What Are The Most Successful Online Business Models? – The Core 4.

What Are The Successful Online Business Models of 2019?

2020 just got underway and It’s okay if you are still confused about the successful Online Business models to try.

If you’re googling “the best online business of 2019” so you can start and be ahead of the park in making money this year.

You’re not alone.

On search engines(Google, Bing), some of the most asked(and trending) questions being asked right now are?

“Successful Online Businesses?”

“What businesses can I start Online with zero capital”

“What were the profitable business models of 2019?”

“What are the most profitable online business models of 2019?”

All these questions would give you so many answers and with the way everyone is marketing their ” Make money products / Ideas ” you could fall into an endless scheme of buying into products, programs or opportunity that don’t just work as you expect them to.

But what if you can have your very own checklist (That makes sense to you) , that you can run any business Opportunity(Both Online and offline) through to see if it is scale able and profitable in the long run before you make a choice? ( Especially if you are considering a career change)

With this checklist you can know which Successful Business Model to spend not just your money but most importantly your time if you want to make more money this year.

These are tips I wished someone shared with me before I even looked at any business opportunity( or chose a career path) but now that I know them I can see the value they can bring in deciding on any business to try (Most especially online) and I cannot wait to share them with you.

In this post, You will learn about the

How To Make Money in any business using the 3 Profit activators (Your Checklist)

Using Your Checklist(with examples)

The Core Four Business Models that make a successful business blueprint

The best way to start Earning(and learning) how to build a profitable passive income business

The 5 ways to picking the best Afiliate Marketing Opportunity

The 3 Profit Activators In Any Business – Your Checklist

The Three Profit ActivatorsJay Abraham – the 21.7 billion Dollar Man and Highest Paid Marketing Consultant according to Forbes SUCCESS inc. simplifies How To Make Money in any business into “3 simple profit activators”

There are only 3 ways to make money inside of a business, and tapping into all 3 would help you earn and run a profitable business.

The three profit activators to make money inside of a business are :

1) Can you make more money in the business by getting more customers?

2) Can You Do repeat business with those customers?

3) Can You Sell higher ticket value items ( Products or services worth more than +$1000 per sale) to your customers?

Simple right?

then how come everyone is not doing this?

You can take any business opportunity and run them through this filter, and if it passes all three, you are in a long term profitable business and most definitely halfway to success.

What if it passes just the first 2?

The business can still be profitable but there is now a limit to how much money(Scaleable) you can earn long term.

Let me show you some examples and how you can use this checklist because in order to know what’s good, we must know what’s bad

Lets go through some ” business start up choices” and talk about what they don’t tell you.

Using YOUR Checklist

1) The 9-5 job9-5 Jobs

There are very profitable 9-5 jobs but when you run it through all three profit activators for you(as an employee), it would still fail the checklist.

Can you get more money if you get more customers? definitely not

Can you do repeat business? Definitely not

Can You sell high ticket items? Nope


As an employee, getting more customers gets your company more money and not you, and your company is the one doing repeat business with these customers and you most definitely can not sell higher ticket items.

2) Real estate flipping

Real Estate FlippingReal Estate Flipping is Quick-profit strategy in which you as an investor purchases real estate at a discount price and improves the property in order to resell at a much higher price.

This has been a very lucrative profit strategy in the past if when the housing market is doing really well. Let’s run it through our checklist.

Can you get more customer – Yes

Can you do repeat business with those customers? – No (rarely)

Can you sell higher ticket items – Yes

so this gets a 1 and a half out of 3

3) Regular Brick and Mortar business( a dying breed):

Brick and Mortar Business

Working with a regular brick and mortar business like Shoprite or Walmart.

Can You get more customers – yes

Can You do Repeat business – repeat business yes

Can You sell higher ticket products – no (you might sell something slightly higher like designer trousers as opposed to just regular trousers) and worst still you can only scale by reducing price(low ticket products)

Now that you and I have gone through some physical products, let’s talk of some slightly better options online and see if they pass all three of the profit activator checklist.

5) E com: shopify, Amazon:

Ecom: Amazon, ShopifyyCreating a shopify store is one of the raves right now if you can do it right or Hire Someone to build one for you.

It is an excellent way to generate passive income and it has made hundreds of thousands for people who have tried and succeeded at it and also has the added advantage of a low overhead cost.

I own and run a shopify store so i really looked forward to running it through the checklist so here it goes?

1) Can You make more money by getting more customers – Yes

2) Can you do repeat business with those customers – Yes

3) Can you sell higher ticket products to increase revenue – No


PS: Interested in having a beautiful shopify store created for you?, click here to hire a freelancer(upwork link)

6) MLM – Multi Level Marketing

MLMEveryone has their say on MLM (Basically here, we do not like it) but it has proved profitable and others have made money of it.

Let’s leave that debate for another day and run it through the 3 profit activators to see if it is profitable and scale able.

1) Can You get more customers? – Yes

2) Can You do repeat business? – yes

3) Can You sell higher ticket products? – No

so This is are 2/3

You can take any business of your choice now and run them through this 3 profit activators and see if you have one on your hand that taps into all 3 profit activators as described by Jay Abraham.

Most of these businesses are profitable and a good source for generating passive income, but what if we can get a piece the pie from very profitable businesses that checks all three profit activators?

Do these Businesses exist?

Yes, these businesses exist and they are termed “High Leverage, High Ticket” businesses.

These are 4 core business models that the Dave Sharpe’s, Tai Lopez’s and Kevin David’s all use ( and still use ) to make lots of money. Let us take a look as some and how you can get a piece of the pie.

The Core Four Business Models

The Core Four BUsiness Models

The Core Four Business Models I would be sharing with you would change how you see every business opportunity.


These four business models was revealed by Dave Sharpe who has done over $200 million dollars in sales and attributes it to these four core business models in place.

Why Do these Business models work?

They work because all four business models must tap into Jay Abraham’s 3 “Profit activators”

These core 4 Business Models all have some things in common.

  • It must be a location independent business you can do from anywhere at anytime.
  • it must be online, with minimal overhead and start up headaches. Fast profits.
  • It must be “ELF” (Easy, Lucrative and fun) and not “HALF” ( Hard, Annoying, Lame and Frustrating)
  • It must have all 3 of “Jay Abrahams” Profit activators alive and well

To be a multi millionaire in the past you needed to be an inventor or creator, but nowadays, you don’t have to.

You can just market what has been made and what’s already working.( Modeling Success )

So what are these core four business models?

They are

1) Affiliate Marketing: This is the easiest one to start with as a novice on this list and has a Value ladder through which prepares you can ascend all the other 3 Core business models.

You can Get Started and learn more about Affiliate Marketing Here

Affiliate marketing checks taps into all 3 of Jay Abrahams Profit activators

1) Can You get more customers and make more money as a result – Yes ( for every profitable niche)

2) Can you do repeat business with these customers – Yes

3) Can You sell higher ticket items – Yes (With the right affiliates)

2) Digital Product : videos, audios, the e-learning business is one of the business for the future. e-learning is going to be a 325 billion dollar enterprise by 2025 according to Forbes.

More and more people are beginning to realise that they do not have to go to school to learn but can go through a course online to be able to build a profitable career.

As a result You can learn, Earn and create your own courses and sell it over and over again.

This also taps into all 3 profit activators if you have a skill ( which you can start learning now ).

With Digital products ,

1) Can You get more customers and make more money as a result – Yes ( for every profitable niche)

2) Can you do repeat business with these customers – Yes ( If they got value and results from the previous materials)

3) Can You sell higher ticket items – Yes

3) Coaching and consulting: This also covers all 3 profit activators. Can be done totally online with no over head,

You can charge high ticket prices, you can do group coaching and earn more as you are meeting a lot of people at once.

4) Events and Masterminds Blueprint:

Most events and Masterminds go to for a high ticket price tags, notable people who do this are: Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, etc


Now that we know the four most profitable core business models of 2019 going into 2020, Where do you fit in?

Are you doing any of these yet and if you are not would you like to start?

Even if you have no idea where any of these means right now, There is a value ladder for you with all four core business models and let me show you how it goes.

You start from the first and the lowest entry into these which is affiliate marketing, and the right affiliate program would train you on how to do affiliate marketing properly, and then you start selling other peoples products.

In time, you can get better in your chosen niche(this is the beauty of affiliate marketing as you can build a niche around anything you love).

You can start creating your own digital products and selling those products. I know a guy who learnt to copyright and created a book on how to write the perfect proposals on upwork and this he sells over and over again.

You can start consulting and later go into sponsoring your own Masterminds and Events. I don’t know about you but this is a blueprint I have set for myself.

PS : This is not for the get-rich-quick schemes but a proven and trusted long term project you can start on today.

5 things to know before choosing an affiliate marketing opportunity:

things to know about affiliate marketing opportunitiesChoosing the right affiliate to promote should be done with all four core business models as your checklist.

Affiliate marketing is your very first step in this Value Ladder as you can do it without creating any of your own product(yet).

As such, picking the right affiliate product is a very big deal

You have to find companies with affiliate programs you can join that checks the four core business models you have just learnt.

Most Big companies don’t pay very high commissions to their affiliate.

With every affiliate program, you get links to promote.

All affiliate programs are not the same and picking the right one is as important as getting the best deal in real estate development.

5 things to check out for in an affiliate program are:

1) Product value: do they offer good products

2) Profit Margin: Is there a high enough margin on each sale?

3) Tracking: How long are there tracking good for? ( front end or lifetime)

4) Marketing materials : Do they have high converting sales videos?

5) Integrity : Does the affiliate program have a good reputation and have your best interest in mind

when all this are in place, you can do your affiliate business with less worry

like real estate, you make money when you find the best house

This applies to affiliate offers as well.

You can start making money passively by putting products online that sells for a commission.

In The Affiliate marketing business, the difference between those who survive and thrive is the training and program.

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  1. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to public as it has been of help to me.i must say that this are very nice business ideas for us all…the most popular one now is e-commerce and freelancing I think this tips and Ideas is going to be what the public needs as over the years the number of people that have gone into internet business has increased  so they need more ideas and this article would help a lot.

  2. Hi! 2020 is just beginning and I have realized how important it’s to start some business online. I like the fact that there are several options that meet the 3 simple profit activators. I had thought that business as Amazon were the best, but according to these profit activators it turns out that there are even better options.

    I liked the Affiliate Marketing model. I’ll check it out.

    Thank you very much for this post.

  3. I am excited about the four core business models especially affiliate marketing, digital products and Consulting all of which I have been doing albeit on a small scale. And its exciting to note that you can do repeat business with these customers especially on digital products.  I am gonna put in more effort in my  digital product which has been pending the launch for a long time now.  Thank you for such an inspiring article.

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  5. Hi there, your articles are very useful and informative, all the information are fully provided to start an online business. I agree with you, the three profit activators defined whether you will earn and run a profitable business. WA is a right choice as it provided the step-by-step training and offers a variety of affiliate program too. What you need to do is find out the affiliate programs that suit you, and you can start selling the products without owning it to earn the commission. Thank you for the great post.

  6. Hello there, thank you for sharing this amazing post on the four core online business models. So I have seen all those other business models and I almost got into MLM but I am happy I didn’t.

    My favourite is affiliate marketing and that’s exactly what I want to venture into because it is beginner friendly. Although it will take some time and hardwork, o am willing to wait and put in the hardwork and money needed. So with time and experience, I’d probably make my own digital product to teach people and share my success story 😊. And with more time and experience, I’d probably go into the last two core business models.


  7. Hello Chiadika, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad you explained everything about affiliate marketing because it is truly one of the best online business a man can start without too much investment. I plan to show this article to my friend who is tired of her 9-5 job, can she contact you if she needs help?


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