. Obviously other websites are offering the help i want to offer, how do i make it?

The truth is, you can. if it was not possible more websites would not be popping up.

By getting your own “Secret Spy Tool” and knowing how to use it by getting trained in that Amazing University i talked bout you can get in front of the right customers and the right audience. Why do you need training? well, my little spy friend is like a new car and although it is easy to drive, you need to understand how to get the most out of it. you do not want to drive a Ferrari the same way you drive a tricycle. you need to get the mos out of it.

There are more and more people using search engines multiple times in a day looking for the exact help you can provide and most of these people would pay for your help. So give yourself an unfair advantage by checking out “My Secret Spy Tool” .

My little spy friend and I would love to get feedback from you or better views on this. till next time keep reading.

” To acquire Solomon’s wisdom, Read a book everyday”

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  1. This is a wonderful article you have just written. It is self explanatory. The search engine is a design software program to meet a need that you are aiming at within a specific area. The search engine provides you information by putting in the right word which could also be seen as the keyword to get across the database of an individuals or organization. The search engine makes the work of individual simply and easy instead of reading different text books without even sure if you will find what you are looking for. The search engine safe time for both individuals and organization in trying to provide a solution to an identified problems. Indeed, its wonderful write up. Best wishes!

  2. The logic and algorithm of most search engines and their optimization programs will go well over the heads of the average affiliate marketer. Understanding how keywords relate to searches performed by everyday people is essential in buildings a sustainable business.

    I found that starting out was a daunting task but the more I experimented with key words and the targeting of these words, the easier this became. Thank you for adding a section about your secret spy tool as these are becoming more and more important in correct targeting keywords and content.


  3. Hi, I’m an affiliate marketer and still on my website, I’ve been reading interesting articles here on how to improve online businesses and I’ve been putting it into practice. Thankgod I’m reading this article, I’ve added the KEYWORD into my activity log. I will try and apply what I learnt here

  4. I have never heard of a ‘Secrete Spy Tool’ until now. A very clever way to introduce the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I have my own Secret Spy Tool as well. I use this tool every day to help me created ranking content for my blog. What I am using it for? Find keywords that search engines love. This is how you make money online.

    I enjoy reading your article.

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Keywords are essential things in search engines, I gained this from wealthy affiliates training program and it’s has been helping my blogging journey. I can say your point about keywords are real and very detailed. Thanks for the research and good write. Best regards 


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