What Is A Sales Funnel? (And Why Websites Don’t Work Anymore)

Everyone Is in business to Make Some Money, and understanding the difference between a traditional website set up and a Sales funnel is definitely going to help you make more money in your online business or offline if you really want to make it work.

If you have ever tried to sell a product online, you are always looking for ways to maximize your profit, especially if you do paid advertisements. If you read my Last post here on how Big Companies are Using a “Value Ladder” to make more profit and how you can use it in your own business, then this is the final piece that ties it all up.

Using a Traditional Website to sell product online is becoming obsolete and in this post i would show you how you can use a “Sales Funnel” it to scale your own business

“What If I just run an affiliate site? does this mean my website is also obsolete?”

It depends, But if you are doing it right you would be just fine. However, if as an affiliate you drive traffic to your website through other mediums such as YouTube it would be nice if you had a “Landing Page” perfectly set up which you can use to collect Emails. (The Money Is In The List)

During my first forays into Online marketing a year ago when i knew nothing at all about running or owning an business online, i was blessed (and cursed) to stumble upon a Free Sunday Webinar Hosted by Branding Youniversities Own Marc L. Lalonde ( Who in my opinion is the best at Personal branding ) and the topic for that Sunday was on building “Sales Funnel” and i did not know what the hell a sales funnel was, why i had to build one or what importance it would make and that webinar was a puzzle for a while.

But now that i understand what “sales funnels ” are i know now the “Value” that escaped me a year ago, because if i had understood that webinar, My online business would be farther ahead in terms of profit margins. So i would be helping you understand the value of a sales funnel and steps to set it up, seeing as i was lost before myself.

First a quick look at the difference between a Website and a Sales Funnel

The Difference between a website and a Sales Funnel

In time past whenever you told anyone you had an Online Business the first thing you would be asked was? Do you have a website?

A website is awesome, if and only If your customer is in the mood to buy. If not it is just a bunch of information all at once thrown at your website visitor.

If you have tried shopping for a product from most online stores, you take too long to make a decision as you keep seeing “better options” and because you as a customers have a genuine fear of missing out (FOMO) on the best solution for you, your are like a deer stuck in front of Headlights. You  take too long to make a decision and boom something comes up and his attention span is lost for good.

Secondly most of your customers don’t come read to buy, they need you to see them that product, to assure them that this is the “right” decision to solve their problem and why they need to take action to buy it now.

A sales Funnel is on the Other hand is a customised sales experience whereby you are taking through different stages in the buying process, From knowing the brand/business, telling you why a particular product is best for you and finally helping make you sales decision as straight forward as possible without all the “Noise” from trying to decide on your own.

Even Big malls and physical stores know this that is why there are sales people around to help you decide when they see you stuck looking at lots of product in a particular section, someone usually walks up to you and asks how to help make your decisions easier.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnels for Beginners

If you are selling online, what you need really is a sales funnel, and I would show you why?

A traditional website is designed with so many things obstructing “Your” customer from making an instant buy at the moment. If he is undecided before getting to your sites or sales page, you want to convince Them that “You” or “Your Product” is the best solution to his problem especially when they do not know you or your brand(Cold Targets).

Here is a FREE Webinar By Kevin David on Facebook Advertisement (Takes you from beginner to a Facebooks Ads Ninja)

Statistics say that is takes as many as 12 meetings to make a single sale, So without a Sales Funnel to “capture” your customers information you can not reach out again and again and again and again(through email Marketing), unless of course you have Facebook pixel installed and want to continually run Retargeting advertisements on all your website visitors!

Here is a real example of two business One Using a Sales Funnel and The other uses a Website. Business A(Johns Ketchup ) uses a Sales Funnel While Business B(David’s Macaroni sauce)

While John builds s a fancy website that costs him thousands of dollars to host and set up, he is barely breaking even with all the paid advertisement he has going on.

David’s Macaroni sauce on the other hand decides to use a sales Funnel,

First, they do a paid advert on Facebook which would lead to an Offer. Something on their “Value ladder” for free, this could be anything, “a free PDF Download on Secret macaroni cooking tips to burst your taste buds”, so when a customer sees the advert and clicks they are taken to a page which is known as the “Lead Capture Page” and in exchange for the free PDF(Lead magnet or bait).

What Is A Landing Page?

They put in their email, at this point and they are taken to the next page on the “sales Funnel” or process which is the sales Page.

What Is A Sales Page?

Here, David has a video on how to prepare your Macaroni and shows some tips and how the secret ingredient to make it all come together is his “Macaroni sauce” ( A good sales page should have no other distraction for the visitor to click around as a distracted person would not buy)

Because David has set up his sales page with so much value, a good number of people who come through this sales funnel is converting to buying customers, and if they buy one, David can definitely try to sell them over and over again

After that they are Taken to another Page On David’s Savvy Sales funnel where they are offered an up sell “Buy 5 Macaroni sauce and get 2 Free” and even if only a percentage of people take up the offer, that is more money on the “Back end” for David.

Wow. Amazing right?, But the sales funnel doesn’t just stop here, because now, David can continue to send product options, and more product recommendations and Offer Through “Emails” to his client who obviously are warm to his product.

Which business Model do you think would generate more income?

David or Johns?

Email Marketing

Why You Need Email Marketing

Studies report that Emails will Top three billion users worldwide by 2020 and for every $1 spent on email marketing ma whooping $44 is made in return.

So the Combination of a Good Sales Funnel and A Value Ladder can be used to scale you business to new height.

This makes so much sense considering the rising costs of paid advertising or the work that goes into driving organic traffic to your website.

Dan Kennedy

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy sayings that “Whoever can pay the Most to acquire a customer wins” but only if you have a perfectly Sales funnel set up.

A great Sales funnel would be in this order

  • Paid traffic/organic traffic
  • lead Page
  • Lead Magnet or Bait
  • Sales Page ( Offer Enough Value with no distractions)
  • Upsell on Product
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Email Marketing

Does this work for Affiliate Marketing Too?

Yes it does, same principle, You can check out successful Affiliates like Roope Kiuttu‘s Landing Page and Youtube channels to see how he has his Sales Funnels set up with directing organic traffic from his youtube channel to his landing page.

leave a comment to let me know what is unclear to you and let me know how i can help you.

Amazing Resources you can check out for to create you own sales funnels are

ClickFunnels – A great Place to learn how to  Build Your Funnel in 30 days(From Newbie to Expert)

Kevin david – Facebook Ninja Free Webinar (Understanding Facebook Ads and how they work) – FREE webinar.


What are you still waiting for?

16 thoughts on “What Is A Sales Funnel? (And Why Websites Don’t Work Anymore)”

  1. I am only just starting to become more aware of sales funnels. This is for two main reasons. One, I’ve been totally focused on building a website(s) and secondly, well because I’ve not really known what they were. Over the last few months, more and more people seem to be talking about them an dhow they are the natural evolution when it comes to securing internet sales.

    It’s easy to ignore and just continue blindly on, doing the same thing. I am now actively trying to work out how they work and if they can work for me. That’s why I’m here.

    You have given me a brilliant introduction as to how they work and how they can be used. Erlaine Gamosa gives a great outline as to what they’re all about. Her recommendation for a site that does it all for you is going to be a must see for me. I’m not one hundred percent in the understanding department but your post has put me on the right track.

  2. Thanks for a great article about sales funnel and sales funnels vs normal money websites. I have been considering to start to some sort of salesfunnel cause my “og” moneysites works only in some niches and after reading your article, I am even more sure to start to seeek more information to start sales funnel(s). Finally, I saw not only small promote spam about sales funnels but a thorough article about what is about. thanks for sharing this! 

  3. Dear Co-Member,

    You have achieved success in letting a beginner know the importance of a Sales Funnel. Hats off to that.

    But I do not agree with your saying ” Websites don’t work anymore “. If that is the case then the WA platform must have changed their total training to the beginners. They still provide a piece of very basic information on how to build your own website & start making money online.

    By going through your post & relevant good videos, as a beginner myself, I understood that developing a Sales Funnel is an advanced strategy after building your website. In my opinion, this can not be applied to all the beginners in Affiliate Marketing. What do you say?


    • Hello Chandrashekhar, 

      You do Need a website of course as n affiliate but you can still Create your “Funnel” as an affiliate.

      A funnel is simply a way to collect customer information. let me show you how a funnel can work as an affiliate,

      If you have a channel on youtube about a product review on the new iphones, – Your video in this case is the traffic source, but instead of sending your viewers over to amazon, you can send them to a landing page where you make them an offer for their email address and then on to buy the product.

      This way you have that email to market other iphone product and any reviews you do on iphones(because they are already interested) You can upsell them on new chargers and other related products.

      I hope this helps. 

  4. What a great insight into website Vs sales funnels. I must say this is an eye-opener. Truly speaking Sales funnel will get your business to grow very fast and in a short period of time, there is no doubt. 

    You have covered all aspect there is to about the sales funnel I am sure a lot of folks who are not familiar with how it works will benefit from this post. I have used this strategy before and I do recommend it. One thing I can say though is that sales funnel strategy can be anit expensive to run. You will need all the machines to fit in nicely just like you said. So you one has the budget, why not? It is the fastest way to grow any business these days.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Very interesting article, I have been blogging for years now, and own 5 websites, but I’ve never really looked hard enough into these sales funnels…and maybe I should of! 

    I’m wondering if there is any simple way of implementing a sales funnel into my already existing websites? Do you have a simple explanation on how I may go about doing this?

    • hello chris, it depends on the type of funnel you plan to build. For a single product you can use clickfunnels, as an affliate, Thrive themes work best for building funnels that convert. Check them out

  6. I like the way you have laid the comparison out in easy to understand terms and I must admit that although I was familiar with the term sales funnel I had not actually realized the structure behind it. Do you generate your landing page using a specific plugin? I was thinking how to implement this on to both my sites. I am always interested in new revenue streams and your post does give some compelling arguments to back up the sales funnel approach. At the moment I am using mailchimp to do some minimal email marketing but as you clearly state the money is in the list. Do you advise using mail chimp or do you use something else for your email campaigns? I see this as an excellent way of making a client list and the generating repeat business through email marketing.

  7. This article got me thinking a lot about creating a sales funnel for my website. Seems like all the content writing can only bring in so much free traffic from Google. They said, if you want to increase conversion, you need targeted traffic and that will most likely happen when you pay for traffic using a sales funnel. I need to really understand how all these works!

  8. A really useful and practical article on the difference between a website and a sales funnel. I think you’re absolutely right, the internet is awash with websites and companies need to offer something more if they’re going to get people to buy their products, and the same goes for affiliate marketers.

  9. A really interesting dilemma, 

    On the first visit to your website I thought I knew the answer, on the subsequent and looking at the You Tube videos had me pausing for thought. I am not 100% convinced of the Sales Funnel over website argument however I am impressed with the incredible amount information you have been able to provide. 

    As a fellow affiliate marketeer, albeit only 6 months old I am intrigued to hear how to ensure greater success in an otherwise new and fairly competitive market and that is what your website gave me. 

    The edge… you have provided clarity and you have provided extensive research, enough to convince me you have and are an authority on the subject. 

    I hope your web site does well for you as you deserve it and can certainly say I am a convert. 

    Thank you 


  10. I must say that I found this article to be very helpful and informative. Honestly, I hear so much about email marketing but I am not encouraged enough to give it a try. It seems like too much job, landing pages, autoresponders and the like. I am more focused on organic traffic which really converts well. Maybe in the future I will work on email marketing, it is truly a powerful way to earn money but I don’t think it is for newbies who just started with an online business.

  11. Such a great comparison between a website and a sales funnel. Thanks for your in-depth discussion that I get to understand more about sales funnels. I have both websites and quite new to funnels. Still learning the loops of sales funnels because I have heard a lot of success stories of people using sales funnels instead of going for the traditional website. I have a better understanding now about funnels, thanks to this article!


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