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I recently did a search on google and saw that even in 2019, most people are still asking the questions “what is jaaxy keyword tool?”, so I am here to do an in depth unbiased review of jaaxy keyword research tool from my own experience using it.

In this Jaaxy review, I would show you why the Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of the best in its field when it comes to researching for “keywords'” that will turn your regular blog or website into a money making machines.

I’ve prepared a super detailed and quick Jaaxy keyword tool review that will show you everything you need to know about Jaaxy as an online keyword tool… for a more detailed experience of how to use Jaaxy you can read this or sign up for FREE on jaaxy and go through the amazing training videos.



So, what really makes Jaaxy unique? and what exactly is the hulabaloo all about?

First off, it gives you LOTS of different keyword ideas.

Plus, you get helpful data on every keyword that it generates (including competition ( QSR ) , search volume and potential traffic, available domains and so much more.

As a Bonus, after taking you through Jaaxy’s features,tools, advantages, disadvantages, the different pricing plans which has a FREE OPTION INCLUDED!!

I would also be giving you an inside look on how Jaaxy works and how you can use it to bring your online business  to the next level.

Feel Free to try out the FREE keyword searches on Jaaxy  so you can see how powerful it is.

By the time you are done with this post, you would know enough to enable you make an informed decision on whether to opt-in ( your unfair advantage ) for Jaaxy or not; or, at least, give it a good try for FREE. (When I say “free” I mean… FREE!)


The art of Targeting the right Keywords is the very foundation upon which search engine optimization (SEO) is built.

Keyword research is essential to any website hoping to get free traffic from search engines.

Without proper keyword research you might just be missing out on Maximizing your earning potentials. A good keyword tool can help you discover new or related phrases to target.

Plus, it gives you insight into which pages could potentially get you the most traffic, so you can decide where to focus your marketing efforts.

Especially if you are starting a new site or blog, you want to be able to fill the gap in “knowledge” and not compete unfavorably with the Authority websites in your niche.

This way you gather your own following or in my “term” the outlying available money.

Is Jaaxy really worth it?

Well That’s an opinion I would want you to make confidently after going through this post, but I can tell you that it does make you money if you TAKE ACTION and learn to use it.

JAAXY, Product Overview

Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Price: $0 Free Account, $19/Month (Pro), $49/Month (Enterprise)

Owners: Kyle, Carson

Overall Rank: 9/10


Keyword Data

This is the best Jaaxy feature for anyone. It’s the core of keyword research. Getting good keywords’ means you’ll know which topics get the most traffic and which ones will get you ranked the most easily if your know your way around the data being provided.

Alphabet Soup

In 2017, Jaaxy added a new feature called Alphabet Soup. This mixes up your searched phrase with every alphabet to get potential search terms. So if you search for how to sell books online then it will give you more results with each letter of the alphabet after it and possible searches you can utilize. Amazing if you ask me. an example of how this works is stated below.

  • How to sell books online + a…
  • how to sell books online + b…
  • how to sell books online + c and so on…

Get the drift? 🙂

Then you end up with various phrases like “how to sell books online amazon”, “how to sell books online bestbuy”, etc (it also mixes up the position of your keyword with the added letters. So you get lots of related searches, and can basically come up with infinite post titles for your content.

Site Rank

This is the best feature update for 2017. Site Rank is a tool included with Jaaxy that’s not only fun, but will save you a ton of time. It shows you the rank for your website in Google for a specific keyword phrase. This means you don’t have to check and track any of your rankings manually.

Domain Names

You can make a lot of money by buying and flipping domains or selling websites. This can be a key feature of Jaaxy when starting a new website, especially if you want to buy a keyword-rich-domain.


  • Finds keyword search volume
  • Shows potential traffic potential
  • Determines difficulty of competition
  • + Finds related keyword data (Additional data based on your initial research.)
  • Alphabet soup research tools
  • SERP Analysis -> shows you metrics of each search engine listing
  • Site Rank Check -> Shows your current rankings for specific keywords’ and tracks the progress.
  • It’s a web-based application, so there is no need for download and it provides a robust set of features that makes it more than just a tool for keyword research.
  • Training Videos
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Brainstorm
    this feature helps you overcome writer’s block in times when you have no more ideas for what niche to go for. It picks the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.

How powerful is Jaaxy?

Let’s take a look at what Jaaxy does, and how we can use it to get traffic to our website.

In the screenshot below I did a search for “Buy Christmas presents online”. Jaaxy gives me a few important pieces of data; I’ll cover them in order of importance.

1) Monthly Searches

The Monthly keyword search should have traffic of greater than 50 per month.

2) Estimated Traffic

This will tell you how much traffic you can expect if you rank on page one. Again, a higher number is better. Above 50 is recommended here as well.

3) QSR (Quoted Search Result)

This metric gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term. For relatively newer sites, you should aim for keywords with QSR of 200 and below.

4) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO or otherwise). Yellow is just an average keyword, and red means you can safely skip this one or it may take much longer to rank.

5) SEO Power

This determines whether a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings. If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality. Makes for super efficient research.

6) Domain Availability

This will tell you which domains are available for a specific keyword.

7) Related Keywords

See what people are searching for related whatever you just searched. These keywords sometimes use your key phrase, or sometimes use unrelated words, but are just related searches. This is a great way to get outside of the box and find niche-related topics you might not have thought of on your own.

Who is JAAXY For you if:

  • If you run a website that relies on organic traffic,
  • If you want to find profitable niches to build an online business,
  • If you want access to accurate keyword data from monthly searches to keyword difficulty,
  • If you want to check your site rankings,
  • If you find SEO fascinating.
  • If you want to find affiliate programmes to promote at the click of a button,
  • A bloggers
  • A content developers
  • A freelance writers
  • A students looking to make extra income
  • unemployed
  • A domain flipper.

Jaaxy is great for a lot of things including but not limited to:

  • Revealing unexploited high traffic niches
  • Finding low competition keywords’ that make it easy to get instant rankings
  • Learning how competitive a keyword is
  • Knowing how much traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword and rank for it
  • Brainstorming new niche and keyword ideas
  • Building to-do lists for your projects
  • Unveiling keyword metrics that will help you boost your SEO endeavors
  • Saving your keyword lists and organizing them by topic
  • Helping you decide whether you should bet on a particular niche or not
  • Searching and buying new domain names and flipping them later
  • Knowing what’s trending and popular on the web right now
  • Taking advantage of Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique automatically
  • Discovering affiliate programs for your niche and keywords’
  • Figuring it out if there’s money to be made in a particular niche
  • Showing your site and posts rankings.

JAAXY Support

The support community for jaaxy is Fast, kind and helpful


Jaaxy prices list for newbies is not perfect but it is definitely the best keyword research tool. If you want a lite version, join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and you get Jaaxy lite with the membership. Which in my opinion, is a bargain deal.

My Final Opinion of JAAXY

Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword tools on the market, it doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary data that confuses people, its interface is easy to use and the data is easy to understand. It is a brilliant tool for affiliate marketers, niche marketers and anyone who does any kind of online marketing. Whichever way you go It is a tool I highly recommend and one that you should utilize for any keyword research you may do.



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You can leave comments and suggestions and also ask any questions and I would not hesitate to get back to you.


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